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Is your essay plagiarased?

The goal of our Originality Checker is to spread awareness about plagiarism and prevent this malpractice as much as we can.

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See What Makes PhdEssay Originality Checker So Powerful

This online Originality Checker provides comprehensive methods to ensure that the original content you worked so hard to generate is free of plagiarism. Phdessay.com technology allows you to upload your information in a frictionless and secure manner and receive the most accurate results.

Multiple File Formats

No matter what type of content you work on – essay, homework, article. You can use Phdessay’s online Originality Checker for all forms of plagiarism.

Privacy Guaranteed

This tool is 100% safe. So you don’t have to worry about of data leakage. After your checking we will trash any of your uploaded paper.

Fast & Deep Scanning

Phdessay’s finder tool is an intelligent software that is easy to use to find plagiarism online. It helps search the entire web to find matches between a student’s content and all the available published pieces in the database.

Results in Percentage

Once the scanning is complete, you’ll get a result with a match percentage showing how much similarity there is.

Download and Share Similarity Reports

Share the similarity reports for each comparison with others through email, URL, or as a PDF document.

Multiple Formats

You can add any type of text file format. Examples of formats – .pdf, .docx, .txt. Just click on the button “Drop you file…”. Choose you file, and uploading will start automatically.

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What is an Originality Checker?

An originality report checker is a software tool that uses an advanced database to scan for matches between your content and multiple existing texts. They crawl through the entire web content and index for originality check free while scanning your paper for similarities against an existing internet database. After the originality check free online, it highlights the sources.
Checkers and plagiarism checker with originality report are supported and used by universities and students for an originality check of assignments and essays for cases of copying.


It is where college or high school students reuse their previously published work in parts or in its entirety over and over again. Using the same content for different projects is considered self-copying. Use a paper originality checker free to correct these mistakes.

Importance of an originality checker

Many students don’t value the importance of an originality report checker because they rarely see the need to prove that their content is original and unique. However, a plagiarism checker with an originality report doesn’t only prove how honest you can be, it is more than that.

A paper originality checker helps in originality verification where your educational essays or dissertations are checked for elements of plagiarism. The software helps you check originality to avoid presenting duplicated work. An originality checker free achieves this by comparing your paper through several databases and providing an originality report free and originality checking.

Other tools that can be helpful for you:

To avoid getting in trouble, you can use other our tools available online to scan for plagiarism:

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How Does Phdessay's Originality Checker Work?

Researchers, students, and teachers can use Phdessay’s originality checker free online to check their academic papers, essays, and research reports for instances of plagiarism. The software runs available content through the network database and analyzes matching phrases and words on the entire web. After scanning, it provides an accurate report of your paper’s percentage.

How to use it?  

Phdessay’s originality checker for students is easy to use. Simply upload or copy and paste your work onto the system and click on the “Check” button. Wait for a few seconds as it scans your content and performs an originality test against the database on the entire web. Once done scanning, the system will provide a free originality report showing how unique your work is. In case of any copying, it will highlight copied parts and give the original source.

plagiarism check icon
plagiarism check icon

Consequences of Plagiarism for students?


There are several academic consequences of plagiarism including, but not limited to:

  • Class, assignment, or course failure
  • Reduction of grades
  • Disciplinary actions such as being banned from extracurricular activities and sports
  • Suspension or expulsion.

The type and severity of these consequences in education will depend on the form of plagiarism and your college rules. The effects of plagiarism can also be long-term, affecting your academic record.


Plagiarism cases can damage a student’s personal image and create a bad reputation. Plagiarism is usually a shameful and immoral act whose harmful effects on a personal image cannot be undone. It is often hard to reverse the effects once your friends, family, and potential employers find out that you plagiarize. Besides, your creativity is stunted when you constantly copy someone else’s ideas rather than challenge yourself to come up with fresh and original content.


Although most plagiarism cases are not considered illegal under the law, there can be cases where legal consequences of plagiarism are involved. Such cases include violating an author’s copyright and intentional fraud.

Legal consequences can result in a prison sentence, penalties, or high fines. Therefore, students should try to avoid plagiarism cases through every means possible. Otherwise, you could be stuck with multiple legal penalties or fines.

Popular Q/A about Originality Checker

Is it illegal to plagiarize?
It’s not punishable by law but it is a copyright infringement and fraud.
How can I plagiarize and not get caught?
Plagiarism has severe consequences and is therefore not encouraged.
How do I make sure I don't plagiarize?
The most reliable way is to use a free originality checker to scan your content for signs of plagiarism.
Is Phdessay's originality checker for students free and reliable?
Phdessay’s plagiarism originality checker is an intelligent, accurate, and reliable free software that helps students check the originality of a paper for free. This originality check software runs your content through its network database.
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