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There is an impressive diversity of disciplines we work with. Whether you need to deliver a written assignment in Biology or Politics, we're here to help. Our essay samples cover diverse subjects from the most professional perspectives. So, if you take a paper on biology, you can be sure that it has been written by a person with deep subject knowledge. We have experts for all educational disciplines that are mentioned on this list. 


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Most educational programs include writing as one of the most valuable assignments. Unfortunately, such essay tasks may be very time-consuming and challenging. Especially if you have issues with a subject or your professor is too demanding. What is the solution? Ask reputable experts to help you. We provide our free essay samples for your basic academic needs. Use our free argumentative essay examples or texts on the rarest topics to improve your writing and be more proficient in learning.

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First of all, you can use free essay examples as your sources of inspiration. Here you can find some fresh ideas or borrow some writing techniques that will help you deliver an excellent paper. In addition, if you don’t know how to present your arguments or structure them, you can always rely on free argumentative essay examples. Such free texts may also help you understand the most appropriate style and vocabulary for delivering excellent written works.

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We provide a great diversity of free essay examples. Here we can distinguish the most common types of such works. These are argumentative texts, classification essay examples free, free expository essays, and narrative writings.


Key point

Title example

Argumentative essay for free


Building an argument that is supported with evidence. Are social media harmful to the youth?


Classification essay examples free


Research different topics, objects, or subjects to divide them into specific groups and categories.

Classification essay examples free help you understand the differences and similarities between various things better.

Philosophy of Ethics: Utilitarian and Deontological Approaches


Expository essay sample Allows you to develop a deeper knowledge of a topic.


Research the impact of printing on the development of European culture.


Narrative text samples free


Developing your storytelling skills and creativity.


Write about the best day of your life.


 Essay Samples: Learn the Formatting Rules

Mind that correct formatting is also vital for your successful academic writing. We provide free essay examples for college formatted according to different academic styles. Here are the most popular ones:

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Free writing essay examples give you great advantages in learning, but they’re not always enough. You may have very specific demands or a very unusual topic for your essay. What’s the solution? Instead of using essay examples free, consider buying a custom text. Here you will get a unique work written by the most professional education help specialists. All you should do is place an order and attach detailed instructions, sources, lecture slides, specific requirements, and whatson.


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No, we are an academic assistance website dedicated to boosting the proficiency of struggling students. All our activities are completely legit. 
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Check for specific formatting requirements on appropriate sites. An even better solution is asking our academic assistance professionals for help.
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If you order an essay from an unreliable platform, there may be the risk of plagiarism. Our tools will help you determine whether your paper is unique. 

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