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The goal of our checker for plagiarism is to spread awareness about plagiarism and prevent this malpractice as much as we can.

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Our online plagiarism checker offers advanced solutions that help you confirm the original content you’ve worked so hard to create is plagiarism free. Copyleaks technology allows you to seamlessly and securely upload your content and receive the most accurate results.

AI-Powered Technology

Copyleaks uses advanced AI and Machine Learning technology that can find even the slightest change as well as identical and paraphrased text.


Get an alert when suspected cheating has been found using “Character Replacement” and “White Ink” methods that would go undetected by other plagiarism checkers.


Compare two different websites, including all individual webpages against one another to find possible copyright infringement.

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Integrate your Learning Management Systems with Copyleaks in under 30 minutes! Use Copyleaks API to go further and create advanced integrations.

Compare Multiple File Formats

Upload and compare text files of all kinds including Doc, Docx, PDF, XLS, PPT, and image files with text using our advanced OCR technology.

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When it comes to checking plagiarism, technology is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, plagiarizing is now easier than ever. You just need to find something online and copy it. On the other hand, you can easily deal with copied content with the help of an online plagiarism essay checker. Before subscription-based and free checker for plagiarism became readily available, figuring out how to check for plagiarism efficiently and effectively was a vexing problem.

Using “Free Check for plagiarism online” tool is so easy that even a child can do it. Using such a tool is as easy as using Google to find information online. These tools can search the entire web and find matches. These tools can find matches even if there is only a little similarity. The plagiarism checker by PhD Essay is one of the most powerful free plagiarism checkers online.  Check essay for plagiarism and get you results in just a few seconds.

The definition of plagiarism is straightforward. You steal someone’s intellectual property when you use their work without editing the work. The penalties for plagiarism are severe in most countries. But things get complicated when you do not know what you are actually stealing someone’s intellectual property.

Our goal

This plagiarism detector will ensure that you are not doing something wrong. The goal of our checker for plagiarism is to spread awareness about plagiarism and prevent this malpractice as much as we can. There are countless websites out there, and you can know if your content matches the content of any other website.

The development of the service “Check for plagiarism” is one of the most significant achievements in recent years. In fact, it has made cyberspace a lot more secured. If you do something unethical, search Engines will punish you. Search engines like Google use advanced plagiarism checker software to detect websites with plagiarized content.

Check For Plagiarism For Free

Meanwhile, teachers use this free tool to check your essay for plagiarism. You can also check your originally produced content to make sure nobody else is ripping you off.

You may need to use button Check for plagiarism for many reasons. Before submitting a paper, you will need to check it for originality. If you contact a writing service and hire a professional writer to get your paper written, you will need to use the button on this page “Check for plagiarism” to check the paper for originality.

No matter why or how often you use the tool, the main purpose of the process is to check papers before you submit them. This Checker for plagiarism has been designed to serve that purpose. With this tool, you can detect stolen data within seconds. So, make the best use of this free online check for plagiarism for students.

When you submit a research paper, the first thing a teacher pays attention to is quality. If there are typos or factual incorrectness, you can easily fix them. There are many dishonest students and professional writers who indulge in plagiarism. “Check for plagiarism” software is a great way to deal with them.

Things to consider when getting professional help

When you buy papers from a writing service, there are a few important things to consider. First of all, you must know who is writing the paper for you. Deadline is another important thing. Even if everything seems to be perfectly okay, you must check the final paper before you submit it.

The consequences of plagiarism are unpleasant, and plagiarism will affect your personal, professional and academic achievements. Whether you are a student or a graduate trying to build your career, you may end up paying a high price for stealing other people’s intellectual properties.

Life is fast in the 21st century, and students have to complete a lot of papers within a short span of time. Besides, students have to use a lot of information in their essays. They have to do online research, and that increases the risk of plagiarism.

Educational institutions all over the world are now serious about checking the submitted papers to know if the students indulge in plagiarism. To deal with this situation, most educational institutes now check for plagiarism.

Consequences of plagiarism

If a student is found guilty, he or she may pay a high price. If the level of plagiarism is high, it can result in expulsion. In minor cases, students usually receive a zero on the paper. It can be bad for a student’s academic career, but the consequences are not devastating. Real problems occur when major plagiarism is detected.

Whether the infringement is significant or insignificant, a student feels very embarrassed when caught. Teachers later pay special attention to the students who have been found guilty. Their assignments are scrutinized more closely.

There are also some personal consequences for plagiarism. Students are supposed to teach students the much needed writing skills they need in their professional lives. When a student indulges in plagiarism, he or she fails to learn the skills of writing. As a result, institutes punish these students.

After entering professional lives, these students can not write emails with good grammar. That is why cheating is such a big crime. Plagiarism also affects students psychologically. If a student continuously cheats and lies, there is little hope that he or she will do something great in the foreseeable future.

Save your image

Academics, journalists and writers should be very careful about plagiarism. If they are accused of replicating written material, their professional qualifications are questioned.

Due to plagiarism they will miss many opportunities in the future because they will fail to regain trust. Even if they succeed in regaining trust, things will never be the same again. They will always be viewed with suspicion.

The accusations of plagiarism can devastate your personal image. With this stigma, it will be hard for you to go far. And one day you may need to change your profession because you have lost your image. This is why you should always take this issue seriously.

In some cases there are serious legal consequences of plagiarism. If you copy something from the internet, you may end up paying monetary damages. You may be sued by the original creator, and the consequence may be devastating. In some cases, a plagiarist may have to deal with some criminal prosecution.

Free service

By simply using a plagiarism essay checker, you can avoid all these possible scenarios. Use this simple tool to make sure that nothing can stand on the way to your success. You don’t need to pay something because it is completely free. Whether you are a professional or a student, you can benefit from this tool.

You can say your content is seconds away from publishing only when you are one hundred percent sure that your content is not plagiarized. And if you do not care about it, search engines will treat you badly. If you have a website and you want to attract maximum traffic, you need to publish unique content.

The free plagiarism checker on this page has been designed to ensure the accuracy of the results. Without paying any fee, you will know whether the content is unique or plagiarized.

How to Check For Plagiarism

Using the plagiarism checker is incredibly easy. The interface is intuitive, so you can use it even if you have never Check for plagiarism software. Before we show you how to use the tool, let us try to understand how the software works.

How it works

The “Check for plagiarism essay” of PhD Essay is intelligent software. It analyzes content on the basis of its matching phrases, word-choice and lexical frequencies. The software also takes some other important information into consideration. The software maps your given text into their internal network, and it compares your text with the database found on the entire web.

To ensure good scanning, this software has been designed to spot statistically common phrases and ignore them. Once you complete the plagiarism test, you will get the match percentage so that you can know how much similarity there is.

When you enter an article, it is carefully scanned. At the same time, the entire web is scanned. If any plagiarism is detected, the software will show you the original source. All of these things will be done automatically. The only manual task is to copy and paste the text.

Check your text

Now we will show you the exact method of checking your text for plagiarism.

Writers, teachers and students can check essays for plagiarism for free. The system will run your text through a database and provide detailed results. You can trust the results because they have been proved to be reliable and accurate.

At first, paste your content that you want to check for plagiarism and click on the “Check” button. Wait for a few seconds while the software examines your text. The system will provide results showing the percentage of uniqueness. The system will highlight the copied words and phrases. It will also give you a list of sources.

You Can Check Any Type of Content Free At PhDEssay

Although there are different forms of plagiarism, the thing is essentially the same: plagiarism means stealing someone else’s intellectual property. If you use a person’s ideas but do not acknowledge them as the source, you are a plagiarist. It is not that different from other types of theft, and therefore you have to pay the price for your activities.

But plagiarism can be both intentional and unintentional. If you use someone’s content but forget to mention the source, your plagiarism is unintentional.  But whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally, you will have to face consequences if it is discovered.

Bad things can happen even if you do not have any evil intention. It can happen accidentally. This type of plagiarism will not affect you if you can detect it before publishing.

But it is also important to know that you will not be exempted from consequences even if you do it unknowingly. Improper quotation can also lead to accidental plagiarism. It can also happen due to failed paraphrasing. By using a plagiarism checker, you can avoid unforeseen instances. When you check your essay for plagiarism using our special tool, it provides you with a suggested source.

What type of content do you need to check?

No matter what type of paper you work on, too much paraphrasing can be another issue. The main concept of paraphrasing is simple: you construct sentences differently. You write the same thing but use different words and different sentence structures.

There are so many reasons why so many students are focusing on paraphrasing. Firstly, if the author does not have unique ideas, he or she may be more comfortable with paraphrasing. It requires no thinking. You just need to restructure the sentences.

Secondly, you will paraphrase if you do not have enough time to do research. If we view it from this perspective, paraphrasing is not necessarily a bad thing. It is good as long as you do not overdo it.

Whether you are a student, teacher or writer, you have to be aware of another aspect of the issue, and it is called self-plagiarism. In most cases it happens accidentally or unintentionally, but the consequences can be devastating for you.

And direct plagiarism is when you purchase content from writing and later shockingly discover that the content is copied. If you have a tight deadline, you may also lean towards plagiarism.

No matter what content you have and what you are going to do with the content, make sure the content is unique. Otherwise, you will have to deal with very unpleasant situations. The Check for plagiarism tool of PhD essay will give you some peace of mind.

Do You Need To Improve Your Essay? We Can Help

If you want to be a good academic essay writer, you must learn the basics. To provide a solid thesis, you must support your points with relevant evidence. You have to either write the paper or go to someone who understands the topic things better than you do.

Modern educational institutes ask students to write their academic papers, but often fail to prepare students to write those papers.  Many educationists question the whole point of formal education because most students are not learning what they are supposed to learn.

In order to break out of this stalemate, students have to play a vital role. They should exert themselves to learn at least the basics of writing academic papers. The goal of this section is to inspire you to be a better writer.

And if you get too busy with something else in life, you can hire an academic writing service to get the job done without experiencing the inferiority complex. If you are serious about writing a better academic paper, here are a few tips from PhD Essay.

Choose a good topic

First, you have to choose a topic you are comfortable with. And if you are given a topic, try your best to familiarize yourself with the topic. The structure of the essay may be related to the topic. You can write a specific analysis or a general overview.

If you are asked to choose a topic, you must try to make an informed decision. View it as an opportunity to choose something you are passionate about. If you are a writer at heart, you will prefer choosing your topic. But do not ride your imagination. In fact, choosing a topic is not as easy as it sounds. The topic should be neither too narrow nor too broad.

Evaluate your options carefully and choose a topic you find fascinating.

Create an outline

Once you have chosen a topic, you will figure out a nice way to prepare an outline. Yes, your thoughts should be organized, and an outline will help you organize your thoughts.

You can see your ideas clearly when you write what you are going to do. To organize your thoughts, you can use a diagram or an outline. There are certain ways to make diagrams. If you want to take the shorter route, create an outline.

Making an outline basically involves writing the topic and the main ideas. Make sure the main ideas indicate how you are going to elaborate on them. This is the best way to organize your wild thoughts.

Make a thesis statement

The next step is to write a thesis statement. In this statement, you have to tell your readers what you are going to discuss in the essay. In the statement, you have to first state the topic and then show the point of the paper. This part can help you give your readers some idea of what you are going to focus on in the essay.

Write a catchy introduction

However, there is a surefire way to gain your readers’ attention. And that is to write a catchy introductory sentence.

The introduction may be a quote, a dialogue or a sentence of the shocking revelation. Try to write it in such a way that it can pull your readers in. The same thing applies to the conclusion. This is the last part of your essay, so it should be something memorable. Write a conclusion that can deeply appeal to your readers.

Body paragraphs

Then you have to write the body of the essay. When you write the body paragraphs, you have to follow the basic structure. Put your idea in the introductory sentence and then support the idea with relevant facts. Facts will add strength to your essay.

In order to back up your points, you have to use evidence. To gather facts and evidence, you have to do some research. This is when professional writing services become relevant.

Hire a writer

If you are too busy to focus on writing, get in touch with a writing service. Hire a writer and get your paper written. And use the time to do things that really matter to you. After scanning your paper to check for plagiarism, it not only helps to suggest where to place references in your paper, but it will walk you through how to do it.

When it comes to receiving an academic education, you must play the roles you are supposed to play. If you wish to study on your own, you may lag behind. You can deal with this situation with the help of a good writing service.

Despite the similarity in the structure, your essay will be different from that of your friend or peer. This is, in fact, a very good thing. You should be proud of this difference.

It is understandable that you will have to do a lot of work to write your own essay. We encourage you to do it. But if you are too busy, do not hesitate to reach us. PhD Essay can help you save your valuable time.

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Plagiarism Checking

PhdEssay plagiarism checker can detect plagiarism from billions of web pages as well as from ProQuest’s academic databases. Our free plagiarism check will tell you whether or not your text contains duplicate content. Our Premium plagiarism check highlights passages that require citations and gives you the resources you need to properly credit your sources.

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Writing Enhancements

The plagiarism checker is part of a robust writing app that offers advanced feedback on writing mechanics like grammar and spelling as well as more complex stylistic issues like word choice, conciseness, tone, and more.

Popular question about Check For Plagiarism

How to check essay for plagiarism?
At first, paste your essay that you want to check for plagiarism and click on the "Check" button. Wait for a few seconds while the software examines your text. The system will provide results showing the percentage of uniqueness. The system will highlight the copied words and phrases. It will also give you a list of sources.
How to double check essay does not contain plagiarism?
If you check your essay on our tool - you will truly know it contain plagiarism or not. Just paste you essay and get result in a second.
How do teachers check for plagiarism?
Same way as students. Teachers use different popular plagiarism checkers on websites. Our Plagiarism detector from PHD Essay is one of the best to check your paper for plagiarism!
Which website helps me check for plagiarism?
You can always use our Plagiarism checker tool – it is for free. Just paste your paper in tool and get results about unique.
How to know if your paper is plagiarized?
Our Plagiarism checker will show you how many percent paper is plagiarised, which websites has same work, which words are not unique.
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