Racial Profiling Essay Examples and Research Papers

Racial Profiling Essay Examples and Research Papers

Most people perceive racial profiling as no longer existent, but racial profiling is still prevalent to this day. Racial profiling encourages police to stop, frisk, or investigate people based on their race, ethnicity, or nationality. Although racial profiling has been accepted by many people, using racial profiling has disastrous effects on the victims that go through being criminalized everyday. Law enforcement must ban racial profiling practices because it causes minorities to distrust the authority, to have unfair stereotypes made about them, and to feel unsafe in their own communities.

Victims of racial profiling do not trust law enforcement. Amy Witherbee, a doctor with multiple degrees from several schools, writes in her article about why criminalizing minorities just because of race or ethnicity can have detrimental effects on our country. Witherbee supports this claim when she reports in her article, “Too late, we began to realize how racial profiling led to deeply rooted mistrust of police, courts, law, and government by Americans who found that innocence was not a safeguard against questioning and arrest” (Points of View Reference Center Home ). This supports the claim that minorities do not trust the laws and courts because they feel like they are being targeted solely for being of a certain race, ethnicity, or nationality. The reason for this is because it’s frustrating to be criminalized based solely on the way a person looks which is why victims lose their trust in the government as a whole. Amy Witherbee also wrote about how Americans who support racial profiling tend not to see the overall harmful effects their decisions can have. When a person is subdued by fear, it is easy to forget about the repercussions an action can have. This train of thought continues the cycle of fear and prejudice felt by both sides, leading to a halt to the progression of trust between the community and law enforcement. Victims of this cycle are exactly why minorities who have experienced racial profiling lose trust in law enforcement.

Minorities are going to have unfair stereotypes made about them. Molly Hayes, a reporter from The Globe and Mail, wrote an article about how SIU(Special Investigations Unit) did an investigation where they investigated whether or not the Toronto Police were arresting people based on color. After the investigation was finished they found, “While black people made up only 8.8 percent of Toronto’s population in 2016, the report found they were involved in seven out of 10 cases of fatal shootings by police during the latter period, ”(Black people more likely to be injured). This shows that even though black people are the minority, they made up more than half of the shootings done by the police. Overrepresentation of this magnitude does nothing, but reinforce the image, which has been forced upon people of color, of them being seen as nothing more than criminals. Hayes’s research into the investigation found that the black community, in Toronto, was grossly overrepresented in the police reports. Following the investigation, Hayes reports in her article, “It found that black people (and specifically black men) were overrepresented in everything from investigations into the use of force and sexual assault by police, to inappropriate or unjustified searches and charges,” (Black people more likely to be injured).This demonstrates that the black community was excessively represented in the reports, while others are not enough, and that some of the searches were without cause. The sort of misrepresentation these reports proclaim forces minorities to fight for equal representation throughout society. The evidence presented supports the view that minorities are stereotyped throughout law enforcement.

Banning racial profiling practices in law enforcement is crucial in the progression of social equality. Victims of racial profiling will continue to distrust law enforcement, present themselves in an image not representative of their community as a whole, and imbue a sense of endangerment in their own communities. How would it feel if everytime you walked outside you couldn’t trust the people meant to protect you? Therefore, society needs to remember that when they see minorities being wrongfully criminalized, for their race or ethnicity, they need to recognize that it is unconstitutional and unacceptable.

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Racial profiling is the act of suspecting, targeting or discriminating against a person on the basis of their ethnicity or religion, rather than on individual suspicion. Racial profiling involves discrimination against minority populations and often builds on negative stereotypes of the targeted demographic.

Frequently asked questions

What is the racial profiling?
Racial profiling is the practice of using race or ethnicity as a basis for suspecting someone of having committed a crime. Proponents of racial profiling argue that it is a necessary law enforcement tool, while opponents argue that it is a form of racism.Racial profiling has been used by law enforcement agencies in the United States since the country's inception. The practice gained national attention in the early 21st century, after a series of high-profile incidents in which African-American men were killed by police officers.In response to public outcry, some states and localities have enacted laws prohibiting racial profiling by police. However, these laws are difficult to enforce, and many believe that racial profiling continues to be a problem in the United States.
How to write racial profiling essay?
There are some tips that may be useful in helping you to write such an essay.First, it is important to understand what racial profiling is and why it is an important issue. Racial profiling occurs when law enforcement officials target individuals for investigation or arrest based on their race or ethnicity. This can lead to discrimination and unfair treatment of those individuals.Second, when writing a racial profiling essay, it is important to be aware of your own biases. Be sure to examine your own beliefs and attitudes about race and ethnicity. Doing so will help you to avoid writing an essay that is biased or inaccurate.Third, be sure to do your research when writing a racial profiling essay. This means looking at both sides of the issue and gathering evidence to support your claims. Be sure to use reputable sources and to cite them correctly.Fourth, when writing a racial profiling essay, it is important to be clear and concise. Be sure to make your argument in a way that is easy to follow and understand. Avoid using big words or jargon that your reader may not be familiar with.Finally, proofread your essay before you submit it. This will help to ensure that there are no errors or typos. It will also help to make sure that your argument is clear and easy to follow.
How to start racial profiling essay?
There are a few things to keep in mind when writing a racial profiling essay. First, it's important to understand what racial profiling is and how it can affect people. It's also important to be aware of the different perspectives on racial profiling. For example, some people may see it as a necessary evil while others may see it as an outright form of discrimination.When starting your essay, it's important to have a clear thesis statement. This will help to guide your essay and keep you on track. Once you have your thesis statement, you can start to support it with evidence. This can come from statistics, personal stories, or even news articles. Whatever evidence you use, make sure that it is convincing and relevant.Racial profiling can be a controversial topic, so be prepared for some pushback. Be ready to defend your position and explain why you believe racial profiling is either necessary or wrong. By staying calm and collected, you can make sure that your essay is well-reasoned and persuasive.
What Is Racial Profiling
Racial profiling is the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, nationality or religion.Racial profiling is a controversial law enforcement practice in which officers target individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, nationality or religion. Proponents of racial profiling argue that it is a necessary law enforcement tool for keeping communities safe, while opponents argue that it is a form of discrimination that targets minority groups.There is no definitive answer on whether or not racial profiling is effective in reducing crime. However, studies have shown that it can lead to increased levels of anxiety and mistrust between minority groups and law enforcement officials. Additionally, racial profiling can result in the wrongful arrest and detention of innocent individuals. For these reasons, many civil rights organizations have spoken out against the practice.

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