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Ap English Literature and Composition

Course Overview This class will prepare students for AP English Literature and Composition Exam, as well as the AP English Language and Composition Exam. When registering for exams in the Spring, students will choose which exam to take.  This course is set according to the …

English LiteratureLiterature
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Rhetorical Devices

Have you ever written an essay and felt as though it wasn’t good enough, not up to the teachers standards? or maybe there was more you could have added to make it better.. to make an essay more effective what you need are rhetorical devices. …

Essay Examples
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A Rhetorical Approach to Interpersonal Communication File

In the theory of a rhetorical approach, three primary ways are identified in order to achieve the goals of interpersonal rhetoric. They are rhetorical reflector, rhetorically sensitive person and Nobel self. In this paper, the applicability of these three ways will be discussed since their …

Interpersonal CommunicationPersonal
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Rhetorical Anaylsis “Lifeboat Ethics” By Jorden House-Hay

Jorden House-Hay Rhetorical Analysis- Lifeboat Ethics: The Case against Helping the Poor I chose Lifeboat Ethics: The Case against Helping the Poor, by Garret Hardin, to analyze because, out of all the readings I have ever done for English, this particular one is by far …

Essay ExamplesEvidenceMetaphorMoralityTruth
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Speech of Advocacy Rhetorical Situation Proposal

The problem I want to address in the speech is that whether colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores. It’s an actual exgience because colleges are currently relying a lot on standardized test scores as a base for their applications. 1. The teenage …

AdvocacyMy Advocacy
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Self Reliance Rhetorical Analysis

“Self-Reliance” is a series of loosely related thoughts and extracts from lectures and journals that Ralph Wald Emerson has written in the past. Through the use of the classical argument, imagery, and many other rhetorical devices, Emerson makes such a convincing case that a person …

EpistemologySelf Reliance
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University of North Dakota Should Change Its Team Name

You’re out! ” argues that removing Native American names and mascots from college and professional teams is the appropriate thing to do. The context of this article appeared after a Los Angles Times editorial about legislator in North Dakota struggles over whether the University of …

Essay Examples
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Rhetorical Analysis Mary Oliver

In this very lyrical excerpt, Mary Oliver has a great attraction to nature because of its paradoxical yet balancing form. By being both terrifying and beautiful, nature fills the world with contrasting entities that can be “death-bringers” or bring “immobilizing happiness. ” Oliver uses imagery, …

ApolloCharles DickensOliver Twist
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Assignment: Bias, Rhetorical Devices, and Argumentation

Assignment: Bias, Rhetorical Devices, and Argumentation The speech of Kane campaigning for Governor is full of bias. The bias starts from the opening seconds of the movie clip and continued through the speech. The man in the beginning of the movie clip demonstrated a bias …

Essay Examples
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Rhetorical Analysis of the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is considered by many to be the finest piece of political prose ever written. It can be seen as a document in five parts:  the introduction, the preamble, the denunciation of George III, the denunciation of the British people, and the …

DeclarationDeclaration of IndependenceIndependence
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Essay on Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Barbie vs. the World I’ll admit it; I absolutely loved playing with Barbie’s as a child! I must have had like twenty of them. She had everything: a dream house, Ken, plenty of friends, and a slender body with all the right curves, everything I …

Essay Examples
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How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis

In a letter to the author, analyze an opinionated source that addresses an aspect of pop culture that interests you (see “Guidelines for Choosing an Appropriate Text” posted under Additional Resources on Model for more information about sources). You will identify the source’s purpose, audience, …

Essay Examples
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2008 Ap English (Rhetorical Strategies)

Barry expresses his use of rhetorical strategies through is book The Great Influenza, using anaphora, metaphors, tone, contrast, imagery, word choice, repetition of words, and ethos to drive his claim that being a scientist requires dealing with a huge amount of uncertainty, and takes courage, …

Essay Examples
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A Few Good Men

You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep …

A Few Good MenLogos
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Rhetorical analysis “The Hardest of the Hardcore”

It is believed that the United States allocates approximately 316 billion dollars a year on these groups. Distant from securing companies, they also provide security for the police, and government officials. Most of them are ex-special forces, and veterans. Some are ex-cons. Some people refer …

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Rhetorical Devices in Great Gatsby

Gatsby Essay Honors English II Asura Louise Osborne In the 1920’s, the world was full of new inventions, dances, and drinks. The standards of even the most rigorously structured social classes were changed, allowing the rich to cut loose and throw elaborate and entertaining parties. …

NovelThe Great Gatsby
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High School Diploma/Equivalency vs. College Degree

Frederick D. Huff, Jr. Rhonda Steel English 102 College Degree Vs. High School Diploma/Equivalency or No diploma at all “To be or not to be? , that is the question. ” This is the opening statement of a soliloquy that was used in the playwright …

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Rhetorical Analysis of an Argument

Jordan Sands Jaimie Young ENG 101 23 January 2013 Rhetorical Analysis of an Argument The Direct TV commercial “Don’t attend your own funeral” focuses on the quality of service, and the customer service of regular cable in comparison to Direct TV. From the beginning scene …

Human NaturePhilosophyPsychology
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Rhetorical Essay: the Market for a Yale Women’s Eggs

Mathew Rios, Alberto Rosado 9/10/12 Jessica Cohen’s “The Market for a Yale Women’s Eggs” first appeared in the New Journal in 2001. In this essay Jessica talks about her experience trying to be an egg donor. With narration of her experience and the research she …

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Rhetorical Analysis Bittman

The Rhetorical Analysis of the Seriousness of Food Thinking about the importance and significance of food respective to our health, ethnic culture and society can cause cavernous, profound, and even questionable thoughts such as: “Is food taken for granted? ”, “Is specialty foods just a …

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Rhetorical Analysisi of a Technology

The internet has become the new recreational area of the present and upcoming generations. Discourse communities have evolved greatly over time allowing users to redesign computer mediated communication. Each discourse community is made possible by the use of unique commonplaces where shared values and goals …

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Kings Speech Rhetorical Analysis

Addressing the Nation When any artist or director embarks on the journey of creation, they use a variety of different techniques to aid in the conveying of their message. Their main goal is to create something special for their audience, or rather call them witnesses. …

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Bias & Rhetorical Devices

What are some examples of bias, fallacies, and specific rhetorical devices in the speech? The very beginning of the speech begins with a campaigner who is introducing their new candidate for Governor and who expresses negative bias towards the current Governor, Jim Gettys. It begins …

Essay Examples
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Rhetorical Analysis Paper

Tramy Quach Professor Knapp English 100A, Section 6 Final Draft 03/06/13 RHETORICAL ANALYSIS PAPER Introduction Rhetorical strategy is a type of method for writers to manipulate their writing to purpose an idea or influence the reader. Narration, description, and exemplification are some of the rhetorical …

Human NatureLogosPsychology
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Rhetorical Strategies Analysis of Bill Clinton’s First Inaugural Address

Rhetorical Strategies Analysis of “Bill Clinton’s First Inaugural Address” Introduction William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. He got authority at the end of the Cold War. During Cold War, in order to compete with …

Bill Clinton
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Rhetorical Analysis: Too Much of a Good Thing

Rhetorical Analysis: Too Much of a Good Thing “At least 25% of all Americans under age nineteen are overweight or obese, a figure that has doubled over the last 30 years. ” says Greg Crister in his article titled “Too Much of a Good Thing” …

Childhood ObesityEthosObesity
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Mlk Rhetorical Analysis

Justine Mrs. Morehead English 3 AP September 9,2012 In Martin Luther King Jr. ’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, King argues that segregation laws are unjust and unfair laws. King illustrates many different strategies throughout his letter such as pathos, ethos, and allusions to describe and …

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay – Farm Girl

Is today’s society getting too lax with their children? Why are parents not giving their children chores? What are kids lacking by not being held accountable? What happens when children do not have responsibilities at a younger age? My rhetorical analysis is focused on the …

Essay Examples
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Rhetorical Analysis: The Crisis, No. 1 by Thomas Paine

Political writer, Thomas Paine, in his persuasive writing, The Crisis No. 1, expresses feelings towards Britain’s control over the colonies. Paine’s purpose is to unite the colonists in an effort to retaliate against Great Britain. He uses an objective tone in order to unite and …

Thomas Paine
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Rhetorical Analysis Mark Twain’s “Two Ways of Seeing a River”

In Mark Twain’s passage, “Two Ways of Seeing a River,” the reader is forced to question within themselves about how much beauty they look past in the world. Twain describes in great detail an experience he had on a river in a very literal way. …

Essay Examples
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Table of contents

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Examples

  1. AP Language Rhetorical Analysis

AP Language Rhetorical Analysis


  1. Rhetorical Analysis Mary Oliver

Rhetorical Analysis Mary Oliver


  1. Gettysburg Address Rhetorical Analysis

Gettysburg Address Rhetorical Analysis


Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics Advertisement

  1. How Does Advertisement Influence People’s Behaviour?
  2. Psychological Analysis of Lay’s Advertisements
  3. Ethics in Advertisement of United Colors of Benetton
  4. Ethics in Advertisements
  5. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Seen in Advertisements
  6. Mazda Case, Advertisment And Promotion
  7. Consumer behaviour – Advertisement
  8. Should the Barnardo’s Silver Spoon advertisement campaign have been banned?
  9. Analysis of a Pepsi Advertisement
  10. Vegetable Juice Advertisement

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics Consumerism

  1. Pros And Cons Of How Capitalism And Consumerism Play Role In One’s Destiny
  2. Consumerism in Fight Club and Brave New World
  3. Orange Is The New Binge
  4. The effects of the promotional mix on the consumers ‘ buying intent
  5. Consumerism and the Pursuit of Happiness
  6. Consumerism In Today’S World
  7. Online Consumerism as a Huge Part of Social Media
  8. Consumer Study: Housing And The Consumer
  9. The Reasons Why Expensive Gadgets Are Overshadowing Basic Needs
  10. Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics About Sports

  1. How interference in sports management is causing problems in different teams
  2. Sports should be included as a key subject in all levels of study
  3. Sports fixing: How it is a big liability to the different sports
  4. How athletes doping shoud be dealt with in a more strict way
  5. Why athletes who use steroids should be banned
  6. Why the businesses that involves sports should be under the government
  7. Why poor athletes should receive free medicine.
  8. Why the sports culture should be promoted in the developing nations
  9. How politics in sports committee are spoiling the quality of different sports
  10. The impact of gender bias in sports

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics On Medicine

  1. Dou you agree or disagree that can computers replace doctors completely?
  2. How one research field is able to provide a solution to one healthcare issue?
  3. Do you think cloning research ought to be allowed and to what extent?
  4. The dangers of medical research ought to be mitigated
  5. Do you agree that artificial tissues and organs are efficient?
  6. Can medical research stop aging seen as ethical and moral?
  7. Is the usage of animals in test drug a crime according to animal rights?
  8. Are there any limits to medical tests on humans?
  9. Should antibiotic resistance be reduced for old people?
  10. Do you agree that the results of unethical experiments can be used to save others?


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Frequently asked questions

What are the 3 parts of rhetorical analysis?
Aristotle taught that a speaker's ability to persuade an audience is based on how well the speaker appeals to that audience in three different areas: logos, ethos, and pathos. Considered together, these appeals form what later rhetoricians have called the rhetorical triangle.
What is a rhetorical analysis essay AP Lang?
The rhetorical analysis essay is a free-response question in which you analyze any rhetorical strategies that the author uses in the given passage and evaluate/discuss them in a well-formatted essay.
What are the 5 elements of a rhetorical analysis?
An introduction to the five central elements of a rhetorical situation: the text, the author, the audience, the purpose(s) and the setting.
What are different rhetorical strategies?
Being able to pursue interesting, high-quality work that has a positive impact.Securing awards, promotions and other acknowledgements of achievement.Maintaining a happy and healthy family life as well as a career.Handling challenge, complexity and change.Exercising leadership, authority and influence.
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