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An Investigation at How Dating Apps Affect College Students

Dating applications have been popularized by college students, and continue to become a more and more prevalent part of our society, but are these dating applications a beneficial part of society when juxtaposed to the happiness college students report in their dating lives. In order …

Words 1537
Pages 6
The Main Advantages and Uses of Modern Technology

In the past few decades, technological advances in research, teaching, and communication have dramatically increased the speed and efficiency of modern day academics, bringing what is known as education to a hitherto unforeseen level of progress. A few decades ago no one could have seen …

ComputerInformation Technology
Words 955
Pages 4
The Impact of Functionalism on the Possibility of Intelligent Robots

What Do Mini-Man Robots Have to Do with It? The two questions, “who can have a mind?” and “how do we know?” are particularly troubling in philosophy, and the answers vary depending on which theory is espoused. Some theories are problematic because they make it …

Words 1903
Pages 7
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The Use of Technology in the Classroom: Its Effects

Introduction The way technology effects a college students can vary in many ways. Many studies have proved that using technology in college classrooms had a mostly positive outcome. One study found that 70 percent of students learn better when they have classes that are partially …

Words 2242
Pages 9
The Numerous Uses and Advantages of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy has been a very controversial subject from the discovery of Uranium’s awesome usage in the 1940’s right up to the nuclear power plant failures in Japan just a few months ago. Even though Uranium has many horrible uses such as nuclear bombs, it …

Nuclear Energy
Words 1285
Pages 5
A Review of the Application of Integrated Marketing Communications

Introduction The notion of integrated marketing communications (IMC) is not new although it has become popular in recent times (Pickton D., and Broderick A. 2005). While the marketing concept, more often than not, has always focused on consumer needs, the practice of IMC has truly …

CommunicationIntegrated Marketing CommunicationMarketing Communication
Words 4917
Pages 18
Face Recognition Applications for Mobile Video Devices

Abstract Automatic face detection and recognition has proved to have significant potential as a research and development topic in image and real time video processing. Though complex, demanding and often error prone, a well-built face recognition system has considerable applicability in biometric scanning for airport …

Face Recognition
Words 1475
Pages 6
Application of demand and control theory to measure the well-being of care workers

Abstract Aims & Objectives: The purpose of this study was to understand the impacts of psychosocial factors on the psychological wellbeing of care workers in a care home setting. Design: The study employed a quantitative descriptive research methodology. Methods: The validated instruments used were Cope …

TheoriesTheory Application
Words 6942
Pages 26
MBA Application Letter to Study

Introduction 1. Personal history I have done my Bachelors of Business Administration as my undergraduate degree. I always wanted to do an MBA and this was the reason I did BBA in my undergraduate degree to form a learning basis in the field of business …

Essay Examples
Words 2096
Pages 8
Evaluation of revenue management application in Nigerian hotels.

Abstract This thesis has provided a structured literature review which gives a broader definitions of the major concepts in revenue management in terms of the applications and the long term relationship with customers. It then explores the extent to which revenue management is been applied …

Words 5189
Pages 19
Application of 2-D gas chromatography for environmental analysis

Abstract The conventional one-dimensional gas chromatography (1D-GC) compared to a comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC?GC) which provides the highest capacity, improved resolution and many of sensitivity. Additionally, it was create two-dimensional structure chromatogram, which is the proof of assistance in the composite class. Samples can …

Words 3923
Pages 15
Business plan: E-Commerce application “Learning disability service”

Summary of the group’s business idea Our group’s business plan involves an e-commerce application that provides services to the people having learning disabilities. The business is named as LDS for learning disability service. LDS will operate as a commercial entity with an underpinning social agenda. …

DisabilityE-commerceService Learning
Words 1725
Pages 7
Business Research Applications

I do not particularly work for any organization, but the organization I chose to research is Wal-Mart. The types of thing this essay will explain about Wal-Mart are how Wal-Mart conducts research, and how it can be used more effectively. This essay will also explain …

Words 934
Pages 4
Application Service Provider: Critical Review on Emergence, Development, Business Models, and the Performance

Introduction             In recent years, business via the Internet has grown in an exponentially manner. The internet gave birth to a lot of new business because of its capacity to reach out millions around the world. Driven further by increasing competition in the global market, …

Business Model
Words 120
Pages 1
Application of Forensic Psychology within a trial: R vs. Golds

Introduction Before delving into the applications and relevant theories in Forensic Psychology in this case, it is first necessary to summarise the particulars of this case. This will allow for the evidence to be objectively assessed, and then broken down as the empirical evidence provided …

Forensic Psychology
Words 2502
Pages 10
A Personal Application of Vroom’s Decision Making Model

Consider a couple of decisions you are facing A Personal Application of Vroom’s Decision Making Model             Vroom’s decision-making model shows how different leadership styles can be effectively harnessed in solving different kinds of problems (Batesman, 2007). He identified authority, consultative and group decisions as …

Decision Making
Words 67
Pages 1
Review of Applications of Accounting Information System of Petroleum

Today the competitive world has thrown more challenges to the corporate world. More transparent and clear information to the corporate management and its customers also has been the trick of success in today’s market. A company can gain confidence and attract more customers if it …

Accounting InformationPetroleum
Words 2453
Pages 9
Application of psychological theories at the Queens Hospital

Abstract This report analyses the application of psychological theories at the Queens Hospital where I was on placement as a Health Care Assistant. Health psychology takes into consideration the context of individuals’ lives, beliefs, behaviours and other risk factors in order to achieve the desired …

Words 2304
Pages 9
Application of MIS in Marketing

Information is the basis for every decision taken in an organization. The efficiency of management depends upon the availability of regular and relevant information. Thus it is essential that an effective and efficient reporting system be developed as part of accounting system. The main object …

Words 886
Pages 4
Whats does industry means on a job application?

What does industry mean on a job application? It means what field you have been working with. For example, if you were a teacher, the industry would be education. If you were a nurse, then jet down medicine or healthcare.

IndustriesJobJob Application
Words 40
Pages 1
The Importance of Information Technology in Today’s World and Its Future Trends in CRM, ERP, and SCM

The word IT (Information Technology) has gained colossal popularity over the year and today, can almost be regarded as a basic necessity for most walks of life.  Whether it’s in the field of business, or medicine, engineering, customer relationship management or even architecture, information technology …

Supply Chain ManagementTechnology
Words 109
Pages 1
Clinical applications of exercise

Documents look intoing the benefits of exercising plans for PAD, constituents of PAD exercising plans and patient conformity to exert plans were sourced for this essay. The undermentioned databases were reviewed, AMED, Medline ( PubMed ) , Medline ( ESCO ) , CINAHL, Sports Discus, …

Words 1976
Pages 8
Machine Learning In Medical Applications Health And Social Care Essay

Machine Learning ( ML ) aims at supplying computational methods for roll uping, altering and updating cognition in intelligent systems, and in peculiar acquisition mechanisms that will assist us to bring on cognition from illustrations or informations. Machine larning methods are utile in instances where …

Words 2657
Pages 10
Language Teaching And Application Of Communication Technologies Education Essay

CALL – short for Computer-assisted linguistic communication acquisition is a signifier of computer-based acquisition focused on bettering individualised acquisition as it is a student-centered accelerated larning tool intended to ease the linguistic communication larning procedure. The beginning of the word CALL comes from the abbreviation …

Words 1142
Pages 5
Multiple Intelligence Theory and Its Application to Education

The discourse surrounding multiple intelligence theory (MI) and its integration into education has been that of much debate. Written as an opposition to IQ testing, MI was originally developed as an alternate account of cognitive function, initially identifying seven distinct intelligences (verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, …

EducationMultiple IntelligenceTheory Application
Words 1780
Pages 7
An Efficient Bio-key Management Scheme for Telemedicine Applications

An Efficient Bio-key Management strategy for Telemedicine ApplicationsAbstraction: Checkup detector webs play a critical function for real-time wellness attention monitoring of telemedicine based applications. Telemedicine provide specialized health care audience to patients in distant locations. We use electronic information and communicating engineerings to supply and …

Words 2833
Pages 11
Behavior Therapy: Basic Concepts, Assessment Methods, and Applications

Behavior Therapy: Basic Concepts, Assessment Methods, and Applications. Different kinds of psychotherapies have existed throughout history, and have always been rooted in philosophical views of human nature (Wachtel P. , 1997). Specifically, behavior therapy intents to help individuals overcome difficulties in nearly any aspect of …

Words 2838
Pages 11
Application of Leadership Skills

Concepts When faced with challenges of conflicting timing, my team tried to use the negotiation process to negotiate with our client. We offered incentives like planning activities to entertainment them between their clients dismissal time and the time the youths could come and we focus …

Leadership Skills
Words 428
Pages 2
General Business Application Project

Instead of telling one employee to tell another employee what to do and Han that person tell the next employee what I want accomplished, I have now come to the conclusion that I need to have weekly meetings with my staff, in order, to avoid …

BusinessDecision MakingInternet
Words 1970
Pages 8
MRI Applications Imaging Knee Joint Health And Social Care Essay

The articulatio genus articulation is one of the most complicated articulations in the human organic structure. Because the articulatio genus is so vulnerable in many respects, it is besides the most normally injured articulation, particularly in the younger, athletic population. As a consequence of the …

Words 4794
Pages 18
Table of contents

What is an Application Essay?

Application essays are essays written by applicants seeking admission to universities, colleges, graduate schools, or professional schools. These essays provide applicants with an opportunity to showcase their writing skills, personal experiences, achievements, and ambitions to the admissions committee.

Application essays are an essential component of the admissions process as they allow the admissions committee to assess the applicant's suitability for the program, their motivation, and their potential contribution to the academic community. Typically, application essays prompt the applicant to answer specific questions or write about a particular topic relevant to their desired program or profession.

Application essays require careful planning, research, and writing skills. The essays should be well-organized, engaging, and persuasive, highlighting the applicant's unique qualities and achievements. Admissions committees also assess the applicant's writing abilities, including grammar, style, and punctuation, to evaluate their academic readiness for the program.

How Do You Write an Application Essay?

A well-written application essay can make all the difference in getting accepted into your desired school, program, or job. Here are some tips on how to write a strong application essay:

  1. Brainstorm: Before you begin writing, spend some time brainstorming and outlining your thoughts. Consider your goals, experiences, achievements, and aspirations.

  2. Be specific: Use specific examples and stories to illustrate your points. Avoid generalizations and clichés.

  3. Show, don’t tell: Rather than simply telling the reader what you’ve done or accomplished, show them through your stories and experiences.

  4. Be authentic: Write in your own voice and be honest about your experiences and aspirations. Don't try to sound like someone you're not.

  5. Follow the prompt: Make sure you understand and address the prompt or question being asked.

  6. Edit and proofread: After you’ve written your essay, take the time to edit and proofread it carefully. Check for spelling and grammar errors, as well as clarity and coherence.

  7. Get feedback: Ask someone you trust to read your essay and provide feedback. This can help you identify areas for improvement and ensure your essay is the best it can be.

Overall, a strong application essay should be well-written, specific, authentic, and tailored to the prompt or question being asked. It should showcase your strengths, experiences, and aspirations, and help you stand out from other applicants.

Application Essay Outline

The essay serves as an opportunity for the student to showcase their personality, academic achievements, and aspirations to the admissions committee. The outline for an application essay should include:

  1. Introduction: The introduction should grab the reader's attention and provide some background information about the student.

  2. Personal Information: This section should provide basic information about the student, including their name, age, and any relevant personal details.

  3. Educational Background: In this section, the student should provide information about their academic achievements, including their GPA, standardized test scores, and any honors or awards they have received.

  4. Extracurricular Activities: The student should describe any extracurricular activities they have participated in, such as sports, clubs, or community service.

  5. Work Experience: If the student has any relevant work experience, they should describe it in this section.

  6. Goals and Aspirations: In this section, the student should describe their future goals and aspirations, and explain how the college or university they are applying to can help them achieve those goals.

  7. Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the key points of the essay and leave a lasting impression on the reader.

It is important to note that the outline for an application essay may vary depending on the requirements of the college or university, so it is important to carefully review the application instructions and guidelines before beginning to write the essay.

Structure of an Admission Essay

Popular Topics For an Application Essays

Here are some popular topics for application essays:

  1. Personal statement: This is a common essay prompt for undergraduate and graduate school applications. It typically asks applicants to reflect on their personal background, values, experiences, and aspirations.

  2. Career goals: Many MBA programs require applicants to write an essay about their career goals and how an MBA degree will help them achieve those goals.

  3. Diversity and inclusion: Some schools and programs may ask applicants to write about their experiences with diversity and how they can contribute to a more inclusive community.

  4. Community service: Many scholarship applications require applicants to write about their involvement in community service and how it has impacted their lives and goals.

  5. Leadership: Some applications may ask applicants to describe their leadership experience and how they have demonstrated leadership in their academic, personal, or professional life.

  6. Challenges overcome: Some essay prompts ask applicants to reflect on a significant challenge or adversity they have faced and how they overcame it.

  7. Academic achievements: For undergraduate applications, essays may focus on academic achievements, including grades, test scores, and academic honors or awards.

  8. Research interests: Graduate school applications in the sciences or social sciences may ask applicants to describe their research interests and experiences.

Overall, the key to writing a strong application essay is to choose a topic that is both personal and relevant to the institution or program to which you are applying. The essay should provide insight into who you are as a person, what you can contribute to the community, and how the institution or program can help you achieve your goals.

Frequently asked questions

What should an application essay include?
11 Things Students Should Include In Their College Application...Write about yourself.Focus on one facet of yourself.Tell a good story.Keep it real.Present yourself in the best light.Include information not elsewhere in your application.Leverage your native culture, traditions, and experiences.
How do you start an application essay?
The introduction has to reveal to the reader what your essay is about and catch their attention. You could open with an anecdote or an interesting story that will show some of the best parts of your personality and character, offering an insight that will help the admission officers get to know who you are.
How can I write an application essay fast?
Here are the basic steps for writing an essay quickly:Step 1: Free Write. Set a timer for ten minutes.Step 2: Find your Thesis. Take what you have written and look for a hook.Step 3: Organize.Step 4: Talk it Out.Step 5: Write it Out.Step 5: Peer Edit.Step 6: Revise.
How do you write a common app essay?
Basic Do's of a Discursive EssayWrite in formal, impersonal style.Introduce each point in a separate paragraph.Use topic sentences for each paragraph.Write well-developed paragraphs.Give reasons and examples for each point.Use sequencing.Use linking words and phrases.
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