Abortion Pros and Cons Essay

Abortion Pros and Cons Essay

Abortion is any abortion. It is known that abortions are spontaneous and artificial. Spontaneous abortion occurs without any intervention, contrary to the desire of the woman. If spontaneous abortions in women are repeated, then they speak of a miscarriage. An artificial abortion is called intentional termination of pregnancy in a medical institution or outside it.

Abortion is the most controversial issue, with no basis for agreement between the two polar aspects. The argument is life and death, although uncertainty about complexity complicates the situation.

Artificial abortion is seen by almost all religions of the world as killing a person. The moral impermissibility of abortion is reflected in the Hippocratic oath, a generally accepted document defining the moral law of medicine.

From the point of view of genetics and embryology, human life begins from the moment of conception, that is, from the moment of fusion of the nuclei of the male and female gametes.

How to Write an Esaay on Abortion

The structure of an abortion essay is the same as any other college essay.

You start your essay with an introduction. Here you give basic definitions, describe the topic in general, setting the tone for your future reasoning. You also include some background information on the problem, describe the reason for your work and conclude it with a strong thesis, where you express your opinion on this issue. In order not to feel discomfort when writing a study, you can conduct a study.

In the main body of the essay, you express all your arguments for and against abortion, supported by different types of evidence, statistical, logical, factual, experiential, etc. You can divide all this into two paragraphs.

Finally, you write a conclusion for the essay. Here you must summarize all the thoughts that you have already written, adding your final thought, it should sound clearly.

Most frequently asked questions

How many babies are aborted each year in the US?

In the United States, approximately 42% of all unwanted pregnancies resulted in an abortion. Over 92% of abortions are the result of an unwanted pregnancy.

How can abortions be prevented?

Unsafe abortion can be prevented by: comprehensive and quality sexuality education; prevention of unwanted pregnancy through the use of effective contraception, including emergency contraception; and providing a safe, legal abortion.

Is an embryo a human?

Embryos are people, only at an early stage of their maturation. The term "embryo", similar to the terms "infant" and "adolescent", refers to a determinate and stable organism at a certain stage of development.

How many abortions are safe?

The World Health Organization recommends that all women have an abortion only in a safe way. About 56 million abortions are performed annually in the world, and about 45% of them are unsafe.

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