Essays on Motivation

Essays on Motivation

The definition of Motivation is internal and external feelings that give a need to complete tasks. Simple tasks such as completing an essay or going out to exercise are then fueled by motivation. If there was no motivation, you wouldn't feel the need to want to do those tasks. There are multiple aspects of Motivation. There are actually two main Motivations.

There is Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation. Firstly, “our motivations are often a mix of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, but the nature of the mix of these factors might change over time (often in ways that seem counter-intuitive). There is an old adage: “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” meaning that if you enjoy your occupation, work doesn’t seem like . . . well, work.” From this, it can be given that there are many factors to how Motivation plays out in people's lives.

Besides the two motivations, there are researched theories that give more insight into Motivation. One factor of motivation is Intrinsic Motivation which is another way to say Internal Motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation is when you feel passion and love for tasks. For example, Girl A has a love for knitting. Whenever she has the time, she would sit down and start knitting scarfs, hats, blankets, etc. Since she has a passion for knitting, she is able to gain the motivation to sit down and work. Hobbies can count as intrinsic motivation as hobbies are activities that you enjoy doing.

Extrinsic Motivation, however, is the opposite of intrinsic motivation as its external motivation. Extrinsic Motivation is “motivation that arises from external factors or rewards”. Extrinsic Motivation is mostly shown in people who work and are in school. When working on tasks, this type of motivation focuses on the outcome. Outcomes such as rewards, grades, and punishment. For example, students in school study and try to maintain good grades in class for the outcome of raising GPA and graduating. There is no passion for what they are learning, they are only doing it to get something out of it. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations cling off each other and are interchangeable. Many things can leave to the motivations changing. Compliments and encouragement can influence people to change from extrinsic to intrinsic.

Theories of Motivation

For motivation, to complete a task one must think they have the capability of completing such task. “Albert Bandura (1994) theorized that an individual’s sense of self-efficacy plays a pivotal role in motivating behavior.” (Lumen Text) As previously said, you want to be capable of completing a task to have the motivation for it. For example, when you decide you want to be a doctor. The first thing to think about is if you think you're capable of doing the long hours, helping families, doing the work that comes before actually getting a doctorate. If you think you are, then you have the motivation to do so. If not, you lack the motivation.

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The Lodging Industry

Lodging like hotels and resorts forms one of the largest employers in the management of hospitality industry. The lodging industry has many routes that create employment to many of the citizens today. Some of them include guest services, housekeeping, general hotel, human resource, sales, and …

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What is motivational essay?
Motivation Essay - Motivation is important because it leads to valuable outcomes like self-improvement, higher performance, greater well-being and increased confidence. Motivation can help us feel, think, and behave better. These benefits can be seen in the way we live life.
Why motivation is important in our life?
Without motivation, we can't live happily in our daily lives. Motivation is the presence or desire to reach your goals in life, career, or business. Motivation can help us get up early to achieve our goals and make it productive. ... It's how we feel motivated and it helps to reach our goals.

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