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A self reflection essay is personal writing that requires you to express your individual experience regarding a certain topic. It can be regarding a real-life situation or take the 'what if' or 'imagine' direction to explore the possible events and your response to them.

A critical self reflection essay example is written from the first-person perspective, where you need to give a critical opinion on your actions or thoughts. For some people, it's hard to not get biased and state things objectively, which is why they delegate this task to others.

Writing a self reflection paper is a tough task as you need to talk about personal matters academically. Here are a few tips: write a detailed outline (present a topic, provide arguments, summarize all of the above), stick to the structure, and read any self reflection essay for students to see how it's done.

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Self Reflection Mbti Type

Self Reflection: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Christopher Wright Seton Hill University Principles of Management, SBU 180-98, ADP Session 2 Lyzona Marshall, 10/15/12 Who are ENTJ’s? ENTJ’s are one of sixteen personality types, making up about 3-5 percent of the American public. ENTJ’s are Extroverts, Intuitive, Thinking, …

EpistemologySelf Reflection
Words 360
Pages 2
Self Reflection Narrative Essay

Jacob Trettin Dr. Meehan April 28, 2005 Self Reflection When I think of my freshmen year in college certain things come to mind. The most important thing that I think of is my writing and communication skills. One class that helped me a great deal …

Self Reflection
Words 586
Pages 3
Self Reflection Persuasive Essay

Self Reflection The task that was given to us at the start of the semester was to make a group consisting of 3-4 people and collaboratively work with one another to achieve the goal of a 15-minute speech. The topic that was presented to my …

Self Reflection
Words 784
Pages 3
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Law Self Reflection for Mgt388 Module

Self-Reflection I didn’t think that management and law were important to me before I came to the UK. I did accounting in my high school but it was all just about getting high marks. This is because I have always been studying scientific things and …

ContractEngineeringLawSelf Reflection
Words 520
Pages 2
Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale and Reflection

After completing the Nursing Expertise Self-Report, I felt as a nursing profession I was analytical toward each questions. I noticed that most of my answers were drawn from my clinical experience working as an emergency nurse. (more…)

NursingSelf Reflection
Words 36
Pages 1
Self-Reflection, Essay Sample

Although we all can agree that there are myriads of qualities for illustrious leadership: integrity, trustworthiness, transparency, confidence, vision, passion, patience, tolerance, the aptitude to execute ideas, etc. But one leadership quality that I believe rests at the core of effective, great leadership – and …

EmpowermentMotivationSelf Reflection
Words 1020
Pages 4
Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper

As I look back over the years I thought about my position as an educator in the early 1990’s. I taught adults 18 years and older typing and introduction to computers at Barclay Career Center in Jacksonville, Florida for three years. It never ceased to …

LiteracySelf Reflection
Words 379
Pages 2
Reflection Essay on Self Respect

Joan Didion explores the meaning of self respect. A person who has self respect for him or hers respects others. Respect comes in many different ways. It can be from how one person is taught as growing, earned or derived from family members. Didion’s essay …

ConfidenceSelf EsteemSelf Reflection
Words 648
Pages 3
My View, Spiritual Self-Identity is Connected to Both Religious rientation and Religious Attitude

I believe that spiritual self-identity is a prominent feature of self-identification. The various belief systems that we have developed impact our personal and collective identities; similarly, our values and religious beliefs make up part of our identity as well. For instance, believing it’s immoral to …

BeliefEthicsReligionSelf Reflection
Words 555
Pages 3
A Reflection of My Story of Overcoming Social Anxiety

Background Story Central To My ldentity As far back as I can remember, my nervous racing heart and fluttering stomach was just part of who I was. I couldn’t understand that others did not feel the same way. Being so young, I had no context …

AnxietySelf Reflection
Words 825
Pages 3
Different Kinds of Philosophical Studies That Talk About Things That Can Help Us in Our Daily Lives and In The Future

For instance, talks about Hume on the self, Hume on cause and effect, and many more. The epistemology of David Hume is an advancement of the empiricist proposal that every one of our thoughts originate as a matter of fact. A portion of these can …

MetaphysicsPhilosophyPsychologySelf Reflection
Words 413
Pages 2
Psychology – Reflection on Self

Our universe has the general tendency to move from order to disorder. And yet look at how complex we are. The puzzle becomes: How does our universe creates complexity? David Christian said, “The universe can create complexity but with great difficulty. ” According to him, …

ConfidenceMetaphysicsPsychologySelf ConceptSelf Reflection
Words 93
Pages 1
When Bamboo Bloom – Reflection Story

In chapters one through three of When Bamboo Bloom, the author, Patricia A. Omidian, uses a narrative approach to describe her experiences while doing fieldwork in three areas of Afghanistan: Kabul, Hazarajat, and Herat. Omidians’ main point is to explain what is like to be …

Self Reflection
Words 598
Pages 3
Our Identity Depends On How We Think Others See Us

Developing the feeling of our identity begins when we make social cooperations, between family companions, collaborators, educators, and even colleagues we meet every day. It’s through social connections that we are formed and can even characterize our identity or what we may consider ourselves. It …

PsychologySelf ReflectionSocial PsychologySocialization
Words 495
Pages 2
The Potential to Transform And Empower People To Become Great Leaders

Great leaders have the power and potential to transform and empower people to become great leaders. According to Marquis and Huston, a leader is someone “who is out front, taking risks, attempting to achieve shared goals, and inspiring others to action.” Nurses are leaders in …

ConfidenceLeadershipNursingSelf Reflection
Words 1225
Pages 5
Showing The Nature of Human Existence Through Numerous Obstacles

The novel Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck shows the nature of human existence through the many obstacles that Lennie and George had to overcome in order to purchase the farm that they dream to own one day. The author used different writing …

Of Mice and MenPhilosophyPsychologySelf Reflection
Words 487
Pages 2
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Self-reflection is the ability to witness and evaluate our own cognitive, emotional, and behavioural processes. In psychology, other terms used for this self-observation include 'reflective awareness', and 'reflective consciousness', which originate from the work of William James.


The traditional stages of reflection are self-awareness, description, critical analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. This is the cognitive model of learning by reflection.

Frequently asked questions

How do you start a self reflection essay?
A self reflection essay is a paper where you describe your thoughts and feelings about a given topic. In order to start a self reflection essay, you need to first choose a topic to write about. Once you have chosen a topic, you need to spend some time thinking about your own personal experiences and thoughts on the subject. Once you have a good understanding of your own thoughts and feelings, you can start writing your essay. When writing your essay, you should aim to be as honest and open as possible. You should also try to be as concise as possible. A self reflection essay does not need to be long, but it should be thorough.
What is an example of self reflection?
One example of self reflection is when you take time to think about your day and how you felt during different interactions. This can be done at the end of each day, or at regular intervals throughout the week. This allows you to check in with yourself and see how you're progressing. It also allows you to identify any areas that you may need to work on.
How do I write a self reflection?
A self reflection is a personal reflection on your own thoughts and experiences. It can be a written piece, or it can be a spoken piece. To write a self reflection, start by thinking about your topic. What are you reflecting on? What are your thoughts and experiences? Once you have a good understanding of your topic, start writing. Write down your thoughts and experiences, and be as honest as possible. Don’t worry about making your writing perfect – just let your thoughts flow. Once you’ve written down everything you want to reflect on, read over your reflection and make any changes or additions that you feel are necessary. Then, share your reflection with someone else – a friend, family member, or therapist. This can be a great way to gain insight into your own thoughts and experiences, and it can also help you to process your thoughts and experiences in a more constructive way.
What are your reflections about yourself?
I am constantly reflecting on myself and my actions. I am my own biggest critic and I strive to be better every day. I am always looking for ways to improve and grow as a person. I am very hard on myself, but I believe that it is because I have high standards for myself. I want to be the best that I can be, and I refuse to settle for anything less. I am always learning and growing, and I am never content with where I am at. I am always pushing myself to be better.

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