Racism Essay Examples and Papers

Racism Essay Examples and Papers

Racial discrimination in the United States has deep historical roots and, in fact, is the same age as the country. A society founded by white people has always been negative towards people with a different skin color: Indians - Native Americans, and dark-skinned.

Racial segregation in the United States has officially existed since 1865, since the adoption of the thirteenth constitutional amendment banning slavery. Glaring facts such as segregation in public transport and schools can serve as examples of racism.

The Origin of Racism

According to sociologists, the basis of racism is a realistic theory of group conflict. A central place in this theory is the clash of interests, which is the main cause of conflict and contributes to the perception of the threat that comes from an alien group. The threat causes hostility of the group members to its source, strengthens its cohesion and toughens the punishment for people with deviant behavior.

With regard to racial discrimination, the theory of group conflict will be as follows. Historically, the white population of the United States possessed power, controlled natural resources. As the dominant group, people with white skin sought to maintain the current state of things, it was not profitable for them to change the routine.

However, representatives of the black population wanted to improve their situation, their actions represented a danger to the dominant group.

How to Write an Essay about Racism

  • How to start an essay with a good hook?

An exceptional introduction captures readers and captivates them from the start. It also introduces the subject to readers and leads them to the question that the essay is about. The introduction may also contain additional information about the problem to which the article relates.

When writing the opening paragraph, you should start with general information, narrowing it down to specific points. That is, imagine the topic of an essay in a broad sense, and then narrow it down to your argument.

  • Writing the main part

The main part of the essay contains an explanation of the main points.Make sure you use concrete evidence to support the point.

Evidence can be in the form of statistics, real-life examples, or quotes from reliable sources. It will be useful to include thoughts about your personal experience or describe your thoughts on a public case (you can find many examples from the news or history).

  • How to end racism essay?

Reformulate the thesis by stating the same in other words (rephrasing). Browse your support ideas. To do this, summarize all the arguments in general, rephrasing how you proved the thesis. Connect back to the essay hook and link your final statement to the first.

Popular Questions about Racism

Why is there still racism in America?

Slavery was "America's original sin." People learn to be what society and culture teach them. Many people take over patterns of behavior from parents, from the environment, radical people around them.

How to fix racism in America?

People around the world can fight for human rights by fighting systemic racism wherever they live. If they seriously fight for justice in their own country, together with like-minded people in their community, as well as with the international community, human rights for all and much more can be achieved.

Why is it so important for children to discuss racism?

Racism is still a problem in our society. You can't solve a problem without talking about it. If children learn to talk openly and honestly about racism in our society, they could change our society for the better.

What is racial trauma?

Racial trauma is an experience that goes beyond ordinary human interactions with internal destruction through racism. You will never be the same after this experience. It affects generations - depletes and demoralizes.

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