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  1. 1. What is a Narrative Essay?
  2. 2. Narrative Essay Definition
  3. 3. Narrative Essay Structure
  4. 4. How to Write a Narrative Essay?
  5. 5. Choose a Topic
  6. 6. Create an Essay Outline
  7. 7. Narrative Essay Structure
  8. 8. Introduction
  9. 9. Main Part
  10. 10. Conclusion
  11. 11. Narrative Essay Topics

What is a Narrative Essay?

Storytelling has been a part of our society for decades. People share numerous stories with loved ones, acquaintances, friends, and many more people. The nature of stories also varies per context. We have real-life situations, fictional stories, historical stories, and many more. Telling a story requires a play-by-play of whatever happened to the person or people that are listening. A narrative essay is quite like the many stories you have shared in your life.

Narrative Essay Definition

The answer to the question, what is a narrative essay, isn't a complicated concept. In every different academic institution, there are set rules that guide the writing of the different types of essays tested. Therefore, the narrative essay definition will most definitely vary from institution to institution. Regardless of the same, the general loose definition is that a narrative essay is a story that allows the writer to share a personal or impersonal story from their perspective detailing singular or related events.

Narrative Essay Structure

Like other basic essays, narrative essays have a simple structure. The number of paragraphs is not limited in that as the writer; you are free to write as long or as short a paper as you want. As you wonder how to structure a narrative essay, you will need to keep in mind that it is an integral part. The general structure requires an introduction, body, and conclusion. With these parts of a narrative essay, your paper will be enticing and chronologically set.

How to Write a Narrative Essay?

Now that you have some basic information on the structure of writing your story, it is key to ensure that you cover all the elements of a narrative essay. This means that you need to properly prepare for the actual writing by having all the necessary material. Before you embark on the actual writing, here are a few tips that will guide you to begin a narrative essay.

  1. Read a few narrative essays examples- while writing this form of essay is considerably easy, it is always good to gain some knowledge from other writers. By reading examples, you will familiarize yourself with the structure of the general essay.
  2. Decide on the topic- this is a crucial step because you will need to choose a topic. Admittedly, you have numerous narrative essay ideas,but you will have to narrow them down to a single one.
  3. Start with a draft- drafts help you to have a rough idea of what you are writing. Writing the draft will highlight some of the major elements you need to work on.
  4. Hone on key elements- the elements of your writing will include aspects such as characters, plot, setting, language, and more. It is important to review the same to ensure you cover them appropriately in the paper.
  5. Write the final- copy as one of the final steps; you should write the final copy. Make sure you capture the main idea you intended to in the first draft and even the topic.
  6. Proofread and revise your paper-always make time to review your paper for any form of errors and revising.

Choose a Topic

Personal and impersonal stories, as mentioned, are in plenty. There are numerous ideas that you can write on, which can be confusing for anyone. Therefore, take time to review the assignment question and align the same with a specific event in your story. In an array of narrative essay tips, you should have at your fingertips that when deciding the topic, you should be conversant with the story. Avoid picking topics whose exact details are foggy because they will interfere with your plot development. Take time and review each of the topics you could write about and settle on the one you are most comfortable with.

Create an Essay Outline

The process of writing an essay can be time-consuming due to all the elements it entails. A college essay has a definite structure, and the content is also pre-determined in a way. Another unique aspect of academic papers is the need for formatting. In determining how to format a narrative essay, always ask yourself what the school demands. While some lecturers as for MLA format for narrative essays, others demand APA and many others. It is all dependent on the institution and the lecturer in question. Having an idea of the formatting technique will guide you as you shift the outline to the final draft. In embarking on the writing, it is always advisable to start with an outline. The same will help give you a general structure of what your paper requires of you in terms of research, content, and more.

Narrative Essay Structure

From a review of narrative essay samples, it is clear that the general structure of essays includes the introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of the components contributes to the larger view of the paper, which demands special attention for each. The elements serve a single purpose which will be discussed below.


A narrative essay introduction is an important part of the paper. The heightened importance lies in the same offering a simplified and enticing summary of what you will be handling. An intriguing introduction will ensure that you pull in the reader and create an interest in your paper. This introduction will affect whether the reader will be pulled into your content or not. Therefore, while writing the introduction, be brief and dangle the main content of the essay in front of the reader. Also, do not reveal everything about the paper as you intend to entice them and not give them everything.

Main Part

The main part is where you will get the chance to develop your story. Follow the chronological order by arranging your content in paragraphs. As it is with normal essays, one paragraph should carry one main idea. In this case, a paragraph should entail a singular aspect of your event. However, the paragraphs should lead into each other not to bombard the reader with too much haphazard information. Since the body is the main part, you should have several paragraphs developing your main event to the best of your ability. The aim is to ensure your readers get and follow your event from start to finish.


Reading narrative essay examples for college will make you realize the need for a conclusion. It not only wraps up your idea but also affirms the story in the reader's mind. With the conclusion, you should offer a summary of what you have discussed. Also, you can add a lesson learned for narrative essays or how the event has changed your life. Add something to spice up your paper and make it personal.

Narrative Essay Topics

In deciding what essay to write on, most people find themselves looking up narrative essays online. This offers you the chance to pick on different narrative essay topics that you can use to settle on your own. Some of the common topics you can write on are:

  1. The day I will never forget
  2. The day everything changed
  3. The day I learned a valuable lesson
  4. The happiest day of my life
  5. The saddest day of my life
  6. My first day in high school
  7. My first time meeting a famous person
  8. The first time I used public transport
  9. Lessons I learned from my grandmother
  10. The story of how my grandfather lost his foot
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How do you write a narrative essay?
Guidelines for Writing a Narrative essay: 1. Think about the topic. It is important to be able to put your truth into a compelling story. 2. Start with a draft. 3. Write some storyline elements. 4. Write your point of view. 5. Support your evidence. 6. Do not give details that aren't relevant to your story. 7.Clear writing.
What is narrative essay should be about?
Narrative essays tell interesting stories, often from one specific person's point of view. Narrative essays combine all elements of a story, including the beginning, main part and conclusion, as well as characters, plot and its setting. You should bring them together to create the final story.
Whats is a narrative essay?
What is a narrative essay? A narrative essay can be written as a story. This type of essay is often personal, funny and experimental and allow students to express their creatively and share a good story.
What are the 3 narrative essay criteria?
Narrative essay can be written in the form of a story. It should contain all the major elements any written story does. It should include conflict, interesting characters and plot events. The story arc should be organized according to the introduction, climax and conclusion. It is important to present the plot in a clear and concise manner.
What's a good narrative essay?
This essay doesen't need to be accurate. It doesen't have to be precise. It can be entertaining. Your narrative essay must be written in the form of a story. It should include an introduction, main part and conclusion.

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