Essays on Countries

Essays on Countries

What a high meaning in one short word - the motherland. And for each person, this word contains in itself something special of its own. Thinking about the motherland, we think about that great, beautiful country in which we were born. we connect the concept of the homeland with the complex and interesting, rich and sometimes tragic history of our native land. We feel proud that we are part of this country, part of this large world.

Love for the homeland is instilled in us from childhood - parents, educators, teachers. From generation to generation, stories about the most important events, outstanding personalities, their exploits and great deeds are transmitted. Therefore, thinking about the homeland, we think about the heroes of the past and the present, and about famous writers, poets, musicians, artists. All this is our history, all this is our homeland.

Our homeland is also the people who surround us in everyday life. People who were born in the same region are always somehow closer to each other, always better able to understand each other, it is easier for them to find a common language and become friends. Because, probably, they have one thing in common - the country in which they were born, and this is already a lot! Is it because people who find themselves in another country are so sincerely glad to meet a fellow countryman - anyone, even a complete stranger, from his native country, hometown, and native places.

But each of us has our own native corner - our own little homeland. This is that city, town or village, that street and that house where we were born, where we took our first steps, said the first word, learned the first joys and first insults. Perhaps, getting older, we will be able to more deeply appreciate, understand and love our large homeland, our country.

Although deep down in our hearts, of course, each of us already has a sincere love for our country. But it seems to me that now it is much closer, more expensive and understandable to us our little homeland - the house of our parents, grandparents.

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La famiglia is the most vital component of Italian culture. This is because it holds the ability to affect all other aspects of an Italian’s life. When thinking of words to describe an Italian family, the first ones that come to mind are loyal, loving, …

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In the American dream, every individual regardless of nationality and social class, bears an equal opportunity of attaining success and prosperity in life. It is believed that anyone can achieve the dream through hard work, sacrifice, risk-taking rather than by chance. However, Asian Americans don’t …

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The Amazon Rainforest, A huge tropical rainforest if not, the largest rainforest, occupies with the drainage of the “Amazonia” or the amazon river. It is located in the Southern America. It compromises around 40 percent of the whole Brazil’s area. It is limited by the …

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Multiculturalism in Nepal

Nepal is a country consisting of multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-ethnic society. The Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) noted 59 distinct cultural groups as Janajati. (NEFIN: 2005). They are found in different ecological regions, 18 groups in the mountain, 23 groups in the Hill, 7 …

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Foreign Banks and Regulatory Framework in Nepal

Nepal being small country with small size of economy between two giant countries in term of size as well as in economy has great prospects for the establishment of foreign banks in order to promote of international trade and to welcome foreign investment. With the …

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Cricket is a sport that originated in England in the 16th century. It became very popular around Europe and then expanded down to South Asia. Cricket was introduced as a sport in South Asia around 1880. Cricket highly affected India and its relationship with Britain …

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