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How to Write a Thesis Statement (2018)

How To Write A Stronger Thesis Statement – Essential Tips Writing a strong thesis is one of the most important things that you can do in regards to essay writing in college. If you’re going to become one of the top student OR anything else …

EpistemologyHow To Write An EssayTruth
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Abolishing the Death Penalty Thesis

The death penalty has been an active force in the United States for decades. In the early history of our country, public executions were quite popular. Thousands have been executed with the majority occurring in the early twentieth century. But public sentiment towards the executions …

CrimeCriminologyDeathDeath PenaltyJustice
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Pages 8
Drug Addiction and Thesis Statement

Drugs addiction is a problem faced by many people of the world, it is a topic that interests many writers, and they wish to write an essay on drugs for this topic. Drugs are very harmful and keep the capability of dragging an individual towards …

AddictionDrug Addiction
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School’s Registration System Thesis

Until now, several schools were note introduce in computer technologies and its efferent systems that’s why the proponents decided to develop their school registration system that will help them to organize a student’s information instantly. Amazing Grace Academy-Tagging Inc. Was the chosen beneficiary of the …

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Pages 6
Success Of Safeguard Soap By Procter and Gamble

The key in identifying the marketing strength of Safeguard is its history. Being the first in the market as a germicidal soap is the foundation of its success. Procter and Gamble (P&G) has been consistent on its marketing strategy by rumoring the brand through advertising, …

AdvertisingEssay Examples
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Start UP Strategy Thesis

These units aim to find a scalable and repeatable business model in markets where huge demand is predicted (Steve Blank, 2010). In case of not finding such a demand or not being able to supply – these companies burn all capital and close in a …

Words 2200
Pages 8
Let’s Clear Up About the Thesis Statement and its Specificity

The common fact is that students are confused about the thesis statement. In order to avoid such case, we invoke you to cast a glance at the given below information and enrich your knowledge. Arm yourself with patience and let’s get started. What is a …

DiseaseEssay ExamplesVaccinationWriter
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Pages 8
Outline for Thesis Architecture

Your aim must, (1) state the subject of your research, (2) contain the question or research inquiry that you wish to answer and (3) your rationale for conducting the research. Sample: The purpose of the study was to identify and understand the need for addressing …

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Fast Food Thesis

Problem and Its Setting Like every other country, the food industry has flourished very well in the Philippines. Filipinos especially students love to eat and that’s the reason why you will see a lot of restaurants and fast foods restaurants scattered in the cities. These …

Fast FoodPhilippinesRestaurant
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Eat Pray Love Thesis

Chapter I INTRODUCTION In this chapter the researcher discussed about this study based on background of the study, problem statements of the study, purpose of the study, the significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study, and definition of key terms. All of …

Words 7141
Pages 26
Science Thesis on SImple Physics

Throughout this trimester, we have completed several activities to help us answer our driving question of, “which Planets would be the most habitable and how can we determine this. ” In order to organize our process of learning and how we can find these planets, …

Words 1553
Pages 6
Juan sumulong thesis

On the intent of social relationships, how can someone be significant to another person? Significance is defined as the quality of being important and having notable worth or influence, (Merriam-Webster Incorporated, 2014). It Is Interaction between different levels of power: between formal and Informal, the …

Essay ExamplesPhilippines
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Mother Tongue: Thesis Paragraph

Mother Tongue: The Struggles of Communication Communication is arguably the most essential and powerful part of everyday life. Societies’ ability to run smoothly, efficiently and benefit as many people as possible, hinges greatly on communication and how effectively it is used. We need to communicate …

Essay Examples
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Sam Harris Thesis Review

“Morality and values depend on the existence of conscious minds—and specifically on the fact that such minds can experience various forms of well-being and suffering in this universe. Conscious minds and their states are natural phenomena, of course, fully constrained by the laws of Nature …

Essay Examples
Words 471
Pages 2
Monorail Thesis

CONTENTS * INTRODUCTION * OBJECTIVE * SCOPE OF STUDY * NEED OF STUDY * METHEDOLOGY * LITERATURE REVIEW * CASE STUDY * CONCLUSION * BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. 0 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Why Monorail? Monorails are the cheapest way of adding grade-separated, high-capacity public transport over the …

ChinaDesignEssay ExamplesTrain
Words 3822
Pages 14
Mill and Harm Thesis

In this essay I shall argue that John Stuart Mill’s Harm Principle is about justice and truth.  John Stuart Mill’s argues in On Liberty that the use of the harm theory, or harm principle is that a state of government must ensure the quality of …

Essay ExamplesMetaphysics
Words 1562
Pages 6
What Are the Key Ideas Behind the Risk Thesis

Undoubtedly, insecurity, fear and risk have come to dominate more mundane aspects of our everyday life. Social policy theorists, such as Paul Johnson defines social risk as ‘The probability weighted uncertainty that derives from the changing and dynamic world in which people lives. ’(quoted in …

Essay ExamplesPovertyUnemploymentWelfare
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Effect of Romance in Academic Performance

A. Sampling Design The study used purposive sampling design, which is a form of non-probability sampling (Polit & Hunglar, 1999). Freshmen engineering students who are enrolled during school year 2010 – 2011 at Cavite State University which is comprised 0. 5 percent of the total …

Essay Examples
Words 294
Pages 2
Assess the Value of the Chivalry Thesis in Understanding Gender Differences in Crime

Assess the value of the “chivalry thesis” in understanding gender differences in crime (21) The chivalry thesis is where women are treated more leniently than men by the criminal justice system. This is because of paternalism and sexism when it comes to male dominated police …

ChivalryHegemonic Masculinity
Words 1167
Pages 5
Divided Thesis Essay

This year for school I have some goals that I would like to accomplish. As I am coming along to be a senior I have high expectations for myself. My three main goals for myself are to be on high honor roll, to be on …

Essay Examples
Words 377
Pages 2
Hamlet Thesis

Hamlet Thesis Statement In the play Hamlet, William Shakespeare writes of a tragedy in which Hamlet and Laertes both face the same problem-a murdered father. The paths of revenge that each of them take, parallel their characters and personalities throughout the play. While Hamlet broods …

Words 1267
Pages 5
Chapter 2 Thesis Enrolment System

Notes on Philippine pre-colonial literature Notes and anecdotes on Philippine pre-colonial literature, mostly taken from my Filipino 14 class under Mr. Popa. The pre-colonial period in the Philippines is the longest chapter in the country’s history. Yet it is also the darkest chapter in history, …

ColonialismEssay ExamplesPhilippines
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Gender Inequality Thesis Statement

“Gender inequality exists to some extent, in most areas of society, in all countries of the world”. Geographically examine this statement. Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on the gender. It arises from differences in socially constructed gender roles, behaviors, …

GenderGender InequalityLiteracyWomen
Words 808
Pages 3
Bollywood Museum-Architectural Thesis

Bollywood Museum, Mumbai The museum for Indian cinema referred to as Bollywood Museum, is an initiative by Ministry of film and broadcasting, Govt. of India to celebrate 100 years of Indian Cinema. The aim of project is to enlighten the people and future generations about …

Words 952
Pages 4
Cyber Bullying Outline And Thesis Analysis

Actions that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm another or others. •use of communication technologies for the intention of harming another person •use of internet service and mobile technologies …

BullyingCyber Bullying
Words 88
Pages 1
How to Write an Effective Thesis for a Comparative Essay

No matter what your major, there’s usually no escape from English literature and composition classes and a compare-contrast essay assignment. Many students get nervous when their professors ask them to write an essay about the similarities and differences between two or more texts or ideas, …

How To Write An EssayWriter
Words 69
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Writing a Thesis Statement about Discrimination

Thesis statement is a statement that conveys the ultimate message, intention or the main argument of your essay. In other words, thesis statement can summarize your whole essay within a single sentence. Your thesis statement will be enough for the examiners about which side or …

Words 88
Pages 1
Essay about Thesis Statement

My thesis is based on the colossal Buddha statues at Bamiyan, Afghanistan, which were destroyed by Taliban in March 2001. The Buddha statues at Bamiyan were of historical significance and were considered both as national and international heritage. I will provide in-depth information on those …

AfghanistanBuddhismEssay ExamplesReligion
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Compare And Contrast Essay Thesis

Joey Carnes & Robert Arendal are two of the most influential leaders in the air cargo industry in the world. Joey Carnes lead BAX Global- one of the largest air cargo service providers in US whereas Arendal is leading Cool Chain Association- a non- profit …

Essay Examples
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Table of contents

What is a Thesis Essay?

A thesis essay, also known as a thesis-driven essay or argumentative essay, is a type of academic writing that presents a specific argument or claim about a particular topic. The thesis statement is the core element of the essay, and it should be clearly defined in the introduction.

The purpose of a thesis essay is to persuade the reader to agree with the writer's point of view on a particular issue. To achieve this, the writer must provide strong evidence and supporting arguments throughout the essay. The essay should also anticipate and address opposing viewpoints.

In addition to the thesis statement, a thesis essay should also include an introduction, body paragraphs that support the thesis statement, and a conclusion that restates the thesis statement and summarizes the main points of the essay. The essay should be well-structured and organized, with smooth transitions between paragraphs.

Overall, a thesis essay requires critical thinking, strong writing skills, and careful attention to detail in order to effectively present a persuasive argument.

How Do You Write a Thesis Essay?

Here are the basic steps to follow when writing a thesis essay:

  1. Choose a topic: Select a topic that you are interested in and that can be argued effectively. Brainstorm potential ideas and narrow down your options until you have a clear topic.

  2. Develop a thesis statement: Your thesis statement should be a clear and concise statement that sums up the argument you will make in your essay. It should be specific and debatable, and it should guide the rest of your writing.

  3. Research and gather evidence: Conduct research to gather evidence to support your thesis statement. This can involve reading scholarly articles, books, and other sources of information. Take detailed notes and keep track of your sources for later reference.

  4. Organize your evidence: Once you have gathered your evidence, organize it in a way that supports your thesis statement. Look for patterns, connections, and themes that emerge from your research.

  5. Write your essay: Write your essay, following a clear and logical structure that supports your thesis statement. Start with an introduction that provides context for your argument and clearly states your thesis statement. In the body of your essay, provide evidence to support your thesis statement and analyze that evidence to demonstrate how it supports your argument. In the conclusion, summarize your argument and restate your thesis statement.

  6. Revise and edit: After you have written your essay, revise and edit it for clarity, coherence, and accuracy. Check for spelling and grammar errors, and make sure that your essay flows logically from beginning to end.

By following these steps, you can write a strong thesis essay that effectively argues your point and supports your thesis statement.

Thesis Essay Outline

A thesis essay, also known as a thesis-driven essay, is an academic paper that presents an argumentative or analytical thesis statement about a particular topic or issue. Here is a possible outline for a thesis essay:

I. Introduction

  • Hook or attention-grabber
  • Background information about the topic
  • Thesis statement

II. Body

  • Topic sentence of the first paragraph
  • Supporting evidence or reasons
  • Analysis or interpretation of evidence
  • Transition to the next paragraph
  • Topic sentence of the second paragraph
  • Supporting evidence or reasons
  • Analysis or interpretation of evidence
  • Transition to the next paragraph
  • Repeat for as many paragraphs as needed

III. Counterarguments

  • Counterarguments or opposing viewpoints
  • Refutation of counterarguments or rebuttal

IV. Conclusion

  • Restatement of thesis statement
  • Summary of main points
  • Final thoughts or call to action

It is important to note that this is just one possible outline for a thesis essay, and the specific structure may vary depending on the topic, thesis statement, and requirements of the assignment. It is recommended to check with the instructor or assignment guidelines for any specific requirements or guidelines.

Popular Topics For a Thesis Essays

As a Thesis Essay is usually focused on a specific research question or problem, the topics that could be explored are virtually endless, and often depend on the subject matter or field of study. However, here are some general ideas for popular topics for a Thesis Essay:

  1. Analysis of a specific literary work or film, exploring themes, symbolism, and motifs.
  2. Examination of a particular historical event or figure, analyzing its impact and significance.
  3. Investigation of a scientific theory or experiment, testing hypotheses and discussing results.
  4. Study of a social issue or problem, exploring its causes, effects, and potential solutions.
  5. Analysis of a particular business or economic model, discussing its effectiveness and potential for improvement.
  6. Exploration of a philosophical or ethical question, discussing various perspectives and arguments.
  7. Examination of a cultural or societal phenomenon, analyzing its significance and impact on individuals and communities.
  8. Study of a particular aspect of psychology or sociology, exploring theories and conducting experiments.
  9. Investigation of a particular technology or innovation, discussing its benefits and drawbacks and potential for further development.
  10. Analysis of a specific legal case or issue, exploring its implications and potential for reform.

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a thesis paper?
The thesis statement should be concise, contentious, and coherent. That means it should briefly summarize your argument in a sentence or two; make a claim that requires further evidence or analysis; and make a coherent point that relates to every part of the paper.
What is a thesis and example?
A thesis statement is a sentence that sums up the central point of your paper or essay. It usually comes near the end of your introduction. Your thesis will look a bit different depending on the type of essay you're writing. But the thesis statement should always clearly state the main idea you want to get across.
What is a thesis simple definition?
noun. a short statement, usually one sentence, that summarizes the main point or claim of an essay, research paper, etc., and is developed, supported, and explained in the text by means of examples and evidence.
How hard is a thesis?
Writing a 100-page thesis can be a daunting task, but if you write 1,000 words every day over the course of 2 months, for example, then you will be able to meet that deadline with ease. Your exact timeframe will differ, but you should try to give yourself as much time as possible to write, and no less than a month.
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