Essays on Animal Farm

Essays on Animal Farm

Animal Farm is an allegorical tale by a prominent English novelist George Orwell, which was published in 1945. It is a satire on the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union, and their tyrannical misuse of power. It is a significant story, which created a parallel between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution, by not only depicting the tyranny inside the Animal farm but also, highlighting the experiences of the people during the Russian revolution.

The story opens up with the idea of hope that by revolting against Mr. Jones and driving their oppressive master out of their farm, they will be able to establish a utopian world where every animal will be equal. But, these high ideals of equality ultimately led to the totalitarian farm where everything came under the control of boar Napoleon. Therefore, in this process of transforming an ideal world into a totalitarian world, there are several themes that appear to demonstrate this process, such as exploitation, corruption, violence, power of language, and totalitarianism.

Animal farm is one of the influential text where Orwell, through Animals have not only satirizes on the class struggle but also represented that how a totalitarian state works, where the capitalist class strengthens their power by the means of violence and by exploiting the working class. It shows that hunger for power also accompanies intelligence and that is why Napoleon, gained that power as it is mentioned that pigs are ‘cleverest animal’ but it does not mean that other animals cannot have rational thoughts. The only reason which made another animal the prey of a tyrannical state is their thoughtlessness and apathy. This story still finds its relevance in today's world because no one in this world is immune to the taste of power, and this power doesn't allow the establishment of an ideal society.

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Animal Farm: the morals of the novel

George Orwell had written his novel “Animal Farm” in order to warn his readers for numerous reasons. In many parts of the novel, George Orwell clearly portrayed how ignorance was a very big part as to why the animals were so easily controlled. This In …

Animal FarmMorals
Words 1062
Pages 5
How Does Orwell Explore the Theme of Education in ‘Animal Farm’?

How Does Orwell Explore The Theme Of Education In Animal Farm? ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’. George Orwell writes this toward the end of his highly acclaimed allegory, Animal Farm. From this single statement we can tell quite …

Animal FarmEducation
Words 1438
Pages 6
Power Corrupts in Animal Farm

Power is authority and strength, which is any form of motive force or energy, ability to act, or control. When too much power is given, a dictatorship government can form, in which all decisions are made by one authority. In the book Animal Farm, by …

Animal Farm
Words 560
Pages 3
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Animal Farm Equality

The novel being discussed is called “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. He is an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic. His work is well known around the world for his, awareness of Social Injustice, opposition to Totalitarianism, and his commitment to Democratic Socialism. The book …

Animal Farm
Words 88
Pages 1
Animal Farm Argumentative Essay

Animal Farm Essay “Without Squealer the pigs would never have been in such a powerful position. ” To what extent do you agree? George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is a complex novel, which explores in depth the motions of leaders and the leaded, and how the …

Animal Farm
Words 323
Pages 2
Animal Farm Compare and Contrast

Many books are made into movies whether people realize it or not. Some movies could be very well done, and others completely terrible. When the producers of Animal Farm made the book into a movie, they did not do as well as they could have. …

Animal Farm
Words 727
Pages 3
How Far Would You Agree That ”Animal Farm” Is, As Orwell Himself Described It, A ‘Fairy Story.’

Five down. A word that is used in dermatology. 6 letters. That’s a tough one…what’s dermatology? Itches…that doesn’t fit. Scratch…I don’t know. I was pondering whether I should go over to that old man who was leaning against the fence. He had been there, in …

Animal Farm
Words 2636
Pages 11
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely animal farm

When the animals take over the farm the pigs become the animals’ leaders, as they are the smartest of the animals. Major starts out telling the animals about his dream and convincing them that’s how the farm should be like. The pigs encourage that all …

Animal Farm
Words 95
Pages 1
Followers and Leaders of Animal Farm

Animals on Manor Farm over throw their mean and evil rulers who have overworked and mistreated them. Once the animals get control over the farm they set up slogans and rules the animals must follow in order to have equality and justice on the new …

Animal Farm
Words 114
Pages 1
Animal Farm Political Speech Assignment

I once stood next to all of you, helped and taught you all how to farm, how to read and write. I was very committed back then. I came up with all the different plans that benefited the Animal Farm, such as the windmill. Until …

Animal FarmSpeech
Words 681
Pages 3
Agriculture and Animal Farming

Agriculture has been the major source of human survival and component of economic development worldwide. Its productivity increases efficiently due to factors including fertilizers utilization, hybrid strains development, and advance farm management practices (Trautmann, Porter, & Wagenet). (more…)

AgricultureAnimal FarmIrrigationNatureWater
Words 39
Pages 1
Animal Farm: Comparison of the Animal Characters with Their Human Counterparts

Animal Farm: Comparison of Animal Characters with Human characters Animal Farm by George Orwell is a political story concerning the concept of Leninist Marxism, written from an animal’s perspective. It is a story of dreams; dreams of freedom and equality that are dashed into pieces …

Animal FarmHuman
Words 1886
Pages 8
Snowball and Napoleon In George Orwell`s Animal Farm

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to understand a comparative study of the leadership styles which have been identified in different situation in Snowball and Napoleon of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and giving an essential and significant consideration of these change and leadership styles …

Animal FarmGeorge OrwellNapoleon
Words 3620
Pages 15
Animal Rebellion in Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a story about a group of animals that rebel to get their freedom. It is a story about a society with excellent ideas for progress, that starts with good management, but eventually becomes corrupt. It is a devastating satire …

Animal FarmRebellion
Words 531
Pages 3
Russian Revolution In “Animal farm”

Animal Farm Essay Animal Farm by George Orwell is a compelling book that represents the Russian revolution. Although sing through the eyes of animate beings may look like a infantile construct, George does good into doing certain that the book carries out the message of …

Animal FarmCommunismMarxismSocialismTotalitarianism
Words 789
Pages 4
The Cause of Dystopia in Animal Farm

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the humanistic characteristics in the animals led them from forming a utopia, to a dystopia. In the beginning of the novel, Old Major leads the animals in the song Beasts of England, encouraging a rebellion against Mr. Jones. After the …

Animal FarmDystopian
Words 819
Pages 4
Dear friend – a letter about Animal Farm

Dear friend! We’ve just read “Animal Farm” in class. “Animal farm”, or “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story” as the original title was, was a little manuscript which was published right after the Second World War by George Orwell, ever heard of him? It was a …

Animal Farm
Words 522
Pages 3
Animal Farm and The Great Purge

As previously quoted by George Orwell, “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”. In many cases, a historical significance used in literature can be very effective and can be used …

Animal Farm
Words 882
Pages 4
Animal Farm: a Communist Manifesto

George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is subtitled “a Fairy Story”, a label that may make the book seem innocent and appropriate for children and classroom settings. However, the title is misleading. Animal Farm is a work of Communist propaganda. It outlines and even encourages the …

Animal FarmCommunismCommunist ManifestoPropagandaTotalitarianism
Words 902
Pages 4
Animal Farm Allegory – Revolution and Dystopia

Eric Blair, known by his pen name George Orwell, was an Englishman whose writings attacked political and social oppression. One of his best-known works, Animal Farm, was written in 1945 and is a satire on abusive political power and an allegory of Russian history. George …

Animal FarmRevolution
Words 896
Pages 4
Polar Opposites

English 101 March 01, 2013 Polar Opposites When my twins were infants it was much easier for everyone to acknowledge them as twins. A big clue was the double stroller. There was never a question if they were twins as long as I had that …

Animal Farm
Words 579
Pages 3
Political power

Does political power Acquisition always lead to negative outcomes? I do not believe this because it has many gains. Power could be defined as authority and strength which may include any form of physical force or energy, ability to act, or control. Thus, when it …

Animal FarmFidel CastroPolitics
Words 2276
Pages 10
George Orwell’s Animal Farm

In the allegorical novel “Animal Farm”, author George Orwell reminds us how power can corrupt an individual. “Animal Farm” tells us about the rebellion of animals against humans. The rebellion is a great success and pigs, being the most intelligent animals, take control. However, as …

Animal FarmGeorge Orwell
Words 1089
Pages 5
Animal Farm. Analysis

Clover is 14 years old, with the same old Benjamin. The windmill is used for milling corn. All animals continue lives of hard work and little food — except the pigs. The pigs begin to walk on hind legs, carrying a whip, and eventually wearing …

Animal Farm
Words 3806
Pages 16
Animal Farm – Literary Essay

Is it not everyone’s dream to live in a world where each person is equal? Karl Marx came up with a solution to the problem of inequality and called it communism. The idea of communism looks like a good plan on paper but it could never work in real life because of …

Animal Farm
Words 883
Pages 4
Animal Farm.The role of Stalinism

The book that I decided to do was Animal Farm. I have read this book once before and it really shows the role of Stalinism. Napoleon, the head pig and the ruler of the farm is most similar to the Russian leader during the Russian …

Animal FarmCommunismTotalitarianism
Words 907
Pages 4
Squealer in Animal Farm

What makes Squealer such a significant character in Animal Farm? Throughout the novella, Orwell uses the character Squealer, a silver tongued pig, to manipulate language to convince other animals on the farm. Orwell uses  Squealer to mainly show how some governments and politicians use  propaganda to brainwash …

Animal Farm
Words 458
Pages 2
Animal Farm – Corruption of Power

Jonathan Garcia Ms. Abasta English 9, Period 3 March 12, 2009 Corruption Of Power Can power really corrupt a person? Power can corrupt anybody who steps up as a leader, especially when power is unchecked. In Animal Farm, by George Orwell, Snowball and Napoleon fight …

Animal Farm
Words 497
Pages 2
Animal Farm: a Story Based on Communism

The novel “Animal Farm” is a story based on communism, and revolves around the Russian revolution and the Soviet Union, showing this by the animal’s feelings, emotions and actions of communism eventually becoming corrupt. The novel is written by George Orwell and is told by …

Animal Farm
Words 1019
Pages 5
Vote For Snowball: The Kosher Porker

Tulip Serbin Plansinis Vote For Snowball: The Kosher Porker At a time when food and spirits were low, a certain candidate stepped up to the hay mound to lift up such grief and depression. In his actions and improvements to better the farm, he made …

Animal FarmCulture
Words 838
Pages 4

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Animal Farm is a satirical allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945. The book tells the story of a group of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer, hoping to create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy.
Originally published

August 17, 1945


Napoleon , Snowball, Old Major, Squealer, Boxer, Mr. Jones, Mr. Pilkington, Benjamin


Allegory , Satire, Novella, Political satire, Roman à clef, Dystopian Fiction


George Orwell

Page count

112 (UK paperback edition)


Leader : Napoleon

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