Essays about People

Essays about People

World is full of people, almost every event is caused by humans or is a consequence of our society. That is one of the main reasons why there are descriptive essays about people. This kind of essay can be writing about a person the writer admires, an important figure of a science field, a personal idol or basically anyone. The wide range of possibilities can make the process of doing the essay a little complicated. But don’t worry, in this article, we will tell you the best tips to get a great descriptive essay about a person.

How to write an Essay on People?

There is a lot to say in an essay about people, especially since human behaviour is so interesting and each individual in particular. Writing about people is not too hard if you define your objective and know where to start. Still, the process can get tricky, so we tell you here the 3 steps to get a good result.

  1. The first thing to determine is who are you going to write about. Someone you admire, a person that contributed to develop a science, a relevant academic, basically anyone you want.
  2. Do your research and select your quotes. After you decide who you are going to write about and what structure you will give to the essay, do profound research that gives you all the data you need.
  3. Start writing! Once you have all the previous processes done, you can start with the first draft. Using that draft as a base, you can write the definite version.

Personality traits

Personality traits are features and profiles that can define the character of an individual. These are important aspects that must be taken into account when writing about a person because of the considerable influence they have. Also, since there are some personality traits defined, they can help the writer in the process of finding the pattern to describe a person.

Here we tell you about the 5 personality traits more accepted by the academy. These were developed by two teams of American institutions in the 1970s. These traits can’t be considered as proof of strength or weakness, they are just features to help define a person.

  • This is a trait that tries to determine the inclination a person has to be open to new experiences. People that are always willing to go for an adventure have more openness than those that prefer not to take too many risks.
  • A person with high conscientiousness tends to have a strong sense of duty and are very organized and disciplined.
  • Extroversion or introversion. This can be considered as a big duality. People who are extroverted are more sociable, outgoing and feel comfortable in crowds. On the contrary, those who are more introverted tend to keep away from places with a lot of people and can even feel some social anxiety.
  • This is a trait that defines how much can a person be kind to his peers. People who have high agreeableness are usually compassionate and have more respect for others.
  • People who are neurotic are inclined to obsess about germs, diseases and most threats that aren’t completely real. In contrast, those who are not so neurotic are more emotionally stable.
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