Essays about Management

The activities of any organization, both during the crisis and after it, require management, without which it is impossible not only its effective functioning and development, but also existence itself.

Moreover, the management of the organization predetermines the attitude towards it from other organizations and to a certain extent affects their response management decisions. This means that management is associated with the interests of many people, both within the organization and beyond.

In the conditions of market relations, views on the nature, role, nature and significance of the work of a leader are changing. Independence, initiative, enterprise, creative thinking, readiness for reasonable risk are put in the first place.

So what is management?

Management is the process of planning, organization, motivation and control necessary to formulate and achieve the goals of the organization.

A feature of modern management is its focus on the efficient management of the economy in conditions of scarce resources, a gradual decrease in the regulation of production by administrative methods, and the intensification of production. Modern management should contribute to the development of the market, commodity-money relations in the wholesale trade of means of production, money convertibility, stabilization of market prices.

From an American perspective, management is an English word, almost every educated person has learned today.

Management - the science of managing organizations using a combination of principles, forms, methods and means of managing production and production personnel, as well as the type of activity of the subject, company, aimed at achieving the organization's goals in the best way.

In a simplified sense, management is the ability to achieve goals, using labor, intelligence, and other people's motives. Management in Russian “management” function, type of activity for managing people in a wide variety of organizations.

Management is also an area of ​​human knowledge that helps to fulfill this function. Finally, management as collective from managers is a certain category of people, a social layer of those who carry out management work. The importance of management was especially clearly recognized in the 30s. Already then it became obvious that this activity turned into a profession, a field of knowledge into an independent discipline, and the social layer into a very influential social force.

The growing role of this social power made us talk about the “managerial revolution” when it turned out that there were giant corporations with huge economic, productive, scientific and technical potential comparable in strength to entire states. The largest corporations, banks constitute the core of the economic and political power of great nations.
Governments depend on them, many of them are transnational in nature, extending their production, distribution, service, information networks around the world. So, the decisions of managers, like the decisions of statesmen, can determine the fate of millions of people, states and entire regions.

Modern management is characterized by: a stable desire to improve the effectiveness of the organization; wide economic independence ensuring freedom of decision-making for those who are responsible for the results of their own work and at the same time for the functioning of the company’s market; constant adjustment of goals and programs depending on the state of the market, changes in the external environment; using a modern information base for calculations when making managerial decisions; assessment of managerial work on the basis of the contribution of the managerial apparatus to improving the efficiency of the company; involvement of all company employees in its management; the ability to reasonably take risks and manage risk.

The term "management", in fact, is an analogue of the term "management", and their synonyms are the terms "housekeeping", "security", "navigation", "representation", "customer", "guarantor".

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