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Table of content
  1. 1. How To Write A College Essay
  2. 2. College Essay Examples
  3. 3. Why People Attend College or University?
  4. 4. Personal Responsibility and College Success
  5. 5. What is the minimum allowance of a college student?
  6. 6. Features Of A Great Essay
  7. 7. Statement
  8. 8. Introduction
  9. 9. Body
  10. 10. Conclusion
  11. 11. Elements Of A Great College Essay
  12. 12. Personality
  13. 13. Originality
  14. 14. Honesty
  15. 15. Focus
  16. 16. How To Choose Great Essay Topics For College
  17. 17. Tips For Writing Good College Essays
  18. 18. Read Other Examples Of Essays For College
  19. 19. Analyze The Prompts
  20. 20. Tell A Story
  21. 21. Compelling Introduction
  22. 22. Be Yourself
  23. 23. Revise
  24. 24. Conclusion
  25. 25. College Essay Topics
  26. 26. College Essays About Sports
  27. 27. College Essays About Yourself
  28. 28. College Essay Topics About Anxiety
  29. 29. College Essay Topics About Family
  30. 30. Helpful videos about How to Write an College Essay
  31. 31. Main Facts About This Article 

How To Write A College Essay

A college essay is a written presentation by a university applicant. It is a major part of the admission procedure, and of all the application processes you are required to go through, this is the most tricky. It might sound like an awful piece of work and would require a great deal of time and effort, but there is another perspective to look at. A perspective that would give you a fresh eye on maximizing this opportunity in making a statement that the admissions office would never forget.

They are not only asking you to showcase your writing skills; they want you to make a personal statement. Unlike your GPA and overall transcript —which might have been affected by one circumstance or the other—this is an open check, so use it.

Let your voice shine through, showcase your personality, and convince them you’re the best option for the school. It might seem like a lot of pressure because your chances are in your hands. Nevertheless, no need to worry because there are a few good tips on how to write the best essay and come out on top.

College Essay Examples

  1. Why People Attend College or University?

Why People Attend College or University?


  1. Personal Responsibility and College Success

Personal Responsibility and College Success


  1. What is the minimum allowance of a college student?

What is the minimum allowance of a college student?

Features Of A Great Essay

There are three main features of a great college essay format. They include:

  • Statement.
  • Introduction.
  • Body.
  • Conclusion.


Your thesis must be arguable; it must state a claim or refute a claim about your issue. A thesis must have some chance of being true in order to be debatable. It should not, however, be widely recognized as true; instead, it should be a statement that people can disagree with. It's important to remember that a thesis includes both an observation and an opinion:

observation + opinion (the "why") = thesis

Seeing if your thesis creates a powerful antithesis is an excellent approach to determine how strong it is.

Common thesis pitfalls:

  • A thesis in the form of a fragment.
  • A thesis that is overly broad.
  • A thesis that is phrased as a question. (The thesis is usually derived from the solution to the question.)
  • Extraneous information is included in a thesis.
  • A thesis that begins with the words "I believe" or "In my opinion."
  • A thesis that deals with a tired or cliched topic.
  • A thesis that includes phrases that lead to erroneous generalizations (all, none, always, only, everyone, etc.)


This part is the presentation itself. This is the point where you grasp the reader’s attention tightly and keep them glued to the page. For a great statement thesis, use a hook in this section to entice your reader. Officers want to have an idea of your entire body of work by just reading the intro. They want to know if it’s worth it, and it’s up to you to keep them entertained.

Write professionally, and be careful to keep the whole essay uniform. What does this mean? Whatever style you use in the introduction should be the same through the write-up.


This is the section where you elaborate on every idea you touched on in the intro. Here, you can further grasp the reader and keep them buried in the page. There is one thing you must know: the admissions office has thousands of applications coming in for review; they simply do not have the time to dig through an entire body of work in search of the main idea. Instead, they will flag the article and set it down.

After putting in so much work, of course, you don’t want your presentation to be flagged down. This is why you have to work smarter than the average applicant. Provide enough important details to support every claim in the essay, and keep paragraphs related to avoiding confusion.


In the college essay format template, the conclusion is the last section. This paragraph should not be too rushed; neither should it jump at the reader and leave them wondering how it all happened. Ease into it slowly. Every paragraph you write in the body leads to the conclusion, and make sure to insert an element of finality in each one, so the reader expects it’s about to end.

Elements Of A Great College Essay

While there are basic features your college essays must-have, the following basic elements exist to lend a unique style to your work. They are:

  • Personality
  • Originality
  • Honesty
  • Focus


The office should know who you are just by reading your words. It should carry a touch of who you are and what you have been through. Make it a persona, or you stand a risk of sounding just like the hundreds of other applicants: monotonous.


What sets you apart from the others? Is your essay any different from the next applicant’s? An institution sieves through thousands of college essay samples, and in time they start to get bored. Write a story that stands out. It is tempting to write one based on another person’s experience, but don’t do it! Write stories that matter; it would be more effective in the long run.


This goes without saying. From your basic definition of terms to the entire body of work, everything should be 100% yours. Plagiarism is a huge red flag, and you surely know a college would have top-of-the-art methods of checking to see if any essay is copied. Just imagine what that would say about you if this happens. Using a college essay example as a template is okay, but there should not be copy and paste.


Keep your head level during this process. After seeing the prompt, your brain would storm you with several ideas you should write down, but always remember that all your ideas can not make it on paper. There is a word count, and you must not breach it.

How To Choose Great Essay Topics For College

College essay topics are an important aspect of the article because they determine the tone and style of use.

It is a daunting process to choose a topic, and the pressure might be nerve-wracking. Nevertheless, there are a few steps to help you glide through this phase easily.

  • Use the prompts
  • Decide on a subject that you have a personal story about
  • Read college essay examples that touch on this subject
  • Make sure you pick something you would have fun telling

In the hopes of sounding professional and adult, many students go-ahead to pick what they perceive to be complicated college essay topics. At the end of the day, they feel no particular relation to this and would have a hard time.

Tips For Writing Good College Essays

Pressure would only work as an adversary to your progress, so the best form of support to give yourself is cutting it off. There are so many tips to ensure you won’t make the common mistakes of other applicants.

Read Other Examples Of Essays For College

This is a very crucial step. There are several college admissions essays that you can read to get a feel of what admissions are asking from you. It’s okay if you don’t know the first step; no one is asking too much. We have an existing college essay outline so you can understand how to write college essays successfully.

Analyze The Prompts

Taking the time to analyze the given prompts would help you brainstorm great story ideas. Students often miss this step.

The prompts might seem pretty obvious at first glance, but when you take a few hours to mull over them, you would be surprised at how much more you can give.

Tell A Story

Telling a story is the main reason why the college essay section exists in the first place. You can check some free college essays to see what it entails to write a compelling piece. Consider all the occurrences that have happened in your life, and relate them to your chosen prompts, then pick up your pen and take it away.

Compelling Introduction

If you’ve checked out the standard format for college essays, you will notice it is sectionalized into introduction, body, and conclusion. While these sections are all thoroughly important, knowing the introduction holds all the power is critical. It determines whether a story would be exceptional or not. Insert a compelling hook in your intro, and they would stay on the page.

Be Yourself

Students may not know, but the admission office can smell an unoriginal essay from a mile away. It’s that obvious. They have been doing this for years. Read as many college example essays as you can so you see how former applicants were able to put themselves into their pages. Emotions are a great part of your essay and should be included.


Revising your essay is as important as typing. Before you hit that submit button, read and reread as many times as possible. You can also look at other examples of college essays and compare them to yours. This way, you can easily identify lagging areas and rectify them immediately.


Now that you have handy tips on how to write a college essay, you don’t have to worry about anything. Yes, all the chances are in your hands, but you are writing about yourself, so just reflect on yourself and put your emotions on paper. Choose great essay topics for college students, and you will find it’s all easier than you think. Goodluck.

College Essay Topics

College Essays About Sports

  1. My Hobby Essay
  2. Participating in Team Sports Helps to Develop Good Character
  3. My Favourite Sportsman
  4. Sport Should Be Compulsory at School
  5. Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?
  6. Is playing Sports a Good Hobby ?
  7. Extreme Sports
  8. Volleyball vs Softball
  9. Basketball and Soccer
  10. The Effect of the Invention of Basketball on American Society

College Essays About Yourself

  1. What is your favorite season and why?
  2. Which country do you want to visit and why?
  3. What is the story behind your name?
  4. What is your favorite color and why?
  5. What is your favorite cartoon?
  6. What one thing do you want to change about your school?
  7. What is your favorite thing about school?
  8. What would you like to invent and why?
  9. Where do you want to travel to as a kid? As a teenager? As an adult?
  10. What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

College Essay Topics About Anxiety

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disorder
  2. Negative Effects Of A Conspiracy Theory
  3. The Difference Between Social Anxiety And Shyness
  4. Relationship Between Anxiety, Depression And Insomnia
  5. How The Emotions Of Regret And Disappointment Can Be Beneficial For A Person
  6. Anxiety, Its Development, Effects, And Treatments
  7. Death Anxiety is a Multidimensional Concept
  8. The Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  9. Social Status Anxiety
  10. Personality, Mood and Anxiety Disorders

College Essay Topics About Family

  1. Divorce And Its Effect On Family As a Whole
  2. Family Therapy and its importance
  3. Family Treatment Plan in health centers
  4. The effects of poverty on a family
  5. An unstable Family
  6. Family Breakdown And Its Effect on Children
  7. Different Types Of Families And Their ideologies
  8. A Dysfunctional Family and the causes
  9. Family As A Group System for instilling values
  10. Family And Marriage theme

Helpful videos about How to Write an College Essay

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How do you start a college essay?
The first sentence should grab the attention of the reader: 1. Start with a question. 2. Start with a bold statement. 3. Use an interesting quote. 4. Place the reader in medias relas, which is in the middle of the action. 5. Talk directly to the reader and challenge him/her. 6. Tell the reader what you DO NOT want to write.
Can a college essay hurt you?
A weak college application essay could severely impact your chances of being admitted . A poorly written college application essay can signal to admissions that you aren't fully prepared for the program. They can also be disrespectful.
Is 300 words enough for a college essay?
Too much writing will lead to your essay being cut short. Writing too little could cause readers to believe that you don't care about their school. If you don't specify a range, keep it to 400-600 words . This will allow you to show your interest and let readers know about you.
Do essays matter for college?
Essays actually outperform the 20% mark for grades and coursework and 15% for test scores. also has 10% for recommendations, interviews, and tests. You might be surprised to learn that essays are that important, but keep in mind that at top schools, there are at least 4 academically-qualified candidates for every open spot.
How many paragraphs should a college essay be?
Use a 5-paragraph structure It's essential to have a well-organized structure for your 1.5 page personal statement or college application essay. This is why the 5-paragraph essay format works well.
Should you put names in college essays?
Dropping names in college essays always backfires But does it guarantee the student's rejection? No. It is possible to show as much knowledge as a student, but that will not guarantee rejection. It will only increase the probability of rejection
Does an essay always need a conclusion?
An essay's conclusion should convey a sense of completion and closure , as well as a sense that the topic has lingering meanings, its implications, and its potential consequences. The final paragraph should conclude the discussion but not close it off.

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