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Is your essay plagiarased?

The goal of our Copyright Detector is to spread awareness about plagiarism and prevent this malpractice as much as we can.

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See What Makes PhdEssay Copyright Detector So Powerful

This online Copyright Detector provides comprehensive methods to ensure that the original content you worked so hard to generate is free of plagiarism. technology allows you to upload your information in a frictionless and secure manner and receive the most accurate results.

Multiple File Formats

No matter what type of content you work on – essay, homework, article. You can use Phdessay’s online Copyright Detector for all forms of plagiarism.

Privacy Guaranteed

This tool is 100% safe. So you don’t have to worry about of data leakage. After your checking we will trash any of your uploaded paper.

Fast & Deep Scanning

Phdessay’s finder tool is an intelligent software that is easy to use to find plagiarism online. It helps search the entire web to find matches between a student’s content and all the available published pieces in the database.

Results in Percentage

Once the scanning is complete, you’ll get a result with a match percentage showing how much similarity there is.

Download and Share Similarity Reports

Share the similarity reports for each comparison with others through email, URL, or as a PDF document.

Multiple Formats

You can add any type of text file format. Examples of formats – .pdf, .docx, .txt. Just click on the button “Drop you file…”. Choose you file, and uploading will start automatically.

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What is a Copyright Detector?

A copyright detector is an online tool that automatically scans and identifies content that matches or are potential matches to other already published content. Once a match has been detected, the original owner can choose which action to take against the plagiarist.

Copyright detectors help authors protect their authorship rights and can be helpful in various creative works such as writing, painting, drawings, photographs, videos, computer software etc. The tools are essential and beneficial since they encourage students to value other people’s work and avoid copying their ideas and knowledge.


Self-plagiarism, also known as auto-plagiarism, is described as repurposing, or reusing one’s own original published work without proper attribution. It involves publishing sections of the previous text or just sections of it. Moreover, misquoting or paraphrasing one’s own work is considered self-plagiarism.  While auto-plagiarism is not illegal in most cases, it is often considered a serious ethical offence that can cause various issues. It counts as a form of literary theft and dishonesty. Therefore, it is best practice to include proper citation to your previous work, even if you are simply revisiting your previously published content.

How Does Phdessay's copyright detector work?

Trusted by top universities and colleges, the copyright detector online allows teachers and students to scan assignments, essays, and academic papers for plagiarized text.
The software maps your work on its network and runs it against the database to analyze matching lexical frequencies, words or phrases. It then provides a comprehensive report of how unique and original your work is by highlighting sections of your content that are already published online.

How to use it?

Simply paste your content or upload a document file onto the software and click the “Check” button. Give it a few seconds to scan your work against the data on the entire web.
After scanning, the copyright notice detector will provide a report with a percentage for uniqueness. If there are plagiarism cases, the system will highlight the words and phrases and provide the original sources.

plagiarism check icon
plagiarism check icon

Advantages of the Сopyright Detector by Phdessay

Many students hesitate to use copyright detectors mainly because they believe their work is always 100% original and don’t need to prove anything. But we are all humans and likely to make silly mistakes at the end of the day.. Here are some benefits of Phdessay’s copyright detector.

Here are reasons you should choose this tool:

  • It’s free of charge and can be accessed online.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.
  • You do not need to sign up each time.
  • No personal details required.
  • You can use it as many times as you wish.

It’s free

The advantage of using Phdessay’s copyright detector is that it is free. Despite being free of cost, it’s still one of the most trustworthy copyright detector text available to check for plagiarism. You don’t need to pay any amount to check your work for plagiarism because the system understands the value of unique and original papers.

Easy to use

Using Google to check for errors can be incredibly challenging. However, copyright detector tools such as Phdessay’s software can easily compare your material against hundreds of other sources and show you where you might have gone wrong.

Safe and fast

This detector of copyright software is absolutely safe and incredibly fast. With Phdessay’s copyright detector, there is no chance of getting in trouble for plagiarism allegations. Moreover, the system will never share your content or record with third parties, guaranteeing safety.

No sign up needed

What’s more, Phdessay’s copyright notice detector does not require users to go through the long process of signing up. You can simply use your browser to access the software and paste your document for copyright check.

Popular Q/A about Copyright Detector

What happens if you plagiarize?
Grade reduction, course failure, suspension, or expulsion. You can also face legal consequences when you plagiarize.
Is plagiarism a crime?
Nor legally, but you commit academic fraud.
Can I copy and paste if I cite?
Yes, but it is not pleasant to fill your work with direct quotations.
Is Phdessay's copyright detector for students reliable?
Phdessay’s free copyright detector is the fastest, most accurate and most reliable plagiarism checker tool online.
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