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Analysis of an Opinion on Situational Leadership

Purpose This paper analyzes the opinion of Edward E. Lawler on “situational leadership” in his article entitled: “Leading A Virtuous-Spiral Organization” (Spring 2004). Objectives The objectives of this paper are: (a) to compare and contrast Lawler’s views in the abovementioned article in relation to management …

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Opinion on the Us Correctional Facility

Tantania Dixon Corrections 320 Final Paper If we ever want our economy to recover and our citizens to prosper, we need to overhaul our correctional system immediately. The correctional system has three main goals: punish, protect the population and rehabilitate the offender. However, it is …

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Different Opinions About Elearning Education Essay

Peoples have different sentiments about vitamin E acquisition. Some people think that e-learning is advanced and it reduces the clip and distance barriers of instruction while the other group thinks that e-learning leads to feelings of isolation and defeats ( Handzic & A ; Ho-hur, …

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Communication Opinion

Kevin Molder Imagine a world with no communication. No way to express feelings of anger or Joy, no longer waving goodbye as someone leaves, communicating via email, text or pen never existed. The mere thought is absurd. Communicating is key to success in most any …

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Public Opinion on Religion

Many people have different opinions on religion and have the thought that some religions may be superior to others or better than. However, two religions such as Christianity and Islam have a lot more in common than many people may believe. Christianity is one of …

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Pages 3
The Contrast Between Machiavelli’s Writings and Lao-Tzu’s Opinion

Lao-Tzu’s writings offered a basis for Taoism, a religion officially founded by Chang Tao-ling in about 150 A. D. However, the Tao-te Ching is an ethical document as much as about good government as it is about moral behavior. Niccolo Machiavelli was an aristocrat who …

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Opinion on the novel The Zahir

The Zahir Life, happiness, love, loss, and obsession characterize the latest novel that I have read – The Zahir written by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. The title itself revealed an interesting feeling and curiosity to the readers. The term “Zahir” comes from the Islamic …

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Schlafly’s Opinion on School to Work Programs

On September 4, 1997, Phyllis Schlafly wrote an article titled “School-to-Work Will Train, Not Educate. ” The article discusses the cons of the school-to-work program and that states that it is portrayed as a “cradle to the grave. ” The article says that the school-to-work …

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The Opinions of the Renaissance and Reformation

Throughtout the ages of Europe’s history, society’s views on the education of women has constantly changed. During the Renaissance age, noble women were encouraged to seek an education so they would be able to carry on intellectual conversations at social gatherings. The Reformation brought opinions …

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Critique of Solomon E. Asch’s Opinions and Social Pressure

Free Will vs. Peer Pressure “Opinions and Social Pressure” was a study by Solomon Asch which looked into the relationship between intellectual judgements and social pressure. How does our non­conformity within a group affect our judgements as individuals? Asch attempted to answer the question by …

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Athens is a work of art: changing my definition of art

When the word “art” comes to mind, I think about a painting. I think about the colors blending together to create an image. However, thinking a little more I think about a sculpture and its smooth, about the story and emotions it expresses. Art in …

ARTEssay ExamplesSculpture
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Visitor’s Opinions

Although Windsor is seen to be a tourist town, filled with a number of attractions for all, it is necessary to get tourists opinions of the place. Tourists may hold many different and in some cases extremely opposing views on what they make of the …

Essay ExamplesTourism
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Nostalgic reflection on a sentimental necklace and newfound independence

What would you think if you could see me now? I don’t look perfect, and my shoes aren’t very clean anymore, I’m not very clean. Nevertheless, I’ve made sure that my gold pendant has stayed intact, I don’t even think that you remember buying it …

Gender SocializationJesus
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Everyone’s Opinion

Opinion refers to someone’s point of view which cannot be proved to be true. Opinion also refers to judgments that are made by professionals regarding their belief. In law the word is used to refer to the various reasons that persuade judges to reach certain …

EnergyEssay ExamplesGovernanceInstitution
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Opinion of Christopher Columbus

Opinions of Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus has always been revered as the man who discovered America, but as people look back over time, other ideas of Columbus have formed. Did he actually discover America? Or did he just encounter it? As other Native Americans had …

Christopher Columbus
Words 345
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Opinion on American Gothic Painting

I have seen this image, but don’t know the tittle. I have seen it in movies, cartoons, and parodies of the painting. The painting is a male and female who most likely live on farmland. The male is holding a pitchfork, both of them look …

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Letter Opinion and Suggestions to Restaurant

I am writing to commend on your new opened McDonald’s restaurant in Rzeszow, which I recently had opportunity to visit. I am a regular guest in your chain of restaurants so it was pleasure for me to hear that the new one is situated near …

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Workplace Drug Screening Opinion Paper

Drug testing is a very sensitive issue to almost everyone. Its implications can be interpreted wrongly by some people. There are many ethical issues that should be considered before employees or workers undergo drug testing. “Recognizing that the situation differs in each country and each …

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Communication Opinion Paper

Communication Opinion Paper Christine Kendall HCS/320 November 18, 2012 Tralicia Brown Communication Opinion Paper Introduction Effective communication in health care is crucial for health care professionals, the patients and the establishment providing the care. It can mean the difference between life and death. When there …

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Opinions About Online Schools

As today’s society goes on, more and more things are starting to modernize, including how we learn in school. Yes, there is still traditional school (books, pen, paper, etc. ) but even traditional school has some technology. In addition to the changes in traditional school, …

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Philosophy Plato& Personal Opinion

Philosophy Providing Answers for Questions & Questions for Answers Kristen Riso 5250378 PHIL 1F91 Professor: Dr. Lightbody TA: David Corman Word Count: 1941 The Apology written by Plato’s is an excellent piece of philosophical literature that can teach us many things. Most importantly this fine …

PersonalPersonal OpinionPhilosophy
Words 1948
Pages 8
Popular Opinion of Under a Cruel Star

Popular Opinion of a Cruel Star Heda Margolius Kovaly was a woman who during her time in Czechoslovakia lived through many harsh periods for not only the country, but people of Jewish heritage as well. Her memoir Under a Cruel Star tells her story of …

Essay ExamplesTorture
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The opinions of Mill and Kant

Mill’s utilitarianism on Kant and Baxter’s arguments In John Stuart Mill’s arguments for utilitarianism, it can be observed that his concept of that which is “good” corresponds to the maximization of utility, or the promotion of the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Further, Mill …

Essay Examples
Words 1926
Pages 8
Opinion Paper: Gender Reassignment

Human Sexuality/Gender Re-Assignment This is an Opinion Paper Transgender is an umbrella term for persons whose gender identity, gender expression, or behavior does not conform to that typically associated with the sex to which they were assigned at birth. Gender identity refers to a person’s …

Hegemonic Masculinity
Words 571
Pages 3
Employeer Motivation Theories

Opinion Essay Nowadays there are plenty of motivation theories which give a great opportunity for employers to use the human capital more effectively. However, it is very important to understand that a theory that works in one country not necessarily will work in another one. …

Essay ExamplesMotivationPollutionWater
Words 396
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Discuss your opinion of the recovered memory

Psychologists believe that it is common to consciously repress unpleasant experiences although the unconscious repression of traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse or rape is a defense mechanism that usually backfires (Carroll, 2005). Loftus (1998) wrote an article on “The Price of Bad Memories” that …

Words 66
Pages 1
Different political tribes’ opinions about Islam in Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-cultural multi-ethnic and multilingual society with Malay, Indian and Chinese being the major races in the population. There are also other indigenous tribal groups and Bahasa Malaysia is the country’s national language although such other dialects like Mandarin, English and Tamil are …

Words 55
Pages 1
The United States Supreme Court and Public Opinion

Introduction The United States Supreme Court is a unique American institution. It is unique because, unlike the individuals serving in the executive and the legislative branches of government, the nine justices serving at the highest level of the United States Supreme Court are insulated in …

Supreme CourtUnited States
Words 90
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A personal opinion

Conservation of energy, economy, and environment; this is what a good government looks forward to and see secured in its country. And who does not want to wake up one day and see the environment clean and green? Unfortunately, the prospect – if we will …

PersonalPersonal Opinion
Words 111
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The term public opinion

The term public opinion, as observed by many, is very much popular during the election period and or during those times wherein critical decisions are made or critical issues are dealt with in a manner that not everybody in the society agrees with. It is …

DemocracyEssay Examples
Words 62
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Table of contents

What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is a type of academic writing that requires the writer to express their personal opinion on a particular topic or issue. The writer is expected to provide their argument and support it with evidence and examples. The purpose of an opinion essay is to persuade the reader to agree with the writer's point of view or at least understand their position.

Opinion essays are commonly assigned in schools and colleges to help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as the ability to express their opinions clearly and coherently. They are often used in exams, as well as in college applications and scholarship essays.

In an opinion essay, the writer is expected to clearly state their thesis statement, which is the main argument or point they will be making. This should be followed by a series of supporting paragraphs that provide evidence and examples to support the writer's position. The essay should also include a conclusion that restates the thesis statement and summarizes the main points made in the essay.

Opinion essays can cover a wide range of topics, from current events and political issues to personal experiences and reflections. The key to writing a successful opinion essay is to clearly articulate your position and provide persuasive evidence and arguments to support it.

Opinion Essays

How Do You Write an Opinion Essay?

To write an opinion essay, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a topic: Pick a topic that you have a strong opinion about. Ensure that the topic is debatable, relevant, and interesting.

  2. Conduct research: Research the topic using credible sources. Collect information, facts, and statistics to support your opinion.

  3. Create an outline: Create an outline to organize your thoughts and arguments. The outline should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  4. Write the introduction: Start the essay with an attention-grabbing statement or a question to engage the reader. Provide a brief background of the topic and state your thesis statement, which summarizes your opinion.

  5. Write the body: In the body paragraphs, present your arguments with supporting evidence, facts, and statistics. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that summarizes the main point of the paragraph. Provide examples and explanations to support your argument.

  6. Address counterarguments: Address possible counterarguments and refute them using evidence and logic.

  7. Write the conclusion: Summarize your main points and restate your thesis statement. Provide a final thought or a call to action.

  8. Revise and edit: Reread the essay and make sure it flows logically, has a clear argument, and is free of grammatical errors and typos.

  9. Proofread: Proofread the essay to ensure it is free of errors, has proper punctuation, and adheres to the appropriate formatting style, such as APA or MLA.

  10. Finalize: Make any final adjustments to the essay, including the title, and submit it for review.

Remember, an opinion essay should be based on your opinion and should be supported by factual evidence. It should be well-written and persuasive, convincing the reader to agree with your opinion.

Opinion Essay Outline

Here's a common outline for an opinion essay:

  1. Introduction: This section should include a hook to grab the reader's attention, some background information on the topic, and a clear thesis statement that presents your opinion on the topic.

  2. Body paragraphs: The body of the essay should be composed of several paragraphs, each of which presents a single point or argument to support your opinion. Begin each paragraph with a clear topic sentence that states the argument, and then support it with evidence, examples, or statistics.

  3. Counterargument: Acknowledge the opposing view, and address it with strong evidence to prove why your opinion is more valid.

  4. Conclusion: Restate your thesis statement, summarize your main arguments, and provide a concluding thought or call to action.

Keep in mind that the outline can be adjusted based on the length and complexity of the essay. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that your arguments and evidence are relevant and valid, and that the essay is well-organized and easy to read.

Popular Topics For an Opinion Essays

Popular topics for opinion essays can vary greatly depending on the writer's interests and the current events of the time. Here are some examples:

  1. Social media: Is it harmful or beneficial to society?
  2. Gun control: Should there be stricter regulations on firearms?
  3. Climate change: What actions should governments and individuals take to combat it?
  4. Analysis of an Opinion on Situational Leadership
  5. Health care: Should health care be a right or a privilege?
  6. Immigration: Should there be more lenient policies towards immigrants?
  7. Communication Opinion
  8. Parenting: Are parents too overprotective of their children?
  9. Capital punishment: Should it be abolished?
  10. Animal rights: Should animals have the same rights as humans?

Frequently asked questions

What is opinion writing?
Opinion writing is an elementary type of argument in which students give reasons for their opinions and preferences. Because reasons are required, such writing helps prepare students for drafting the arguments they will be expected to create beginning in grade 6” (p.
What is opinion essay in ielts?
Another name for these essays is argumentative essays. Opinion Essays Tips. spend at least 5 minutes analysing the words and ideas in the statement. make sure your answer is a complete answer which addresses all parts of the task. give a clear opinion.
What is a good introduction for an opinion essay?
Tips. Introduce your essay by restating the question in your own words. If the essay asks you to what extent do you agree?, make your opinion clear throughout. You can either agree, partially agree or disagree with the statement, explaining and justifying your opinion.
How do you teach opinion essays?
Organise your essay into clear paragraphs.Introduction: Introduce the topic and give your opinion. Say whether you agree or disagree with the statement.Body: 2 or 3 paragraphs. For each paragraph give a reason to support your opinion.Conclusion: Summarize your ideas and repeat your opinion using different words.
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