Essay on Politics

Essay on Politics

There are so many people that say “I am apolitical”, but the truth is that no one is apolitical. Politics is not just about the government of a country or its democratic system. It is more than that, it is present in every aspect of our lives and requires the intervention of all members of society. That is why it can be so hard writing about it and knowing where to start. If you got assigned a paper on politics, there is nothing to worry about, because in this article, we give you the information you need to do a great job.

What Is Politics?

For many experts educated in political sciences, the concept of politics escapes from an easy definition.  There are several factors that are quite abstract and that makes it hard to determine where this science ends. To start, it can be useful to remember that the origin of current politics is in ancient Greek. They saw state and community as a whole represented by the word “polis”, it is a concept taken from great thinkers like Plato and Aristotle. Through the implementation of the concept of polis, they tried to achieve a system capable of creating an ideal society.

Today, the significance of politics has changed a little. It is now considered as all the activities surrounding the management of a country or a regional area and the decisions made by a government. Democracy, a system that also has its origins in ancient Greek, has been adopted by the majority of countries in the world, so politics is currently associated with it. And, since in a democracy all members of the community have a voice, politics has become something of interest for every person in the society.

Importance of Politics and government

We still haven’t found a way to create an ideal society. Aspects like corrupt government members, shady candidates and misuse of resources are problems that have thrown a shadow over political processes. Politics is now considered as something “dirty” and most civilians prefer to stay away from it. But, despite all these negative aspects, politics still concerns all members in a society. Here all some reasons to understand why politics is so important for all of us.

  • Politics impacts every aspect of a society’s life. The government and the decisions of its representatives, like the president and ministers, affect everyone lifestyle. So, it is necessary to be involved in their decision making.
  • All governments need opposition. Participation and involvement are not just for those who agree with the current policies of the government. Opposition parties have a perspective that will help the government see their issues and find a solution to them.
  • Politics is the best way to define the lifestyle of society. Through them, we can determine the rules to follow in order to obtain the best coexistence possible and how to make the best of the resources we have at hand.

How to write essay on Politics?

Politics are a huge part of life for every human in society, which is why it is so important to write about it. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to start an essay, there are many things to pay attention to and some might slip away. To help you in your writing, we tell you here the general steps to do a good essay.

  1. Choose the topic you are writing about. The first step to getting a good essay is to delimit your subject properly. You need to know exactly what you are going to study and where the topic ends so you can do specific research.
  2. Define the structure and format ofyour essay. You need to be clear about which are the parameters of your paper. Aspects like how many pages it will have, how many sources you will need and which academic format you will give to it are aspects that are going to define the profile of your essay.
  3. Start with the research. It is very important to do a profound and thorough research. With it, you will have all the data you need and enough quotes to sustain your arguments. It is recommended to take notes during the research process.
  4. Do a first draft. After you have done the research and organize the data, you are ready to write the first drafts. In these,you will have to include all the information in the corresponding order, but you won’t need to consider the formal aspects of it.
  5. Write the final version of your essay. Using the draft as a base you can start to write the final version of your paper. This time you won’t have to include just the information, you must also consider the formal aspects of the paper.

There is not just one way to a great essay because each one is a personal and particular process. But these steps will get you on the right path.

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