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Are High School Students Ready for College Life and Admission?

When most freshman enter high school, they do not think about college as much as upperclassmen. They are unaware of the difficult decisions they will have to make in two years. Whether they question to continue their education, get a GED, or work, many undergo …

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The Stressful Process of Preparing and Applying for College Admission

My heart started beating faster, my hands began to sweat, and my anxiety grew exponentially as I stared at the clock waiting for the UCLA admission decisions to be released. I had already been admitted to a few renowned private universities as well as all …

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GPA Should Not Be the Only Basis for College Admission

One of the primary causes of stress during a potential college student’s senior year in high school is admission. Not all of us know the admissions process and how it varies between colleges and their competitiveness levels. But what we do know is how high …

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Creative Thinking and College Admissions

Ever since I was a child, I was always taught that the most successful people were lawyers, scientists, or even doctors like my father. However, I never had a strong urge to pursue any of those professions. Rather, my dream was to become a singer, …

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How to Write the College Admission

Writing my college admission essays would have to be a very significant moment in my compostion development. For the first time in my educational career I was challenged with a writing assignment in which I could not completely understand. College applications essays presented me with …

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Pages 2
The Role of Race in College Admission and the Importance of Equal Opportunity Regardless

Making a Case For Equal Opportunity Disregarding Diversity Everyone deserves an equal and fair chance when applying to college campuses. Affirmative action creates tension among races in college campuses in an already divided country. I believe that affirmative action does nothing but divide society into …

Words 630
Pages 3
The Reasons Why Poor Kids Can’t Acquire Elite College Admissions

The problem at hand is that elite college admissions prevent poor kids. Who are capable of being academically successful at their school from coming to their school through a variety of means. To start, many prestigious colleges have legacy preferences. Meaning if someone in your …

Words 995
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An Argument in Favor of Removing Ranking in College Admissions

What is a class rank? Well, it’s in the name. A class rank organizes students in order from the student who has the highest grade point average, or GPA, to the student who has the lowest. 232 out of the 500 public school districts in …

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Schools Should Not Have Any Grading, Except for College Admission

Schools should not have any grading, except for college admission. The overall aspect of grading in schools is something that students, parents teacher and professors take way to seriously. Part reasoning for this in high schools is for college admissions although Interviews are something that …

EducationHigher EducationSchoolTechnology
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An Analysis of Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Affirmative action is the practice, usually by institutions, of giving preference to racial minorities or women. when hiring employees, giving awards, or deciding whom to admit. Affirmative action arose out of a desire to bring minority groups into institutions and professions that had traditionally been …

DiscriminationEducationSchoolSocial Issues
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An Analysis of the Subject of Affirmative Action in College Admissions

The subject of affirmative action in college admissions has been hotly debated since its inception. Although affirmative action was originally supported by the vast majority, that same majority is now starting to wonder if there is a better way. Commonly asked questions include: “els affirmative …

AdmissionsDiscriminationEducationSocial Issues
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Colleges Should Keep the SAT Requirements for College Admission

The SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized test that measures critical reading. mathematics, and writing skills that students need to be successful in college. Each of the three sections that include the SAT Reasoning Test has a possible score of 800 points. Earlier to 2005, …

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3 Digital Trends Shaping the Future of College Admissions

Generation Z, or the post-Millennial generation, is now the largest portion of the U.S. population, at nearly 26 percent. Considered "digital natives," this demographic is the first generation to grow up fully digital, interacting fluently over social media and completely dependent on the Internet. Nearly …

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Table of contents

What is a College Admission Essay?

A college admission essay, also known as a personal statement, is a piece of writing that applicants submit to a college or university as part of the application process. It is an opportunity for the applicant to introduce themselves to the admissions committee, showcase their personality, experiences, and achievements, and explain why they are a good fit for the institution.

The college admission essay is often a critical component of the application, as it can be used to distinguish an applicant from other qualified candidates. The essay may be a response to a specific prompt provided by the college or university, or it may be an open-ended essay that allows applicants to write about any topic they choose. Regardless of the prompt, the essay should be personal, insightful, and well-written.

Writing a college admission essay can be challenging, as it requires careful planning, brainstorming, and self-reflection. It is important for applicants to read and understand the prompt, research the institution they are applying to, and craft an essay that reflects their unique voice and experiences. Admissions committees are looking for applicants who can write well, think critically, and demonstrate a strong sense of purpose and passion.

Overall, the college admission essay is an opportunity for applicants to showcase their unique qualities, experiences, and goals. It requires time, effort, and attention to detail, but a well-written essay can help applicants stand out and increase their chances of being admitted to their desired college or university.

College admission essay prompts

How Do You Write a College Admission Essay?

The essay is an opportunity for the student to showcase their personality, accomplishments, and potential to the admissions committee. Here are some steps to write a college admission essay:

  1. Brainstorm ideas: The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your essay. Think about your experiences, achievements, goals, and interests. Make a list of your strengths and unique qualities that will make you stand out from other applicants.

  2. Choose a topic: Choose a topic that reflects your personality and highlights your strengths. It could be a life experience, a personal challenge, a career goal, or a unique talent.

  3. Create an outline: Once you have a topic, create an outline for your essay. This will help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you include all the important points.

  4. Write the introduction: Your introduction should grab the reader's attention and set the tone for the rest of the essay. Start with a catchy hook, such as a quote, question, or anecdote, that relates to your topic.

  5. Write the body: The body of your essay should provide evidence and examples to support your thesis statement. Use specific details and anecdotes to illustrate your points.

  6. Write the conclusion: Your conclusion should summarize your main points and leave a lasting impression on the reader. End with a strong statement that highlights your potential and goals.

  7. Edit and proofread: Once you have finished writing, edit and proofread your essay for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Ask someone else to read your essay and provide feedback.

Remember to be authentic and genuine in your writing, and to showcase your unique qualities and personality. A well-written college admission essay can make all the difference in the admissions process.

College Admission Essay Outline

A well-written essay can set an applicant apart from others and impress the admissions committee. Here is an outline that can help in writing a college admission essay:

  1. Introduction: The opening should be captivating and grab the attention of the reader. The introduction should include a brief background of the applicant and the reason for applying to the college.

  2. Personal statement: This is the main body of the essay, which should be organized into paragraphs. The personal statement should highlight the applicant's unique qualities, achievements, and experiences. The essay should demonstrate the applicant's personality, values, and goals. It should also show the admissions committee how the applicant will fit into the college community.

  3. Academic achievements: This section should showcase the applicant's academic achievements, including transcripts, GPA, and test scores. It is also essential to mention any relevant coursework or research experience.

  4. Extracurricular activities: This section should discuss the applicant's extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, volunteer work, or any other relevant experiences. The essay should highlight how these activities have impacted the applicant's personal growth and character development.

  5. Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the main points of the essay and restate the applicant's interest in the college. It should leave a lasting impression on the reader and make the applicant stand out.

  6. Editing and proofreading: The final step is to edit and proofread the essay thoroughly. It is essential to check for any grammatical errors, typos, or inconsistencies. The essay should also be checked for clarity and coherence.

A well-structured and thoughtful essay can make a significant difference in the college admission process.

Popular Topics For a College Admission Essays

As college admission essays are typically personal in nature and designed to highlight the unique qualities and experiences of the applicant, there is no one-size-fits-all list of topics. However, some general tips for choosing a topic for a college admission essay include:

  1. Reflect on your experiences and achievements: Think about what experiences or accomplishments have been meaningful to you and how they have shaped your personal growth and development.

  2. Share a personal story: A personal story that illustrates a defining moment in your life can be an effective way to engage the reader and demonstrate your character.

  3. Discuss your passions and interests: Highlighting your passions and interests, whether they are related to academics, extracurricular activities, or personal hobbies, can help demonstrate your unique qualities and strengths.

  4. Focus on your future goals: Discussing your future goals and aspirations can show that you have direction and motivation for your academic and career pursuits.

  5. Reflect on your academic interests: If you have a specific academic interest or major in mind, you can discuss why this field is important to you and how you plan to contribute to it in the future.

Overall, the goal of a college admission essay is to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you are a unique, well-rounded individual who has the potential to contribute to the college community in a meaningful way.

Frequently asked questions

How do you start a college admissions essay?
Seven Ways to Make your College Essay Stand OutTry starting with a question.Begin with a bold statement.Use an interesting quote.Put the reader in medias res, that is, in the middle of things.Challenge the reader by speaking directly to him
What should I write my college application essay about?
A regular discussion essay format comprises an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Given underneath is an overall arrangement of a conversation paper structure: In the introduction of a discussion paper, the given issue is paraphrased and the offered thoughts, explanations, and contentions are described.
What is a college admissions essay?
Not only is the college essay a place to showcase writing skills, it's one of the only parts of a college application where a student's voice can shine through. Unlike test scores and transcripts, the college admissions essay offers students a chance to showcase their personality.
What is a good introduction for a college essay?
Summary of Your Topic, Ideas, or Argument Your opening paragraph should introduce the subject matter and the points you intend to make. They should give some background to support the thesis statement you'll make at the end of the introduction.
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