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Table of content
  1. 1. How To Write A Satire Essay
  2. 2. How To Write A Satire Essay
  3. 3. Familiarize Yourself With Satire Essays Examples
  4. 4. Choose An Area Of Discussion
  5. 5. What’s The Point?
  6. 6. Your Audience
  7. 7. Time To Write
  8. 8. Hyperbole
  9. 9. Irony
  10. 10. Allegory
  11. 11. Understatement
  12. 12. Metaphor
  13. 13. Pun
  14. 14. What Is A Satire Essay Structure?  
  15. 15. Introduction
  16. 16. Body
  17. 17. Conclusion
  18. 18. Satire Essay Ideas
  19. 19. Conclusion

How To Write A Satire Essay

Unlike other forms of academic writing that require you to pass your ideas across in a serious, no-nonsense manner, satire essays are a lot different. This style of essay is used to criticize or tease a subject by using jokes as a carrier. The writer often uses hyperboles, ironies, humor, and extreme exaggeration to get their message across. These literary essays are often targeted at political parties, celebrities, or absurd events and are out of place.

It might sound like the easiest form of essay article, but satires are quite tasking to write. As a writer, you have to remain careful in your exaggerations and criticisms to avoid slander or libel, which means you must get all the techniques right. When properly written, a satire will successfully get the message across while humoring the readers at the same time.

How To Write A Satire Essay

If you are looking to write exceptional essays on satire, then certain steps are to be followed. These tips would put you in the right direction. They are:

Familiarize Yourself With Satire Essays Examples

Students think they can breeze through a satire essay just because they are accustomed to other forms of essay articles. There is nothing further from the truth. Satire essays are a different ballgame, and before you start, you have to familiarize yourself with every technique related to it. Find satire essay examples online to see how other satirical writers organized their essays.

Understand the motives behind other satire essays and how each writer had a strong message buried within the humor and jokes. It is important to first develop a strong stand about a particular idea before deciding on a satire.

Choose An Area Of Discussion

What topic most interests you? What area gives you the most concern about the circumstances surrounding it? Before you decide on any satire essay topics, be sure it is something you are most passionate about because you don’t want to get bored and unmotivated halfway into the article.

There are several satire essay topic ideas to choose from, and they are:

  1. Politics
  2. Education
  3. Sex
  4. Music
  5. Entertainment
  6. Environmental issues
  7. Current events
  8. Social media
  9. Human nature
  10. Marriage

You can watch the news for more information about any of the above areas of study. Because of how controversial these areas are, you will surely get reactions and responses from your audience as everyone has their own different opinions on it.

What’s The Point?

Now that you have gotten an area of concentration, it’s time to ask what the point is and get to it quickly. If you have decided to choose marriage as a point of study in your satire, ask yourself the prevailing issues facing marriage as a National institution, and address it as led by you.

What’s your stand on the issue? Are you in favor or not? Can you make the whole idea ironic? What is the general opinion on this matter? Once you have answered some of these questions, you are well on your way to penning down your satire essay.

Your Audience

Your audience is another important factor to consider before writing an essay. Who are the set of people that will read your essay? Are you typing for professionals? Or for political readers? The masses? Or for students? Be aware that the audience would determine the style your essay would take.

Some audiences call for a formal type of article, some call for a casual style, some call for loads of sarcasm and exaggerated points, while some call for a more serious approach. You can check out more examples of satire essays to know how to use different styles. One of the common mistakes people make is assuming that one size fits all.

Time To Write

By now, you are already equipped with your main points, area of concentration, and an idea of your target audience; it is now time to write. There are so many ways of typing a satire essay that would appeal to almost all types of audiences.

Before choosing a figure of speech, you should know that the ideal narrative for a satire essay is the first person. This would help convey your message clearly as it would be carrying your voice.

Figures of speech you can use to write a satire essay:


This is the use of extreme exaggeration to heighten the effect of the idea on the readers. With this speech, you can easily convey your message by exaggerating one of the features of your target. Example: He’s as tall as a beanpole


The use of irony is universal, and it is a speech where the writer says the opposite of what they mean. It is used for humorous or emphatic effects.

Example: Looking at someone’s frowning face and saying, “Don’t you have one of the loveliest smiles I’ve ever seen.”


A literary piece that can be read to reveal a hidden or contextual meaning. The hidden message could either be political or moral. It is mainly used to subtly criticize another party.

Example: In Animal Farm, written by Orwell, the animals stand for political figures and events even though this was not explicitly stated in the book


This is when a writer tries to portray an event or someone as less important than they are. It is the opposite of exaggeration or embellishments and is used for humor and emphasis.

Example: Seeing an obese person and saying, “He’s not too thin.”


This is when a satire writer tries to compare two dissimilar concepts because they have certain similarities. It is also the application of words to an object of which it’s not applicable.

Example: The moonlight sparkled like sun rays


This is widely used in almost all satire essays. It is when a writer makes a joke by exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or playing with phrases that sound alike but have different meanings.

Example: The cyclist was too tired to win the race

What Is A Satire Essay Structure?  

Just like every other article, every essay on satire should follow the standard structure, which is:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion


This should present the statement thesis to help the audience understand what the entire essay is all about. Think of a killer title that would hook the reader at first glance, then the other points can follow. Some people have the opinion that since the essay is a satire, readers would not get bored. This is misleading and very far from the truth. If you don’t captivate your readers and show them what to expect, they will not read further.


The body paragraphs would probably take much time, but make sure your points are arranged in a sequential and effective manner. Find relevant materials that would support your claims so as not to end with a case of slander or libel.


A summary of all the ideas that make up the body. This is where you tell the audience why you took the stance you did and of what importance your points are.  

Satire Essay Ideas

There are so many satire topics for essays, and beginners can always check them out to get more ideas on what to write. Here are a few samples:

  • How to flunk your exams while having fun doing it
  • Why have a best friend when you can have a pet?
  • Reasons why school is a complete waste of time
  • Famous tips on how to fail your exams
  • Why stress when you can just give up?
  • How to avoid doing homework and get away with it
  • My least favorite sibling
  • Why dropping out of internship was the best career decision of my life


No matter what area you choose to focus on when working on a satire, always make sure your essays are well backed with evidence. Above all, make sure you use a captivating style for the audience to keep reading without any iota of boredom. Of what good will your essay be if no one reads it.

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What is a satire essay?
Satirical essay writing is a type of writing that uses humor to poke fun at or criticize a subject. To get his point across, a satirical writer will often use irony and hyperbole. Satirical essays often target celebrities, politicians and situations that are absurd.
What is a good example of satire?
Political cartoons-satirise political events and/or politics. The Onion is an American digital media company and newspaper that satirizes daily news at the local, national and international levels. Family Guy animated series that mocks American middle class society.
What are the 3 types of satire?
There's three types of satire. Each serves a different purpose. Horatian. Horatian humor is lighthearted and provides social commentary. ... Juvenalian. Juvenalian humor is darker than comedic. ... Menippean. Menippean humor casts moral judgement on a particular belief such as homophobia and racism.
How is satire used today?
Satire can be used in literature to demonstrate foolishness or vice in people, organizations, and governments. It uses humor, ridicule or irony. To illustrate, satire is used often to promote or prevent political or social change .
What is the aim of satire?
While satire may be intended to be funny, it is more often constructive criticism that focuses on social issues and uses humor to do so.

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