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When writing any assignment or essay, it is highly important to ensure that it is free of originality. Unfortunately, a lot of essays can be unintentionally plagiarized because of common phrases and words. In order to avoid any negative outcomes due to plagiarism, an originality checker can be utilized. Using an originality checker to avoid any suspicion of plagiarism can save a lot of time and concerns.

Whether you are aware of the rules surrounding plagiarism or new to the concept, using businessays.net can make things clearer.  You may not have intentionally used the words that someone else wrote, but it happens frequently. Understanding the importance of checking your originality and how it works is crucial in writing.

Importance of Originality Checker

Have you ever read over an essay that you’ve written only to realize how similar it is to your sources? After reading so much information on a topic, it can be difficult to guarantee that you have typed original wording. With a free originality checker, you can have confidence in your final product. If you fail to use this kind of software, you will likely submit a paper littered with unoriginal content.

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Detect Unintentional Plagiarism

When plagiarism is unintentional, it can be shocking to discover the similarities between your essay and someone else’s work. By running your paper through this tool, you can be sure that you have a 100% original piece. The question that arises is: How does an originality test detect plagiarism? Does it detect all plagiarism?

How Does an Originality Checker Work?

The process is simple when it comes to an essay originality checker. Simply upload or paste your document, click on the “check” icon, and obtain the originality score for your document. The program scours the internet for similar word usage, phrases, and more.

With the free originality report, you can now see if your essay might result in any problems. It is imperative to know that it might not detect all plagiarism, as not all written works are online. Additionally, plagiarism is more than simply copying word for word. Since the purpose of the software is to check content for originality, it works to solve the plagiarism problem.

Features of our Essay Originality Checker

Our original content checker has a number of features that examine the level of creativity in various ways. From checking millions of sites and pages to scanning multiple languages to understanding the results, the process is easy. Learn how to avoid unintentional plagiarism and free yourself from worries about the consequences.  To check originality online, follow the steps below.

Check Millions of Web Pages

You might be surprised to discover how many highlighted sections you have on your essay. Because of the software’s ability to search across millions of sites and web pages, every similarity is pointed out. It is because of this tool that plagiarism can be detected and prevented. Truly original work will show fewer marks.


Highlights Common Phrases and Words from Millions of Web Pages

Multiple Document Formats for Upload

This particular software allows users to copy and paste their work or upload a document to scan content for originality. Accepted documents include .pdf, .docx, .txt. files. Uploaded files will be copied to the software and plagiarism will be highlighted for easy detection.


Paste Essay Text or Upload a File or Select File to Upload

Reporting Option with Percentage

The percentage provided to you will determine how much of your document has been found on other sites. The higher the percentage, the more unique the content. When common phrases and words are used heavily in a document, the chance of a low score is more likely. The use of varied terms will help you to achieve a higher score and works in maintaining originality.


Check essay originality on English

English is the only language that the software will process. This is true for both the copy and paste function and upload a file option. A scan on original content in English will provide you with the results that are needed.

At this time, only English is accepted.

Understanding the Results

When you receive your immediate results, you have the option to see why you received the results you did. By clicking on the “show all matches” button, you can see the sites and pages in which your paper showed signs of copying.


The “Show all matches” option allows you to see where highlighted phrases were found elsewhere online.

Check Your Paper for Originality

The ability to see what your paper has in common with other pieces is a great tool for professionals. It is also a priceless tool for students. By taking the time to run your paper through the software, troubles are avoided, and quality work can be delivered. Putting the software to use can only benefit you.

Originality Checker for Students

Students that run the originality checker can ensure that they are turning in assignments that are completely their own. The businessays.net software is a quick way to be positive that no unintentional plagiarism has occurred. Failing to run an essay through the checker can result in severe consequences that students are unprepared for.

Consequences of Plagiarism

Very few students are completely aware of just how serious plagiarism is. The least life altering consequence of plagiarism is a zero on the assignment. Other possible consequences might include failing the course, being dismissed from a program, or possibly even expulsion. Being expelled from any school is not a good thing to have on one’s record.

Having plagiarism on an educational record can follow a student around for the remainder of his or her educational career. Some employers might even receive this information and consider the offender to be dishonest and unemployable. Avoiding plagiarism is most definitely worth the extra time it takes to run an originality check.

Lesser-Known Examples of Plagiarism

While most individuals understand that plagiarism is copying someone else’s work word for word, it can be more than this. Plagiarism also includes the use of someone else’s ideas. Reading an essay from another person and summarizing that essay is still plagiarism if the essay isn’t cited. Changing a handful of words in a quote and failing to cite the source is plagiarism.

Despite what students think, using the thoughts of another person and passing them off as your own is wrong. It does not matter if the specific words are changed. If the same idea is used in your essay, credit must be given to the source. Using a plagiarism-avoidance tool helps to reduce the chance of plagiarism, but you must also understand how to avoid it.




What is originality check enabled?

Enabling an originality check simply allows the program to scan your writing. Doing so will quickly produce the results of the scan and inform you of any potential plagiarism risks.

How do you use originality checker?

To use this anti-plagiarism tool, submit your essay by copying and pasting the text or by quickly uploading the file. The software will then scan the text and provide you with the results.

Why use a originality detector?

Using an originality detector will help you to be sure that your paper is 100% original and authentic. It can prevent plagiarism and improve your academic or business success.

What is not plagiarism?

Plagiarism is not putting ideas into your own words and citing the source. In fact, ideas can be plagiarized as well. It’s important to cite any newly learned information, no matter how many of the words have been changed in the writing. Summarizing something you’ve read elsewhere without crediting the original work is plagiarism.

How to avoid plagiarism?

Avoiding plagiarism starts with citing any and all resources. It also helps immensely to run your work through an originality checker prior to turning in any writing assignments.

Why using a free originality checker is essential?

There is no reason to pay for a plagiarism checker when there is a quality, free originality checker available online. Utilizing the businessays.net tool is a great way to avoid trouble academically without the added cost of a paid service.

How to check originality of paper?

To check the originality of a paper, copy and paste your document into the checker or upload the file. You can then have the software scan the internet for similar words and phrases that are found in your paper. You will immediately receive the instant results of the scan.

What does originality check do?

An originality check is a tool that scours the internet for specific words, key phrases, and other items within your essay. It measures what you have written with the words that are already on the internet. It then informs you of sites that have too many commonalities.


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