Essays on Artificial Intelligence

Essays on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a multidisciplinary field whose goal is to automate activities that presently require human intelligence. Recent successes in A.I. include computerized medical diagnosticians and systems that automatically customize hardware to particular user requirements. The major problem areas addressed in A.I. can be summarized as Perception, Manipulation, Reasoning, Communication, and Learning. Perception is concerned with building models of the physical world from sensory input (visual, audio, etc.). Manipulation is concerned with articulating appendages (e.g., mechanical arms, locomotion devices) in order to effect a desired state in the physical world.

Reasoning is concerned with higher level cognitive functions such as planning, drawing inferential conclusions from a world model, diagnosing, designing, etc. Communication treats the problem understanding and conveying information through the use of language. Finally, Learning treats the problem of automatically improving system performance over time based on the system's experience. Many important technical concepts have arisen from A.I. that unify these diverse problem areas and that form the foundation of the scientific discipline. Generally, A.I. systems function based on a Knowledge Base of facts and rules that characterize the system's domain of proficiency. The elements of a Knowledge Base consist of independently valid (or at least plausible) chunks of information.

The system must automatically organize and utilize this information to solve the specific problems that it encounters. This organization process can be generally characterized as a Search directed toward specific goals. The search is made complex because of the need to determine the relevance of information and because of the frequent occurence of uncertain and ambiguous data. Heuristics provide the A.I. system with a mechanism for focusing its attention and controlling its searching processes.

Artificial intelligence be made up of of a comprehensive range of computer science techniques which focuses on such problems as pattern matching, language processing and solving highly complex, ill-defined problems. The aforementioned is not new in the aviation industry and was been used in flight management system and autopilots.

The commercial aviation industry is no stranger to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and has been using it effectively in various parts of the business and across the value chain for decades. However, we are entering an era in which AI capabilities are reaching new heights and will have a major impact on how we conduct business. There are various schools of thought as to the socio-economic long-term impact of AI. Historical trends show a positive impact of emerging technologies, i.e. while some jobs are made redundant due to new technologies, other new jobs are created at the same time.

The AI adoption barrier to entry has become much lower due to an intense competitive environment with many technology providers offering AI solutions. Adopting such solutions has a lower risk exposure, in particular from a financial perspective. The long-term future of AI is difficult to predict; however, over the short- and medium-term, the aviation industry has the potential to extract significant benefits from this technology. 

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Yes, Machines Will Take Over Your Jobs

“What do you do?”Humans have been asking this question since the beginning of time. For some, it’s a moment of pride and an opportunity to list their achievements, and for some, it’s a dreadful question that haunts their life. For the rest, it doesn’t matter for …

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Koyal – a Multi-Purpose Expert System – Md-Cob-Coa Knowledge Representation Using Prolog in J2Se

Abstract Expert systems are AI? s greatest commercial success. It is a research-oriented application area of AI. An expert system uses knowledge specific to a problem domain to provide “expert quality” performance. Predicate logic is being used for knowledge representation which is further programmed using …

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Top 5 Evolving eCommerce Trends In Coming Years

The eCommerce industry is a hyper-competitive community where the way in which customers experience specific brand matters most. Brands anticipating, plus meeting – or exceeding – customer’s expectations, strategically targeting and engaging online shoppers together through mobile will definitely taste success in the coming year. eCommerce retailers adhering …

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Artificial Intelligence in Missile Technology

Introduction Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Science that deals with helping machines finding solutions to complex problems in a more human-like fashion. It is intelligence exhibited by any manufactured system, which is often used in works of science fiction. The term is often applied …

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Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Automation is on an increase across all technologies and fields. This increase has led to the transformation, and the future role people play in Global workforce. The rise of artificial intelligence will result in the need for new skills and roles. Some Skills and roles …

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Is Artificial Intelligence Better Than Human Intelligence

Good morning everyone I’am the second speaker of the negative side. The topic for our debate is that ” Is Artificial Intelligence Better Than Human Intelligence”. We, the negative team, believe that the statement is false. We all know that human intelligence is a gift …

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Salesforce Brings Artificial Intelligence to CRM With Einstein

The near future of artificial intelligence (AI) won’t be defined by ushering in a race of sentient machines. While we’re inching closer to the goal of, the next era of AI will be more about imbuing the software and applications we use every day with …

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Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence Is Humanity’s ‘Biggest Existential Threat’

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has made his deep reservations about artificial intelligence abundently clear: In June, , he told CNBC “nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but you have to be careful," and in August he that AI's applications could be "potentially …

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Digital cameras and camcorders

Due to the popularity of digital cameras and camcorders, we have witnessed the dramatic increase of visual content such as photos and videos in recent years. The increased use of visual content has fostered new multimedia applications. For instance, flickr. com, a photo sharing web …

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Microsoft Office 365 To Get Smarter With Artificial Intelligence

Office 365 is going to get a whole lot smarter, all thanks to Genee, an AI that has been around for two and a half years, is essentially a digital assistant that books appointments, sets reminders, and can even reschedule meetings on the fly using …

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The Fantastic Five Of Oracle Accelerator Programme

Getting the right mentoring at the right time can do wonders for any startup just beginning their journey. And imagine what would happen when this mentoring is given by multinational computer technology corporation Oracle.Announced in April, Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator will be a platform for …

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Operation AI and Machine Learning

Principle of operation AI and Machine learning and how it could affect the future Investigation I am very interested in Computer science and programming. That is why my goal for this project is to research about AI and Machine learning(neural networks) and find out how …

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Artificial Intelligence Paper

The design of the system was the result of a project funded by the Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology . It will operate in the National Center of Immediate Assistance (KEBAB in Greek), which deals with emergency medical incidents by coordinating and routing ambulances …

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Artificial Intelligence Critique Essay

One were to take a look around the room they are currently in, chances are there would be some form of artificial Intelligence present. From cell phones to computers – artificial Intelligence Is everywhere and even a way of life. The next generation of people …

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Artificial Intelligence in Today’s Society

Artificial Intelligence in Today’s Society Larry Anderson INF103 Instructor Geathers November 21, 2011 “The goal of many computer scientists since the mid-20th century has been to create a computer that could perform logical operations. ”(Bowles, 2010, 9. 2). The journey to achieving this is called …

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