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Table of content
  1. 1. How To Write A Research Essay
  2. 2. How To Write A Research Essay
  3. 3. Grasp The Idea
  4. 4. Choose Topic
  5. 5. Conduct Research
  6. 6. Statement Thesis
  7. 7. Outline
  8. 8. First Draft
  9. 9. Introduction
  10. 10. Body
  11. 11. Conclusion
  12. 12. Second Draft
  13. 13. Revision
  14. 14. Qualities Of A Good Research Essay
  15. 15. Systematic
  16. 16. Logical
  17. 17. Tangible
  18. 18. Replicability
  19. 19. Comprehensive
  20. 20. Originality
  21. 21. No Fluff
  22. 22. Perfect Execution
  23. 23. The Difference Between Essay And Research Paper
  24. 24. Research Paper Vs. Essay:
  25. 25. Length
  26. 26. Ideas
  27. 27. Purpose
  28. 28. Content
  29. 29. Similarities
  30. 30. Research Essay Topics
  31. 31. Argumentative Research Essay
  32. 32. Topics For Research Essays
  33. 33. Conclusion

How To Write A Research Essay

By definition, a research paper is a piece of an academic article that provides an in-depth analysis of a particular argument based on intensive research. In this write-up, you have to explain comprehensively how much you have learned about the idea in the time you were given. You have to include data from credible sources such as academic journals, publications, textbooks, conference meetings, workshops, and so on.

The most fundamental feature of academics is writing, and institutions are relentless in this aspect. However, essays and research papers are not the same in that they have different styles and aim for a completely different goal.

How To Write A Research Essay

A good research essay demonstrates a strong knowledge of the subject, and because they are detailed, it is easy to get lost trying to figure out what to do. With this step-by-step guide, there should be no problem:

Grasp The Idea

If you do not understand the assignment that has been given, then there’s no way you can write a professional research essay sample. You need to read out the tasks carefully and make a bulleted list of what the requirements are.

Choose Topic

There are so many good research paper essay examples online, or you can use a topic generator to determine what the best one would be for you. Remember to pick an exciting idea so analysis would be fun.

Conduct Research

Journals, publications, textbooks, and other academic articles are credible sources. Be intensive in your search and identify ideas that agree or oppose your stand, as this would thoroughly help your study.

Statement Thesis

This is the central point of the whole essay. It tells readers the reason and purpose behind your article and serves as a guide to the entire essay. It is not rigid and can be changed as research continues.


Your research paper outline is a list of key topics, main points, arguments, evidence, opposing viewpoints, and everything relating to your article. It is important to write this because it would serve as a wireframe for your first draft.

First Draft

This is the skeleton of your work. All outstanding research essays started with a first draft, as it would help build and support the entire work. It mustn’t be perfect because you are just pouring out ideas as they come, but you can always polish them later.


Add an introduction to your first draft. This section should be captivating and answer some key questions on what? Why? And how? This is where you can either engage the reader or repel them. Make it compelling by including a hook.


This is the second most crucial section in the research essay format. Students struggle a lot with these parts because they don’t know how to organize the information into comprehensible texts. That is why a draft is essential. You can add the body in whatever manner it comes to you and edit it later.


A research essay outline template is incomplete without a concluding section. However, being the final section doesn’t mean it should be rushed or not carefully thought out. Before writing this part, read the whole text repeatedly and end it with a tone of finality.

Second Draft

It is now time to pull out the most important words and outline them in the second draft. The first draft was a wireframe, and this is about to be the main work, so you have to be careful in extracting useful ideas. Organize the body paragraphs in a concise order in which the reader would easily understand.


After the second draft is completed, your essay is done. It is now time to revise. Go over every detail, no matter how minute it is. Read it several times and let other people proofread. When you are satisfied with the final result, you can submit your work.

Qualities Of A Good Research Essay


One of the major qualities of a great article is how sequentially organized it is. The points, arguments, and facts must follow each other chronologically, easing the reader into the text slowly.


Your paper must not be full of fluff, preaching, or appeals. Academic writing has to be logical, with every claim backed by facts from credible sources.


Your entire article must be based on real-life events as told by other knowledgeable professionals. It should not be an illusion or a made-up scenario; each idea must be valid.


Just as you gathered data from credible sources, your work should be suitable for replication. It is an essential yardstick for measuring a quality article.


This quality can not be overemphasized since it has the original motive for the entire article. Your key points and work must be comprehensive to anyone reading this article. It must contain enough facts to back up every claim.


Research is all about gathering knowledge from other people’s work, but as a writer, you must ensure the article contains a point that is 100% original. You must be able to make your distinction and conclusion from the whole work.

No Fluff

Don’t fill your work with fluff; it will only detract from the credibility of your essay. Your article should only contain relevant data that explains every used term. Also, your work should be detailed and relevant enough to be used as a tool of study.

Perfect Execution

Your research must be thoroughly executed such that the great deal of effort you put in is easily seen in how organized the entire work is. When you put your time and energy into a task, it will surely turn out well.

The Difference Between Essay And Research Paper

Although they are both academic articles, there are key differences between them that must be looked into. These differences are more than just surface and go deep into the style and manner of execution.  

Research Paper Vs. Essay:


The main difference between the two is the length. A research article is usually multi-paged, while an essay is usually made up of a few paragraphs. An essay is never as lengthy as the latter.


A research article depends mainly on the idea of other people in busking the key points, while an essay is primarily crafted from the writer’s ideas.


Research aims to analyze how much a student knows about a particular idea. It is in-depth work that requires extensive research to build up their knowledge. An article, however, aims to criticize an already existing body of work. Or it inspires the student to think up ideas and be confident in expressing them.


The content of this article is based entirely on the research done, and the basis of the analysis carried out on the discussion. An article is made up of an overview of the title and sections expanding each point.


Despite their many differences, they have similar features such as:

  • Outline
  • Intensive research is needed.
  • They both have word counts.
  • They both aim to improve students’ thinking and research skills.  
  • They both require citations and a bibliography.

Research Essay Topics

There are hundreds of good topics for students looking to practice. These research essay examples are there to help improve your skills. Here are a few to help you get started:

Argumentative Research Essay

  1. Animals rights vs. human rights, which is more respected?
  2. Are the students to blame for the rise in campus violence?
  3. Drug Legalization and the decline of healthy systems
  4. Is sexual harassment anyone’s fault?
  5. Doping in sports: Good or bad?

Topics For Research Essays

  1. How can we improve our environment?
  2. Are social issues discussed enough in schools?
  3. Discuss the peer tutoring system adopted by schools
  4. How technology changed the scope of things
  5. Has mainstream music affected education?

Research argumentative essay writing is the most popular type of article, and you can find several samples online.


The rules are not set in stone, and these tips are intended to serve as a guideline for your work. Academic articles are a fundamental aspect of college life, and it is great to start preparing as soon as you possibly can. Goodluck.

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What are the 5 parts of research paper?
A Research Report has five major parts: Introduction Literature Review Methods These are the results. Discussion.
What is the introduction of a research essay?
Your introduction gives readers and reviewers the chance to tell you why your topic is worthy of their attention and why your paper is well worth their time. It serves many purposes. The introduction provides background information, introduces the topic and aims of your study, and gives an overview about the paper.
What is the good research title?
A title that is concise and adequately describes the content and purpose of your research paper is a good title . It is often the first part of a paper to be read.
What are the best topic in research?
Other great research paper topics: Technology. Religion. Social media. Music. Education. Health. Social issues. Environment.
What topic should be avoided in research?
The Best Played Topics. ... Personal Stories and Information You can also read more about... Topics with No Available Information. Topics with No Available Information. Topics that are too technical. ... Topics that are too narrow. Topics That Are Too Narrow Topics that are too broad. ... Opinion-Based and Offensive Controversial Topics ... Topics that aren't important

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