Essay on Friendship

Essay on Friendship

"Friend". "Make friends". "Friendship". What do you mean by these words? Can you clearly define these concepts? In life, each person has to face affinity . When a person has real friends, it greatly affects how happy he feels. But, unfortunately, sometimes a slightly different relationship is hidden under the guise of friendship, and sometimes as a result, a person experiences deep disappointment.

For each of us, the ability to distinguish friendship from other types of relationships is important, and for this, first of all, you need to know what affinity is. In addition, understanding what friendship is will help us ourselves to be a good friend, make reliable friends and keep affinity strong.

Friendship is “close relations based on mutual trust, affection, common interests”; - This is a deep connection between people, which involves "not only loyalty and mutual assistance, but also inner intimacy, frankness, ... love."

True friendship always passes the test of time. Different situations, people, and events help two friends test their relationship to each other. To understand the causes that destroy it, pay attention to what underlies:

  • unselfishness
  • commonality of views, interests in a narrow or broadest sense
  • respect
  • accepting another person as he is
  • sympathy
  • sincerity

How to Write a Good Essay about Friendship

  • How to start a friendship essay?

If you are writing about friendship, first you need to get the understanding of your reader. First, conclude: “For whom am I writing this essay about friends?” Write a detailed outline of your essay and formulate a thesis.

  • The main part

Clear and precise paragraphs. Begin each paragraph with a basic sentence that has a clear and concise explanation with information about your friendship. Give examples from life, good and bad, draw the proper conclusions, interest the reader.

  • How to end a friendship essay?

Provide a short summary of your article, as well as briefly mentioning some points that you included in your document.

  • Read and edit

The final step in writing a good essay is to double-check your work! Recheck for grammatical errors, or inconsistencies in the text

Popular Questions on Friendship

What are the values of friendship?

Good friends are very important for your mental health and the quality of your life. Living and loving are inseparable. Friendship is an opportunity to love, learn about yourself, mature as a person and discover the full experience of life.

What are the positive effects of friendship?

Friendship helps increase your happiness and reduce stress, increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. To help you deal with personal injuries, difficulties in life. Encourage you to change or avoid bad habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise.

Who is a true friend?

How would you describe a friend in 3 words? Faithful, honest, kind. True friendship is about being in a friendship where you never have to doubt your friend’s loyalty. A good person and a true friend will never do anything to intentionally go against your interests.

What is importance of friendship?

A recent Harvard study concluded that strong friendships in our lives even help improve brain health. Friends help us cope with stress, make a better lifestyle that makes us strong and allows us to recover more quickly from health problems and illnesses. Friendship is equally important to our mental health.

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