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Management and Role of Song

Introduction Governance and planning system Song Thanh Nature Reserve is managed by the Management Board with 31 staffs at present. There are one director and two vice directors on the management board. Six staffs are doing administrative work; two staffs belong to the Research and …

Words 2492
Pages 10
Critical Discussion of Crisis Management and BP Leadership

Introduction Literature Review This section briefly discusses crisis management and leadership, the two key areas of literature that will help to examine Tony Hayward’s leadership during BP’s most recent organisational crisis. Crisis and Crisis Management There is no one definition of the term ‘crisis’ (Keown-McMullan, …

Words 6652
Pages 25
International Business Ethics: Balancing Local and Global Standards

Introduction A classical dilemma that is associated with international business ethics is the tension between standards of behaviour that companies are used to in their main country of operations, and the different standards that exist in the foreign countries that host their overseas operations (Singer, …

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Pages 10
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Nutrition and Dietetics Proposal-Discussion/Conclusion

Introduction The main aim of this project was to assess the relationship of CVD risk factors and diet in Cuban Americans. More specifically, this project was aimed to see the association of omega 3 fatty acid with CVD biomarkers, homocysteine and CRP in Cuban Americans …

Words 1113
Pages 5
A discussion of sampling strategy

The best statistical method would be to interview long well formulated day to day working procedure at a specific and well selected location and in this case it would be the three selected events mentioned. Throughout the procedure, it should be noticed whether there are …

Words 653
Pages 3
A Discussion of Deceit and Betrayal Within Macbeth in Macbeth by William Shakespeare

English 12 October 8, 2010 A Discussion of Deceit and Betrayal within Macbeth In Macbeth by William Shakespeare Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” is considered one of his great tragedies. In the play, Macbeth faces an internal conflict with his opposing decisions. On one hand, he has …

Words 740
Pages 3
Twitter Begins Discussions to Explore a Sale

Twitter Inc. has initiated talks with several technology companies to explore selling itself, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday, as the social media company grapples with its slowest revenue growth since going public in 2013.The sale negotiations will test Twitter's value both as …

Words 262
Pages 1
The Shack, a Discussion of Symbolism

2/16/09 The Shack: A Discussion of Symbolism The Shack, written by William P. Young, tackles one man’s quest for faith and reassurance in God through several metaphors, parables and symbols. These symbols are used to compare the story religion itself; and from this comparison it …

Words 1468
Pages 6
Discussion Assignment On Learning Styles And Gagnes Theory

The Divergers take the experiences and they think profoundly about them, the diverging from a lone experience to the multiple possibilities is in footings of what it might intend. And they are like to inquire the inquiry ‘why ‘ , and they will get down …

Words 2093
Pages 8
Explore the background of the study, the problem discussion

Chapter 11 Introduction:This subdivision will research the background of the survey, the job treatment, research inquiries, boundary lines and the clip program for research work.1.1 Background:In today ‘s information age, the usage of computing machines in any organisation is cardinal. We use computing machine in …

Words 8611
Pages 32
Podcasting Package Is A Viable Alternative Tool Discussion Education Essay

This chapter presents the surveies treatment. It provides an chance to explicate the significance of the findings and topographic point the research within a broader context.Major findingsAnalysis of the findings provides grounds that the podcasting bundle is a feasible alternate ‘tool ‘ to utilize when …

Words 2847
Pages 11
A discussion on the uniform system in American schools

Are pupils in classs Kindergarten through Twelfth given excessively much freedom of pick? Should pupils in classs Kindergarten through Twelfth be required to have on uniforms in school? Many would state that because pupils have freedom of pick, it is a misdemeanor of pupils ‘ …

SchoolSchool Uniform
Words 1842
Pages 7
Discussion on public magnet and charter schools

Nowadays an instruction is non a privilege for affluent people merely as it was some decennaries ago and in in-between ages. Every kid and every individual has an chance to have a certain degree of instruction for free. Many types of school are available today. …

Words 2894
Pages 11
Rida Kahlo: Triumph Over Tragedy Discussion Questions

QUESTION 1: How do you think painting help Frida Kahlo with her problem? ANSWER: From my view of humanisation, painting helps Frida Kahlo so much. It is because only from painting will make her continues her hope about her life after turning point of her …

Words 599
Pages 3
Fast Food Nation Discussion Questions

He is shocked that the greatest power house in t e world has this disease in it’s system and it is right under our noses. 2. Believe that the primary goal Closer had in writing this book is exposing a America the fries, burgers, pizzas, …

Fast FoodFast Food NationGovernment
Words 410
Pages 2
Leadership profile self-analysis and discussion

Leadership is a skill that gets things done. Leadership is a responsibility that is nurtured over time and it is generally a gift that people are born with. If one does not have a gift of leadership then he may not be good at it. …

Decision MakingLeadership
Words 1972
Pages 8
Data Analysis And Discussion Science Fair

Daphnia died on day seven in trial two. In a pH of five the Daphnia survived for six day s In trial one and six days in trial two. Len the pH of twelve the Daphnia survived for five days in trial one and in …

Data AnalysisScience
Words 288
Pages 2
Thinspiration Discussion

Dealing with a first- and experience of an eating disorder, due to a close friend having the illness, can say for a fact that there is nothing glamorous about it and it is certainly nothing that an individual should strive to attain. I’m absolutely sickened …

DiseaseEatingEssay Examples
Words 376
Pages 2
Essay on the World of Business

Many papers have been writing on the subject of exploitation of the poor by multinationals and there is no easy answer or solution to satisfy both sides; economists and ethicists are continuously debating on the back of the increasing expectations from the consumer population for …

Essay Examples
Words 517
Pages 2
Discussion Questions About Project Management

The ability to communicate timely and accurately plagues many project teams. Often team members do not share information relating to changes that have occurred. Project managers at times fail to put communication tools in place in reference to requirements in terms of logistics, frequency of …

Project Management
Words 1489
Pages 6
A Discussion on Job Satisfaction and Its Managerial Implications

The subject Organizational Behavior studies how human beings behave in business settings and how they interact with each other. Job satisfaction is the degree to which one feels positively about his or her job. It is the attitudes that employees have towards their jobs. If …

Job Satisfaction
Words 3145
Pages 12
Organizational Behavior Forces Discussion Paper

In this paper Learning Team B compares and contrasts the different organizations of each of its team members. The team is made up of six students, each of which is employed by a different organization. It was with a collaborative effort that this group was …

Words 1393
Pages 6
Naked economics discussion questions

Assignment: As you read Naked Economics, answer the discussion questions below. You are to number your answers and use complete sentences. Discussion questions: Chapter 1: The Power of Markets What are the two basic assumptions that economists make about individuals and firms? What is the …

Words 493
Pages 2
Business Discussion Questions

The United States of America, a country that is regarded as one of the most influential and powerful countries in the world, is experiencing an observable growth in its economy. This is clearly seen by the increase in its productivity as well as the greater …

Words 459
Pages 2
Letter to Simon (Class Discussion)

Dear Simon, I would personally like to welcome you to our country. To begin with, the basic primary functions of an operating system (OS) is managing resources such as coordinating the hard drive, internal memory, processor, etc. to make your computer run more smoothly. The …

Essay Examples
Words 896
Pages 4
A critical discussion on the ethics of abortion?

Most cultures accept the premises that it is wrong to kill another human being. If murder is an absolute truth, cultures, which allow killing, can be persuaded through reason that murder is wrong. For example the Aztec empire when discovered in the 16th century would …

Words 3041
Pages 12
A Discussion of Symbols in A Death of Salesman

The seeds embody Willy’s ambition to be both a good father and a “well-liked” salesman. Willy’s nocturnal futile attempt to grow vegetables clearly demonstrates his failure in achieving the American Dream. Another perspective is to see seeds as the pure embodiment of Biff. Willy makes …

Words 924
Pages 4
Informative Essay on Unit Discussion

This week, you will engage in a discussion about managerial behavior and ways to bring about the highest standards of performance. Think about your personal attributes and how you can capitalize on those attributes In management responsibilities. The Washington Post article “Top Ten Management Mistakes” …

Essay Examples
Words 405
Pages 2
Discussion Question on country competitiveness

Country competitiveness Is determined by a multitude of factors that ‘measures and compares the effectiveness of countries In providing firms with an environment that sustains the domestic and International competitiveness of those firms’ (Sheehan & Lou: Chi. 5, p. 130). How a countries excel In …

Words 638
Pages 3
Week Discussion

As discussed, Loaning is one of the developing countries which have rhodium reserves under its surface. Talking about the Loaning, it is famous for his pastoral settings and there are nomadic tribes who usually drive cattle and gain their living. One of the significant Importance …

Essay ExamplesLiteracy
Words 755
Pages 3
Table of contents

What is a Discussion Essay?

A discussion essay is a type of essay where you explore two or more viewpoints and present a balanced argument. The aim is to discuss and analyze different perspectives on a given topic, present them in a clear and logical manner, and draw conclusions based on evidence and reasoning. The discussion essay usually requires the writer to present their own position on the topic, as well as consider the arguments and counterarguments of others.

Discussion essays are commonly used in academic settings, such as universities and colleges, where students are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills. However, they can also be found in various other contexts, such as in journalism and public policy.

The structure of a discussion essay usually follows the basic essay format of introduction, body, and conclusion. However, the body section may have multiple paragraphs, each presenting a different perspective or argument. The introduction should introduce the topic and provide background information, while the conclusion should summarize the main arguments and draw a final conclusion.

Some common features of a discussion essay include a clear thesis statement that presents the writer's position, evidence and examples to support arguments, acknowledgment of opposing viewpoints, and a logical flow of ideas. It is important to avoid bias and present a balanced argument that considers all relevant viewpoints.

How Do You Write a Discussion Essay?

The aim is to present a balanced argument and persuade the reader to take a particular viewpoint. Here are the steps for writing a discussion essay:

  1. Understand the assignment: Read the prompt carefully and understand the scope of the topic, word count, format, and deadline.

  2. Choose a topic: Select a debatable topic that you have an interest in, and which can be approached from multiple perspectives.

  3. Conduct research: Gather information on the topic through credible sources such as academic journals, newspapers, books, and online databases. Take notes and organize your research in a logical manner.

  4. Develop a thesis statement: Your thesis statement should be a clear and concise summary of the main argument of the essay. It should state the position you take on the topic and give an idea of the direction of the essay.

  5. Plan your essay: Develop an outline that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Ensure that your plan addresses each of the key aspects of the prompt.

  6. Write the introduction: The introduction should provide context for the topic, define key terms, and present your thesis statement.

  7. Write the body paragraphs: Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that states the main point, and then support that point with evidence and examples. Use transitional phrases to connect each paragraph.

  8. Address opposing viewpoints: Address the opposing viewpoints and provide counterarguments to strengthen your own argument.

  9. Write the conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the main points of the essay and restate the thesis statement in a different way.

  10. Edit and proofread: Review the essay to ensure that it flows logically, has a clear argument, and is free from errors in grammar and spelling.

By following these steps, you can effectively write a discussion essay that presents a clear and convincing argument.

Discussion Essay Outline

Here is a typical outline for a discussion essay:

  1. Introduction:
    a. Briefly introduce the topic and provide some background information
    b. State the thesis statement, which outlines the main argument or position of the essay
    c. Provide an overview of the key points that will be discussed in the essay

  2. Body:
    a. Present the first perspective on the issue, problem, or topic
    b. Provide evidence and examples to support this perspective
    c. Evaluate the evidence and consider any limitations or weaknesses
    d. Present a counterargument to this perspective, if appropriate
    e. Repeat the same steps for the second and third perspectives, if necessary
    f. Explain the implications of the different perspectives and how they relate to the overall argument of the essay

  3. Conclusion:
    a. Summarize the key points and arguments presented in the essay
    b. Restate the thesis statement and summarize the main argument
    c. Provide a final evaluation of the evidence and arguments presented d. Conclude with a call to action, a prediction, or a recommendation, depending on the nature of the essay.

It is important to note that the structure and content of a discussion essay may vary depending on the specific assignment or course requirements. However, the outline above can serve as a useful guide to help organize the ideas and arguments in a clear and logical manner.

Discussion Essay Structure

Popular Topics For a Discussion Essays

Some popular topics for discussion essays include:

  1. Social media: Is it a blessing or a curse?

  2. Climate change: What can individuals do to reduce their carbon footprint?

  3. Gun control: Should there be stricter regulations on gun ownership?

  4. Education: Is the current education system effective in preparing students for the future?

  5. Healthcare: Should healthcare be a right or a privilege?

  6. Technology: Is technology making our lives better or worse?

  7. Gender equality: Has progress been made, or is there still a long way to go?

  8. Immigration: What should be done to address the current immigration crisis?

  9. Political polarization: Is it possible to bridge the divide between the left and right?

  10. Capital punishment: Should the death penalty be abolished?

Frequently asked questions

How do you start a discussion essay?
Start the paragraph by introducing your opinion. This is where you need to have a topic sentence. The next sentence(s) should explain your opinion, going into detail. The third sentence should give an example that supports your opinion....Introduce the view (View B – topic sentence)
What should be in a discussion essay?
Here are 5 places to find great college essay topics your own life experience:Memorable meals. Everyone eats!Outdoor activities. The first time I ever advised a student on their college application essay, I worked with a quiet student, a guy who disappeared into the back of his classes.Challenges.Failure.Commitment.
How do you write a discussion?
Snippets of Effective Discussions:Summarize the key findings in clear and concise language.Acknowledge when a hypothesis may be incorrect.Place your study within the context of previous studies.Discuss potential future research.Provide the reader with a “take-away” statement to end the manuscript.
How do you write a Discussive essay?
A deductive essay writing demands strict order. The introduction includes the topic and your thesis – this is why it should be clear and catchy. The first paragraph presents the basis of your essay – facts and general information. The next steps are a detailed analysis and strong arguments.
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