Essays on Pollution

Essays on Pollution

Pollution is the presentation of unsafe substances or items into nature. Contamination harms the earth, yet harms us moreover and is a big global issue. Pollution has been around for as long as we all can remember and some solutions are atop allowing industrial plants to pollute the earth, focus on renewable energy and develop it to minimize our environmental footprint, and lastly get a grip on the cow situation.

Billions of people, plants, and animals, even the earth is affected by pollution. Everyone of us is a polluter, but we also have environmental pollution caused by natural events, so we're both responsible. The problem is pollution started by an anthropogenic source, and humans not being able to contain environmental pollution either. The causes are humans making industrial plants, throwing trash anywhere, forest fines etc… the effects are millions of animals people dying, getting sick, and destroying the earth to the point where we can’t live on earth anymore.

This is a global issue and has been a problem since before the human race began due to environmental pollution but since humans, it became more and more of a problem. Pollution is already unsolvable because it’s too much than where we started at and we can only stop it so much, but not fully. This is a problem because it’s hurting living and non-living things, which is a hinge problem and we care because ya hurting us and our earth in which we need to live. This became a problem from humans creating trash, making factories, creating mines etc…and continues to be a problem day by day.

Pollution is everywhere and still continues to be a problem. One possible solution is to stop allowing industrial plants to pollute the earth. Industrial pollution is manufacturing raw products which creates air pollutants. “Poor air quality kills people ” and it will continue to kill many more people it we don’t stop it. Getting control on industrial plants, in which who are a big factor in greenhouse gases, and although would take time, it will help air pollution by a lot and save millions.

Another possible solution would be to focusing on renewable energy and developing it to minimize our environmental footprint. An environmental footprint is a humans impact and activities measured and waste generated. By using renewable energy we are naturally replenishing a human's “timescale”. Minimizing our footprint isn't easy at all “ Most air pollution is not natural, however. It comes from burning fossil fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas“ which can be stopped if humans stopped making stuff and minimize their carbon footprint.

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My Perfect Holiday

My Holiday plans – Where I want to go and why A perfect holiday, in my opinion, would incorporate mixtures of weathers, lovely mountains to catch the nice breeze, a verity of cultured food and flavours to choose from. To add to this perfect trip …

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Are Electric Cars Better than Petrol/Diesel Cars?

With the advent of technology everything in this world has changed in some or little ways, in the field of automobile human beings has made a tremendous progress which is implausible. With increase in consumption of fossils fuels it has become a global issue to …

Electric CarsEnergyNaturePollution
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Traffic Jam Essay

Traffic congestion is a condition caused by the increasing number of vehicles on the road resulting in congestion, road blockage, slower speed, longer route time and the loss of valuable time. Traffic jam occurs when the vehicles have to completely stop or move at a …

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Single Use Plastic Ban

Introduction/History of Plastics Susan Franklin, the former instructor at Seattle Pacific University of Washington DC, has written a book on the history of plastic. She says that before the plastic was invented in the world there were natural fibers like cotton, wool, jute and rubber. …

Ban PlasticE-commerceManufacturingNaturePollutionRecycling
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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: An Initiative for Pollution/Garbage Free Diwali this Year

Diwali is considered as a festival of cleanliness and light, but due to fireworks the meaning of this festival is changing. Poisonous gases emanating from firecrackers are not only harming the environment but also there is a danger of fire and damage to the body. …

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Globalization Essay

Globalization is a process of integrating trade and commerce throughout the globe. Governments, private companies and even people merge their differences and intermingle, interact, devise new trade policies, bringing different cultures and countries closer to each other. Unprecedented advancements in transport and communication technologies have …

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Essay on Ocean Dumping

Oceans around the world are turning into dustbins and all this waste is leaving a serious impact on the marine life conditions. The International Coastal Cleanup Initiative has detected how much waste is being dumped in the oceans around the world in just 24 hours …

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Essay on How Plastic Bags are Harmful to Marine Life

There is no doubt that the rivers merge into the seas and oceans. It means that the domestic and industrial contaminated water, pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, urban and industrial solid waste, agricultural waste, nuclear waste, polythene etc. which flow along the river, all eventually get …

Ban PlasticNatureOceanPollutionWater
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City Life Vs Village Life Essay

Even decades after independence, India is replete with inequality so much so that it is often said there are the two countries, one that is Bharat and the other, India. It speaks of the two different realities that prevail in rural and urban parts of …

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Five Examples Of Essays About Overpopulation

The most popular explanation for the threat posed by overpopulation of the planet is that in the event of a demographic crisis on Earth, resources will run out, and part of the population will face the fact of a lack of food, water or other …

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Five Examples Of Essay About Pollution

Humanity is mired in the era of consumption. Every day new products are made, various services are offered. Production is impossible without demand, and we create it. But who thinks about what is behind the manufacture of such a coveted product? Today, the problem of …

Air PollutionClimate ChangePaintingPollution
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Heavy Metals Toxicity and the Environment

Contamination of the environment by heavy metal is becoming the major global issue (Chauhan &Chauhan, 2014). Heavy metals have an atomic density greater than 4g/cm3 which are often detected at different concentrations level in various environmental mediums. Because of their direct and indirect toxicities to …

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Splitting from a Throw Away Culture

Recycling and littering is a worldwide headache with hundreds of communities affected by this matter in question. Coupled with this dilemma, Earth inhabits seven billion souls who are roaming each region on Earth, and with only room for two billion more we are running low …

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Analysis of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Waste Water

Heavy metal contamination of water has become an important problem in recent years. Most hazardous heavy metals exist in environmental water in trace or ultra-trace amounts, which requires establishing highly sensitive analytical methods. In this research, quantitative analyses were performed using atomic absorption spectrometry to …

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Global Warming and Climate Change Effects

Today’s globe is suffering from the problems arising from global warming, atmosphere change and enormous environmental pollution. In many ways, issues like substantial industrialization, renovation and unplanned urbanization are treated as the key causes of these problems. It is said that because of this environmental …

BankClimateGlobal WarmingGlobal Warming EffectsNaturePollution
Words 864
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Valuation of contaminated land in nigeria

Abstract More and more once productive land in Lagos Metropolis and Nigeria on the whole is being rendered vacant, derelict and waste as a result of contamination. Coloured, industrial and heavy metal-laden effluent from our textile, tannery, petrochemical and plant industries are dumped on all …

InvestmentPollutionWater Pollution
Words 14555
Pages 59
Environmental protection Measures

Introduction The Four Main Options for Environmental Protection 1. Legislation 2. Control by Regulatory Bodies 3. Design and Specification 4. Management 1. Legislation Cost – Is it expensive to put into practice or relatively cheap Legislation is a law or a regulation which has been …

EnergyEnvironmental ProtectionFuelNaturePollution
Words 3539
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Controlling Environmental Pollution in UK

Introduction Environmental pollution has been a huge concern since many centuries even in a number of developed nations which were characterized by old civilizations and well settled societies that were later on modified by industrialization and modernization that brought in the need for effective waste …

Environmental PollutionNaturePollutionWater
Words 2213
Pages 9
Centre for Enegry, Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy

ABSTRACT: The concept of human rights have been if not generally but to some degree understood. How it is important for every man to have his own dignity and freedom to move however not everyone understands how closely related environmental right and human rights are …

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Does CSR affect the sustainable development on Ford automobile manufacturing industry?

Introduction An investigation concerned Cornell faculty members voted the most important of the day indicated climate change and its effects on ecosystems is the top one. (Lang, 2008) In the 2009 Copenhagen United Nations climate conference, countries discussed climate environmental problems, advocated energy saving and …

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A scoping report on the Beighton Extreme Sport Park proposal

Introduction 1. Spatial Scope The proposed site for the Beighton extreme sport park is located on the A57 which is the road connecting Sheffield city centre to junction 31 on the M1. Some of the local residential areas that surround the site include: Woodhouse, Hackenthorpe …

Extreme SportNaturePollutionRecyclingWater
Words 2626
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Microbial Degradation of Phenols

Introduction Organic pollutants are chemicals that are hazardous to human health. Most of them are extremely toxic at very low concentrations, persistent, can be transported over long range as air pollutants, bio-accumulate in human and animal tissue, and biomagnify in food chain. Phenol and its …

Words 2032
Pages 9
Feasibilty study of a proposed new Thames river crossing

Introduction Thames River is the longest river in England and second longest river in United Kingdom. The significance of the river is that it flows through the London. It starts from Thames head in Gloucestershire with an elevation of 110m and ends at Thames Estuary, …

Air PollutionPollutionSustainability
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Pages 7
UN-HABITAT: investigate the importance of clean Freshwater resources

Introduction Freshwater is vital for all aspects of life. It is needed for proper body function and health. Moreover, water is needed for agriculture, industry, weather patterns, shaping of earth and many other sides. Shortages and insecurity of freshwater may have devastating effects. This problem …

AgricultureClean WaterExperimentPollutionWater
Words 413
Pages 2
Critical analysis of micro-plastics and the environment

Introduction Over the decades there has been a growing concern about the escalating amounts of plastic debris found in the marine environment. Plastic debris has been reported worldwide in marine and terrestrial habitats (Thompson et al, 2004). The understanding of micro-plastic spatial, temporal distribution and …

Words 342
Pages 2
Environmental Justice Campaign

Introduction Beginning with Executive order 12898, policymakers in the United States federal and state governments have been mandated to consider elements of environmental justice (EJ) in policy deliberations (President 1994). The executive order arose out of concerns about an apparent and disturbing trend whereby ethnic …

Words 3001
Pages 13
Historical aspect and development of tourism in Paris

Introduction This essay will firstly analyse the historical aspect and development of tourism in Paris. Secondly it will also identify the positive and negative aspects of socio-economic, cultural and environmental impacts. Finally it will explain an academic model related to Paris. In particular, it is …

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Humans – The Real Threat to Life on Earth

The environment is the source of everyone’s needs. It is where one gets food, materials and shelter. It is from the environment that people obtain the air they breathe. However, this environment has been destroyed since then and until now. One of the environmental concerns …

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Air Pollution Control Management 2

Abstract As impact of airborne pollution been widely recognized, its management is considered as an important component in controlling AQ in the Asian Context. Important parameters and components of Air Quality Management are being discussed. AQ can be improved by integrating a number of technical …

Air PollutionManagementNaturePakistanPollution
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Proper Waste Disposal

First of all, I would like to thank my wonderful parents whose support has inspired me greatly in making a willful choice in doing my best. I appreciate the skills that they have imparted to me to upon doing this research and their editing of …

Carbon DioxidePollutionRecycling
Words 2912
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Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Pollution can take the form of any substance or energy. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.


Particle pollution, also known as particulate matter or PM, is a general term for a mixture of solid and liquid droplets suspended in the air. The air we breathe indoors and outdoors always contains particle pollution. Some particles, such as dust, dirt, soot, or smoke, are large enough to be seen with the naked eye.


If You Don't Kill pollution, It Will Kills You. Let's Push Towards Green To Keep The Planet Clean. Join The Revolution And Stop The Pollution. Talking about pollution, nobody's holy.

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