Essays on Love

Essays on Love

The phrase “what is love?” can generate many thoughts. No matter what one might believe the word love means, it cannot be denied that love is an unavoidable feeling in our lives. Whether it is serious or humorous, it is seen in songs, books, and movies and is a continuous theme we see. A question many people ask is: “what is necessary for love?” Love is the most powerful thing someone can experience, and it is important to not let the word define your own type of love. Everyone experiences love differently; some people are very serious when it comes to love. The word “love” is used and abused in different settings; it can be used to express affection, such as saying “I am in love with you,” or to express pleasure, such as saying “I love coffee.” The love an individual has for their mother is different than the love felt for their dog, and even those feelings experienced can change depending on various situations.

It's necessary to say that something you love is something that you wanted, however, you cannot want something that you do not love. In English, the word “love” is derived from Germanic forms of the Sanskrit lube (desire), which causes problems with the definition and meaning. However, these problems are resolved by the reference of the Greek terms: eros, philia, and agape (Helm). Eros refers to love as constituting a passionate or intense desire for something, sometimes it is a sexual desire; philia refers to the appreciation and fondness for one another; agape is the paternal love of God for man and man for God, but also includes the love for all of humanity (Moseley). The epistemology of love asks how we may know when we're experiencing love, how we understand it, whether it is possible to make statements about others or ourselves about being in love. The epistemology of love is connected to the philosophy of language and theories of emotions. If love is purely an emotional condition, it is acceptable to argue that it remains a private experience that should not be open to others, except through an expression of language (Moseley). However, language may be a bad indicator of an emotional state, especially for the listener because they might perceive the statement wrong. Some individuals would say that the statement: 'I am in love is more complicated than other statements because it is a nonpropositional statement. Others may similarly present love as a non-cognitive occurrence.

Modern romantic love refers to Aristotle's version of love, where two people are found in each other's qualities-- one soul and two bodies (Sweet). It is thought of to be of a higher status, ethically, metaphysically, and aesthetically, than the love that behaviorists or physicalists describe. Physical determinists, those who believe the world is to be entirely physical and that every event has a prior cause, consider love to be an extension of the chemical-biological elements of the human creature and to be reasonable (Helm). In this manner, geneticists may imply the theory that the genes (someone’s DNA) form the criteria in any sexual or romantic choice, especially in choosing a spouse. However, for those who claim that love is nothing more than the physical attractiveness of a potential spouse, or to the blood ties of family and relations which imitate connections of family love, is that it does not capture the affections between those who cannot or wish not to reproduce, physicalism or determinism ignores the possibility of romantic, ideational love (Sweet). This may explain eros, but not philia or agape.

Some may say that love is a physical response to someone they feel attracted to. However, love encompasses a broad range of behavior, such as listening, attending to, and caring for others. It is easier to distinguish between liking and loving because to love someone is how you identify yourself with that other person, whereas no such notion of association is involved in liking. Those who consider love to be an appealing response would believe that love is understandable through the emotional and conscious feeling, but yet it provokes what cannot be captured in logical or expressive language (Helm).

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Love in the Cornhusks

“LOVE IN THE CORNHUSKS” By: Aida Rivera Ford Setting: The story happens in a Barrio. Climax: Tinang discovers after reading the love letter from her first love, Amado, that she is still loved by him. However, by then, she is already married to a Bagobo and has a son with him. REACTION Aida Rivera Ford, according to my research, has lived with …

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Appointment with Love

Appointment with Love This is a short romantic story about a young lieutenant Blandford and a lady, Hollis Meynell, who had fallen in love with each other. The author shows us the possibility of existence of a real strong relationships even through a great distance …

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Why I Love South Africa

South Africa bubbles with wonderful, culturally diverse people. A colourful array of different foods, religions, beliefs and traditions are blended together to make up the amazing nation of the republic of South Africa It is, arguably (and ironically), one of the most liberal, free, and …

AfricaLoveSouth Africa
Words 433
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The Story of the Aged Mother (Analysis)

Setting: Shinano at the foot the mountain Characters: The aged mother- the main character of the story, who has the wisdom that brings to save and benefited their land The young farmer- the son of the aged mother The daimyo-the despotic ruler of Shinano but …

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Taylor Swift Love Story Analysis

Taylor Swift Love Story Meaning The song “Love Story” was written and sung by Taylor Swift. It was published on September 12, 2008. Taylor Swift wrote a love story at the age of 17 when her parents did not approve of the relationship she had …

LoveTaylor Swift
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Life Story My Dream

Everyone has some ambition or the other. As children we get fascinated by several things every now and then and aspire to achieve them when we grow old. Some dreams and aspirations remain intact even as we grow and we work hard to achieve them. …

LoveMotivationMy DreamUniverse
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Person Who Changed My Life

We all have people who have changed our lives. People can change your life in a positive or negative way. My grandmother Esther changed my life in a positive way. My grandmother basically raised me. She changed my life and I am glad she did. …

Human NatureLovePsychology
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Waiting for The Mahatma

R. K. Narayan is one of the postcolonial writers of India who are found to project the nation-building attitude in their writings. His Waiting for the Mahatma, set in the surroundings of the writer’s created village Malgudi, is woven against the unconventional backdrop of the …

LoveMahatma GandhiNovel
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Dulce Est Decorum Est and This Is the Dark Time, My Love

Neither fame nor glory can compensate for the immense suffering that war inflicts on humanity. “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” is an ‘old’ lie told to youths ardent of joining the army. Not only are the targeted victims oppressed, but the soldiers who …

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Faith, Love, Time, and Dr. Lazaro

In this story, Brillantes confronts the most important questions of our lives as Christians: Does God exist? If so, what is the nature of God? I remember Tim telling me that Brillantes succeeds in telling a compelling story because he never preaches or subverts. That …

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The Value of Friendship

True friendship is one of the most important assets that human has and true friendship surpass any obstacle and test of times. We are born as social beings and no human can live alone like an island. Although this is taken literally most of the …

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My Ideal Partner Life

An ideal husband would be a person who is an ideal companion. Does it appear that I am running around in circles? I hope it does not. Through the traditional role of a husband is different from that of a wife, the qualities of a …

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How does Tony Harrison use language, form and structure to present grief in ‘Long Distance II’?

The poem ‘Long Distance II’ tackles the issue of bereavement and the emotions that are connected. In this poem, the speaker seems to be able to cope with the death of his mother and believes in a matter-of-factly fashion that “life ends with death”, however …

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A place you would love to return to again

I would love to go back to Mumbai in India, if I ever get a chance. Mumbai is one of the metropolitan cities of India. It is famous for its warm people, moderate climate, Elephanta Caves and beaches like Chawpatti, Juhu and Marine drive. (more…)

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Which Country Would I Love to Visit?

If I had a chance to visit a foreign country, I would not hesitate to choose South Korea. The main reason why I would choose Korea as my destination is that I want to visit Seoul and Jeju Island. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, …

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The Most Valuable Thing in Life Is Friendship Do You Agree?

In this era of globalization, people are busy chasing for material wealth,leaving behind many valuable things. It is undeniable that our society is becoming more materialistic. For most of us,money is the most important thing on earth. However, we have forgotten that there are certain …

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Why I Love My Job

Why I work at Bentleys Resturant I’ve worked in a number of jobs over the years, doing a variety of things, and finally, I’ve decided that working at Bentleys Restaurant is the place for me. I have decided that the best job to have is …

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Money Is the Most Basic Requirement of the Life

Money is the medium used by people to buy required goods and services. It is used as the source to fulfill basic needs and is also a source of comfort in life. Money is the most important source to live a healthy and prosperous life; …

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Argumentative Essay on Love

Flying around the world is an extravagance the majority of society may not be able to afford; life is chock-full of esoteric luxuries only a special association will enjoy fully. However, life does not have to encompass the additional commodities that people claim to be …

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Steps to Christ

AY Society AY MISSION: The salvation of youth through Jesus Christ. We understand youth ministry to be that work of the church that is conducted for, with, and by young people. AY AIM: The Advent message to all the world in my generation. AY MOTTO: …

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Themes in the Novel Maru Analysis

Born from a white mother and a black father, Bessie Head grew up in the early stages of Apartheid South Africa. In Maru she reflects upon her own experiences of love, loneliness and prejudice. Prejudice spreads as one discriminates against another and creates false images. …

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Religious Language and Concepts in Romeo and Juliet

The epistle of Saint John unequivocally states, “Love comes from God” (1 John 4:7). This statement not only explains the source of love but it also provides a means to understand both love and God. If love is from God, then an understanding of love …

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He Who Sleeps On My Lap

The subject in this poem is the perplexity of the homosexual guy’s emotion to his male friend. This is about a homosexual guy who has desires for his male friend but is unwilling to reveal his emotions for fear of condemnation and mockery from his …

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King Lear: A Tragic Hero

King Lear: A Tragic Hero King Lear by William Shakespeare Is an example of a classic tragedy. The mall character, King Lear, Is the tragic hero, which Is one of the aspects of a tragedy. King Lear wrongfully judges his daughters when he asks them …

King LearLoveTragedyTragic Hero
Words 1011
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What makes a true community

Catholicism and Community Presentation T: According to the secular definition of community; Is It a group of people living In the same area with particular characteristics In common. Within the community there Is a feeling of fellowship for others, common attributes, Interests and goals. Communities …

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Motherhood and Its Challenges

The word mother means a female parent who brings up a child, takes care of her and loves absolutely by putting the needs of her children over her own. A mother takes the whole duty of parenting with both her words and her actions. Being …

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The Role of Mrs. Morel and Miriam in Paul’s Life

The role of Mrs. Morel and Miriam in Paul’s life The relationship between Paul and Miriam is one of the central themes in “Sons and Lovers”, since it is through this relationship that Paul faces his issues regarding his mother’s role in his life and …

Human NatureLoveSons and Lovers
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Daisy and Tom Relationship in the Great Gatsby

Throughout the novel, The Great Gatsby, it is apparent that Daisy and Tom had an unstable relationship. Both Daisy and Tom came from affluent backgrounds and the upper class of society. Tom had a large ego and Daisy was in love with having a lavish …

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How does Shakespeare explore the theme of love against self-interest in the Merchant of Venice?

How does Shakespeare explore the theme of love against self-interest in the Merchant of Venice? In the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare explores the themes of love and self-interest; the characters own self-interests seem to conquer all feelings of affection towards other characters through money, revenge …

LoveMerchant of Venice
Words 84
Pages 1
Healthy Boy-Girl Relationships

Reading Report Strain Checks Focal Technology & Livelihood Education Summary : IV – John The first lesson was about healthy boy-girl relationships. Topics include friendships in mate selection, The differences between Love and Infatuation and things to keep in mind about dating. The second lesson …

Words 1077
Pages 4

Frequently asked questions

What is love an essay?
Love is an emotion or feeling that is typically associated with a strong affection towards someone.Love is often described as a feeling of strong affection and requires both positive and negative aspects, such as patience and sacrifice. Love is often physical and emotional, and is a source of comfort and security. Love can also be platonic, such as the love between friends, or self-love.
What is love short paragraph?
Love is not simply a feeling; it is also an action. Love is something that you do for someone else, something that you give to them. It is something that you sacrifice for them, something that you put their needs before your own. Love is something that you show through your actions, not just your words.
How do you start a love essay?
There are many ways to approach writing a love essay. However, some tips on how to start a love essay may include introducing the concept of love, discussing its meaning, and exploring different types of love. Additionally, the essay could discuss how love is experienced and expressed. Ultimately, it is up to the writer to decide how to approach the topic and what direction to take the essay in.
Why is love so important?
Love is so important because it is the most basic human emotion. It is what gives us the ability to feel happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and all the other emotions. Love is what makes us human.

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