Essays on Pollution

Essays on Pollution

Pollution is the presentation of unsafe substances or items into nature. Contamination harms the earth, yet harms us moreover and is a big global issue. Pollution has been around for as long as we all can remember and some solutions are atop allowing industrial plants to pollute the earth, focus on renewable energy and develop it to minimize our environmental footprint, and lastly get a grip on the cow situation.

Billions of people, plants, and animals, even the earth is affected by pollution. Everyone of us is a polluter, but we also have environmental pollution caused by natural events, so we're both responsible. The problem is pollution started by an anthropogenic source, and humans not being able to contain environmental pollution either. The causes are humans making industrial plants, throwing trash anywhere, forest fines etc… the effects are millions of animals people dying, getting sick, and destroying the earth to the point where we can’t live on earth anymore.

This is a global issue and has been a problem since before the human race began due to environmental pollution but since humans, it became more and more of a problem. Pollution is already unsolvable because it’s too much than where we started at and we can only stop it so much, but not fully. This is a problem because it’s hurting living and non-living things, which is a hinge problem and we care because ya hurting us and our earth in which we need to live. This became a problem from humans creating trash, making factories, creating mines etc…and continues to be a problem day by day.

Pollution is everywhere and still continues to be a problem. One possible solution is to stop allowing industrial plants to pollute the earth. Industrial pollution is manufacturing raw products which creates air pollutants. “Poor air quality kills people ” and it will continue to kill many more people it we don’t stop it. Getting control on industrial plants, in which who are a big factor in greenhouse gases, and although would take time, it will help air pollution by a lot and save millions.

Another possible solution would be to focusing on renewable energy and developing it to minimize our environmental footprint. An environmental footprint is a humans impact and activities measured and waste generated. By using renewable energy we are naturally replenishing a human's “timescale”. Minimizing our footprint isn't easy at all “ Most air pollution is not natural, however. It comes from burning fossil fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas“ which can be stopped if humans stopped making stuff and minimize their carbon footprint.

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Waste Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Waste pollution means littering civic waste particularly household waste into places not designated to dispose of it. It is mainly caused by mismanagement of solid waste when garbage is not lifted from streets and areas to carry it to landfill sites for its final disposal. …

ManufacturingNatural EnvironmentPollution
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Proper Waste Disposal

First of all, I would like to thank my wonderful parents whose support has inspired me greatly in making a willful choice in doing my best. I appreciate the skills that they have imparted to me to upon doing this research and their editing of …

Carbon DioxidePollutionRecycling
Words 2912
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My Perfect Job

My idea of the perfect job is one that will allow me to use the skills and knowledge I have gained, while also allowing some flexibility in my time, and keeping my interest. Having work that is financially rewarding goes without saying. I love working …

EnergyEssay ExamplesNaturePollution
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The Negative Impact of Traffic Congestion on Society and Economy

Traffic congestion is a condition caused by the increasing number of vehicles on the road resulting in congestion, road blockage, slower speed, longer route time and the loss of valuable time. Traffic jam occurs when the vehicles have to completely stop or move at a …

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Save Our Planet

Are we aware that we are slowly destroying our planet? We should think about our earth’s condition day by day because our planet is in great danger. We are very lucky that we can enjoy everything on earth like water, air, natural resource and others …

EarthNatural EnvironmentPollution
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Impact of Industrialization on Environment

Impact of Industrialization on Environment OVERVIEW Centuries ago, when there was no active expanding of large cities and industries, nature was able to overcome pollution and keep air fairly clean without outside help. The wind and rain in the form of natural rescuers scattered gases …

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City Life Vs Village Life Essay

Even decades after independence, India is replete with inequality so much so that it is often said there are the two countries, one that is Bharat and the other, India. It speaks of the two different realities that prevail in rural and urban parts of …

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Which Place Do You Prefer to Live?

Which place do you prefer to leave: in a small town or in a big city ? Small towns and big cities both have their good sides. First big cities have unlimited choices of things you can do. There is always a lot to do …

Human NaturePollutionTraffic
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Reflection Essay on Air Pollution

Introduction Our life on Earth is affected by many factors. Pollution is one of them. In fact, there are four kinds of pollution: air, land, water, and noise pollution. This big problem is becoming closer to putting life on the verge of death. It has …

Air PollutionCancerDiseaseEnergyPollution
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Plastic Pollution

Plastic has been the common materials that is being used on a daily basis. Many objects that made from plastic that can be seen from everyday such as food containers, plastic bag, storage and so many things that even a human being cannot think of …

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Role of Geography in International Marketing

Discussion Questions for Chapter 3 History and Geography The Foundation of Culture Discussion Questions Define: Manifest DestinySustainable development Roosevelt CorollaryMonroe Doctrine Why study geography in international marketing? Discuss. Geography is the study of the physical characteristics of a particular region of the earth. Involved in …

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The Global Importance of Tourism

Some people think tourism is just going to a travel agency and buying a tour to visit a place. However, there are more issues involved in this field than people can imagine. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) tourism represented 5% of the direct …

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Recycling Plastic

Recycling plastic will help save our natural resources. 1. With the increasing human population the needs for the people also increases. But the point of concern is that are there enough natural resources to service all your needs. What if these resources finish, this is …

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Government Can Sometimes Improve Market Outcomes

Government’s involvement in the market can sometimes improve market outcomes because the invisible hand on its own may fail to allocate the resources efficiently. The government may intervene to promote efficiency and equity. The market on its own may cause market failure through externalities and …

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Characteristics of Public Administration

Principles of Public Administration 1. 0 Introduction. This article discusses how have principles of public administration been applied to positively advance each of the following fields: education, transportation, health care, community development, law enforcement, and environmental policy. Also, the article hypothesizes what would become of …

DiseasePollutionPublic Administration
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How economic factors affect the aviation industry

The aviation industry is particularly susceptible to external economic factors because it affects and depends on a substantial number of industries. Also, because the industry involves operating between borders, then economic factors from other parts of the world other than the domestic market also affect …

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Should Recycling Be Mandatory?

Is recycling really going green with the environment? Or is recycling just a way to go for green material known as dollars? Recycling is a method in which materials that are not used anymore by people are processed in order to transform them in useful …

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Globalization Essay

Globalization is a process of integrating trade and commerce throughout the globe. Governments, private companies and even people merge their differences and intermingle, interact, devise new trade policies, bringing different cultures and countries closer to each other. Unprecedented advancements in transport and communication technologies have …

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Science: A Curse or a Blessing

We cannot say for certain whether science is a curse or a blessing. it is our use of science which would make science a curse or a Blessing. First, let us see how man has used science for his good so that it has become …

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Positive and Negative Externalities on the Automotive Industry

Most industries are affected by both positive and negative externalities and automobile industry has not been an exception, the two most notable positive externalities that affect automotives are lower prices and employment. In his speech Leary (n. d) identifies low costs as the most obvious …

Automotive IndustryNaturePollutionRecycling
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Pestle presentation mercedes benz

As a part of the marketing planning process, a business has to analyses its external environment . NNE useful way of analyzing the external environment is by grouping external forces into six areas using P EST analysis . PEST stands for political . Economical,social and …

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Environment: Pollution and Human Activity

Nowadays the Earth faces a number of serious problems, such as the environment pollution, the increasing population, the fatal effects of nuclear weapons, etc. The problems arising from not just development in terms of science and technology but also the increase in human demands based …

Words 49
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The Consequences of Improper Waste Management: Pollution and Environmental Damage

Each of us will throw a lot of waste every day; you know where all the wastewent? Most of the waste will get sanitary landfill, incineration, composting and other sound processing in some areas with better waste management, while most places Just easy piled or …

Words 1894
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Global Ocean Pollution Crisis: 9.2 Million kg of Garbage Dumped in 24 Hours

Oceans around the world are turning into dustbins and all this waste is leaving a serious impact on the marine life conditions. The International Coastal Cleanup Initiative has detected how much waste is being dumped in the oceans around the world in just 24 hours …

Words 2400
Pages 9
Air pollution: Narrative Report

Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particulate matter, or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living organisms, or cause damage to the natural environment or built environment, into the atmosphere. The atmosphere is a complex dynamic natural gaseous system …

Air PollutionAtmosphereChemistryNaturePollution
Words 436
Pages 2
Save the Planet Earth

Our planet is in great danger. For the last one hundred or so years, the people of earth have wasted and misused the natural recourses of earth. Several plans have been developed to stop the abuse of earth. Some of these plans I will discuss …

Words 74
Pages 1
Benefits Of Recycling Persuasive Essay

The highly material intensive nature of the modern industry has led to huge resource consumption and compilation of large amount of industrial and municipal waste leading to depletion of natural system, erosion of earth’s resource base, global warming, rise of sea level, deterioration of environment, …

Words 69
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Pollution in Vietnam

Hanoi As Vietnam’s economy has boomed in recent decades, so too have pollution levels in its major cities, with experts concerned that air pollution could pose a major public health concern. “Environmental pollution in Vietnam is a real problem,” said Tuong Lai, former dean of …

Words 502
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Problems with the Central Business District

A problem in the world’s most CBDs is that the volume of traffic caused air pollution and was a danger to health and safety of shoppers and other pedestrians. Fortunately this problem does not apply to Vienna anymore. In the past it used to be …

Words 1543
Pages 6
My Hometown in the Vietnam

The Vietnamese proverb ‘dat lanh chim dau’, which means ‘wherever there is good soil, there are flocks of birds coming to settle down”, shows that people tend to move to a place in which they can live and make money in a fairly easy way. …

Words 633
Pages 3
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Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Pollution can take the form of any substance or energy. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.


Particle pollution, also known as particulate matter or PM, is a general term for a mixture of solid and liquid droplets suspended in the air. The air we breathe indoors and outdoors always contains particle pollution. Some particles, such as dust, dirt, soot, or smoke, are large enough to be seen with the naked eye.


If You Don't Kill pollution, It Will Kills You. Let's Push Towards Green To Keep The Planet Clean. Join The Revolution And Stop The Pollution. Talking about pollution, nobody's holy.

Polluted lakes

  • Lake Victoria
  • Onondaga Lake
  • Taihu Lake
  • Lake Karachay
  • Caspian Sea

Pollution organizations

  • United States Environ...
  • Plastic Pollution Coalition
  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Greenpeace
  • Natural Resources Defense...

Frequently asked questions

What is pollution short essay?
Pollution is the release of harmful substances or products into the environment. It can cause damage to the environment, human health, and quality of life. There are many different types of pollution, including air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and noise pollution.Air pollution is one of the most serious forms of pollution. It occurs when harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, are released into the air. These gases can cause respiratory problems, such as asthma, and can also lead to other health problems, such as heart disease.Water pollution occurs when harmful substances, such as chemicals and sewage, are released into bodies of water. This can contaminate the water, making it unsafe to drink. It can also harm the plants and animals that live in the water.Soil pollution occurs when harmful substances, such as pesticides and herbicides, are released into the soil. This can contaminate the food that is grown in the soil, and can also harm the animals that live in the area.Noise pollution occurs when loud noises, such as from traffic or construction, are released into the environment. This can cause hearing loss, and can also lead to other health problems, such as stress and anxiety.
What is 150 word pollution?
There are many types of pollution, but in general, pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. This can happen through human activity, such as factories emitting harmful gases into the air, or it can happen naturally, such as when a volcano erupts and sends harmful ash and chemicals into the air. Pollution can also occur in water, when harmful substances are introduced into waterways.There are many different effects of pollution. It can cause health problems for humans and animals, damage the environment, and make the air, water, and land unusable. Pollution is a major problem that needs to be addressed to protect the planet and its inhabitants.
What can I write about pollution?
Some possible topics include:-The different types of pollution-How pollution affects the environment-How pollution affects human health-What causes pollution-How to prevent pollution-How to reduce pollution-What are the consequences of pollution
What is 60 word pollution?
The first type is air pollution, which is caused by emissions from factories, cars, and other sources. This pollution can cause respiratory problems, and it can also contribute to global warming. Another type of pollution is water pollution, which is caused by chemicals and sewage runoff. This pollution can contaminate drinking water supplies, and it can also cause fish and other aquatic creatures to die.

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