Art Essay Examples

Art Essay Examples

Art is such an extensive and complex subject of study. There are definitely many things to say about it, and, since there are so many artistic representations, it is a field that won’t run out of topics to talk about. But writing about art can be complicated if you don’t know how to elaborate on the perfect essay. No worries, here we give you the details you need.

What is Art?

Since ancient times, mankind has tried to answer this question. For Plato it was a degradation of the world of ideas, for Picasso it was a personal expression of discipline, for Oscar Wilde artists were capable of seeing the world with different perspectives. Everyone has his own version of what art is, and that is why it’s so hard to delimit a concept.

To say that art is any kind of expression that looks to show the inner world of the artist can be a close definition. The private universe of a person can be embodied in the music, book, portraits, paintings, movies, drawing, photography. That is why all these are means of expression considered as art. In the end, the definition of art is very controversial, but it is safe to say that the essence of art is willing to communicate, which impulses artists.

The Importance of Art

Man is a social animal and communicative skills are among the priorities if a person wants to survive in our society. Art is one of the most sophisticated and creative ways to communicate, and it is there precisely where the importance of art lies.

The possibility of expressing ideas, opinions, feelings, emotional states and, basically, anything you want, is very attractive. Creating is a great way to drain all that is in the mind of the artist and it gives the audience the opportunity to get into his head. That is why it’s also important to study their pieces and write about them.

How to write essay about Art

Writing an essay about art is not always easy. Artistic analysis has many details to consider and it can be hard to review every one of them. So, it is always nice to have information with the potential to help you in your writing. Here we give you the path to the perfect essay about art.

  1. The first step for any essay writing is to define the topic. Choose meticulous piecesthat give you a lot of material to work with.
  2. Once you know exactly what your essay is about, you start the research phase.
  3. Keep in mind that art essayshave an introduction, the main body and a conclusion.
  4. Collect all the data you need to confirm or deny the initial statement.
  5. Organize the data and the quotes you will use.
  6. Write a draft with all the information that theessay must have.
  7. Rewrite the draft, now paying attention to aspects like style and the general presentation.
  8. Edit your essay and give it some final touches.
  9. It will be good if someone else could read the essay. That way you will get an outside perspective, which can be helpful.

If you need a little more orientation, here are some practical tips you should take into account.

  • Use short and relevant quotes from authors who are authorities in the subject.
  • Don’t ever use colloquial expression. Essays are academic papers and they should have academic and technical language.
  • Avoid expressing facts and arguments like there were your opinions, expose them openly as facts and arguments.
  • If you are going to give your opinion, then you must also give arguments that justify what you are saying.
  • Don’t fill your essay with “padding content”. Go to the point and be concise.
  • Always show appreciation for an artist’s work. Be respectful when referring to it.
  • The first time you mention the artist, write his full name. Later refer to him by his surname.
  • Write the works’titles in bold or italic.

Remember that you always have the choice of hiring a writing service to do the hard job for you. Many companies have professional writers with experience writing about classic art and modern art.

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Art is a highly diverse range of human activities engaged in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts— artworks—that express the author's imaginative or technical skill, and are intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.


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