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  1. 1. What are problem-solution essays?
  2. 2. Where do you need them?
  3. 3. How to write a problem solution essay in 4 easy steps
  4. 4. Step 1. Define the problem, stakeholders, and consequences
  5. 5. Step 2. Explore the preconditions
  6. 6. Step 3. Gather the materials
  7. 7. Step 4: Plan Your Writing
  8. 8. Problem solution essay outline: Points to follow
  9. 9. Why thesis statement for problem/solution essay matters the most
  10. 10. Stuck with a problem and solution essay? We can help you out!
  11. 11. Problem-solution essays examples to get inspired

Problem-solving skills are among the most valuable assets one can have. But what if you need to explain to someone in writing how an issue can be fixed without you doing it yourself? That is where many people feel uncomfortable, even if we’re talking about hypothetical situations. Where do I start with covering this topic for problem solution essay? How to make people take action regarding climate change, injustice, inclusive environments, etc.? How to state the problem as an urgent matter? We cover all of these and more below. Let’s start with the essentials.

What are problem-solution essays?

A problem-solution essay is a piece of writing where you provide a comprehensive overview of the given problem and suggest the best ways to solve it, taking into account all the factors that apply. When we’re talking about the problem solution essay topics for college students, these problems are usually very specific and concerns a particular subject or sphere.

These essays are very similar to cause-and-effect essays in terms of structure, and they also have elements of argumentative writing, especially when describing the resolutions. The point of such essays is to offer those solutions that are the most optimal ones and can be easily implemented by the stakeholders.

Where do you need them?

You’ll find most problem solution essay examples as your college writing assignment. However, if you master your writing skills regarding the explanation of what should be done to fix some problems, it can go a long way. Here is where you will certainly benefit from knowing how to present your problem solution essay ideas:

  • At-work written communication
  • IELTS/TOEFL writing part (they often present the topics for problem solution essays)
  • Copywriting (especially if you write on how the product your company offers takes care of people’s needs)
  • Political/social speeches and election programs (your electorate should know how you’re going to fix social issues)
  • Any sphere that requires a written explanation of how to get rid of the problem.

Practical applications of writing an on-point problem solution essay are plenty. The question is where to start to make sure you will get the result you expect? We might have an answer for you.

How to write a problem solution essay in 4 easy steps

 Good writing is writing that is easily understood when you first lay eyes on it. To avoid confusion, follow this proven path when working on your next problem solution essay example.

Step 1. Define the problem, stakeholders, and consequences

A problem isn’t a problem until it has the consequences we don’t want. This is why when figuring the issue, we always have to identify the affected parties and possible outcomes if the problem remains as status quo.

Step 2. Explore the preconditions

There isn’t a problem that happened in a blink, so researching what cause this problem is an important step to find the way out. For example, if the problem is low vaccination engagement and you are looking for ways how to encourage people to get vaccinated, you need to explore why they refrain from doing so in the first place (little knowledge about the vaccine or the virus, biases, conspirological rumors, etc.).

Step 3. Gather the materials

It’s easier to convince people when your point is backed by solid research and studies. This is why you need to find those that stood the time trial and are respected in the scientific communities. For instance, if you want to provide a solution towards a gender bias concerning wages, see the stats in the recent peer-reviewed studies. First, you will back up your claim that this is a problem (as women do receive significantly less at similar positions). Second, you will prove that it’s a problem (as it leads to inferiority issues, economic dependency, etc.).

Step 4: Plan Your Writing

As you’ve decided on the problem and researched it, it’s time to shape your problem solution essay sample in an easy-to-read form. And here we’ll stop to review this in more detail.

Problem solution essay outline: Points to follow

Structurally, the sample problem solution essays follow the same logic:

  • You describe the situation and the context first.It can be included in your writing guidelines or you’ll have to research and create it yourself. If you have a guide, you’ll have to strictly follow it, and if not - your logic is the best judge.
  • Then you state the problem that caused it. And it is better to back up with the numbers and figures to emphasize the importance of finding the solutions ASAP.
  • After that, you offer the solutions. And it is better to take a holistic view of the problem and do a macro analysis. How solving the economic inequality issue will change the situation for all the stakeholders involved? Who will be the driving force of the change and what resources will they need? Are there any shortcuts or preventive measures that won’t lead to the same situation again?
  • Finally, do the wrap-up. Here you state that your solutions to the problems aren’t only novel, but also cost- and time-effective.  

While working on problem solution essay topics, you can refer to the personal experience and true-life situations that happened with real people. This won’t only bring you closer to the reader because these events could happen with them, but also will set you in the mood for coming up with solutions that are very real, too. You can’t just give the underpaid money and call it solved — your task is to see the situation through and eliminate its cause with tools other than magic wands.

Another thing we would like you to remember is that you should stick to the 1 solution - 1 paragraph rule. Why? Because it will be easier to follow your reasoning, and it will help to break the text into smaller bits, so it becomes faster to process. Here’s the scheme:

  • State a solution
  • Explain how it can be implemented
  • Conclude with the outcome it will lead to.

The structure for such papers is crucial, and we can’t leave out another important element of it — the paragraph with a thesis statement. Here’s what you should know about it.

Why thesis statement for problem/solution essay matters the most

Writing a compelling thesis statement for this paper type is extremely important for a few reasons. First, it should explain to the reader the urgency of the problem. Second, it has to be very specific, as making it too general will confuse the reader and complicate your logic when finding solutions for the problems. On top of that, it has to be interesting enough for the reader to pursue reading it. And here’s the thing.

When we speak about the problem solution essay example college edition, you know that your teacher will read it anyway because s/he has to. But as we’ve explained earlier, the school isn’t the only setting where you’ll need to know how to offer solutions and encourage your audience to act. What can help?

  • Come up with a situation that can resonate with the reader
  • Explain the urgency with stats or reliable data
  • Give a few possible scenarios of what might happen if the issue will remain unaddressed
  • Make sure that your thesis statement is clearly understood from the first time and there can’t be any double-reading or confusion.

Stuck with a problem and solution essay? We can help you out!

Sometimes, good problem solution essay topics are hard to work on because of time constraints, lack of understanding, or complexity of the topic, especially if it’s something new. Dealing with it yourself may be a surefire way to waste your time without getting any solid result. This is where the PHDessay team comes in handy.

We not only have extensive and various problem solution essay examples for college students but also can free you from writing the paper by yourself. Our professional writers will examine the problem through and through, follow your guidelines carefully, and format the paper in the style you need. The best part? It will be all done on time and delivered to your email, so you don’t have to worry about the research yourself.  

Problem-solution essays examples to get inspired

If you are looking for the best problem and solution essay examples, look no further. Below you’ll see the list of topics and the solutions to the problems in various spheres - from political science to product design. Take them as a reference regarding the structure, style, flow, and format to start writing yours. And if anything goes South, simply contact us, and we’ll take care of all problem and solution essay topics within the provided time.

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How do you write a problem-solution essay?
The structure of the problem-solution essay is straightforward. It usually consists of four paragraphs. Paraphrasing the question in the introduction introduces the topic. Then, you will write two main paragraphs. One discusses problems and one suggests solutions.
What is a good problem and solution essay?
Good problem-solving essays include actionable solutions. This is what your readers can do. Specific problems can be solved with well-written solutions. This will make a compelling essay.
What are some problem and solution topics?
Here are some ideas for essays on problem-solution: Social issues; Crime problems; Economic issues; Cultural issues; Interpersonal relationships; Politics; Health issues; Environmental problems.

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