Essays on Biology

Essays on Biology

Why is biology needed as a science? What role does it play in our lives? Why is she necessarily taught at school?

Biology is a science about the structure of all living nature. To know biology is to know the laws by which all organisms live. Man is a part of nature, although he created civilization. We all went out of nature and will return there.

It is useful to know the branch of biology - botany, which studies plants. Having become acquainted with botany, you can distinguish plants. You can find out which of them are poisonous, which are useful, which and for what you can use. It is also important for a botanist to know in order to be able to grow plants and engage in agriculture, if this is to be done. Yes, even indoor plants can not be grown without basic knowledge of botany.

It is equally important to know zoology - the science of animals that live side by side with us humans. It is important to understand the value of wild animals, which seem to bring no benefit to humans. But every creature in nature maintains a balance in it, at which everyone else can live.

And to know the anatomy is generally necessary for every person who respects himself and his body. Anatomy is the science of the structure of the human body. Knowledge from this area must be remembered every day, taking care of your health and the health of your family members.

It turns out that biology is a science about life itself, no more, no less. No wonder its name comes from the word “bios”, which means “life”.

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Essays on Biology
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