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Table of content
  1. 1. What is a Descriptive Essay?
  2. 2. How do you Write a Descriptive Essay?
  3. 3. Choosing a Topic for an Essay
  4. 4. Creating an Outline for Descriptive Essay
  5. 5. Creating a Descriptive Essay Introduction
  6. 6. Descriptive Essay Structure
  7. 7. 1. Introduction
  8. 8. 2. Main Body
  9. 9. 3. Conclusion

What is a Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive essays are written to help the reader visualize the described scene, place, or event. The purpose of descriptive writing is to provide information excitingly to hold their attention while displaying your writing abilities.

The style is used when you are assigned a topic that requires extended descriptions, such as scenes from novels and plays, picturesque scenery, historical events, etc. Your purpose is to create a vivid picture of the location or place in your reader's mind. It excitingly provides detailed information to hold their attention.

The best descriptive essay examples will show you how to write a descriptive essay of your own. It is easier than it looks. Once you read the following articles and essays, written by some expert writers in this field, helping students just like yourself with their educational projects, then you'll be well on your way to writing descriptive essays of your own.

How do you Write a Descriptive Essay?

We will show you how to start a descriptive essay; you first decide what the main subject of your description is. Then, you need to make a list of all the essential features of that thing or place. You can also consider the feelings that are related to it and include them in your descriptions.

An excellent essay should be easily understood by readers who do not know the thing or place well.

Describing people, cultures, customs, and so on is also part of the essays. But these are strictly subjective topics, and readers may have different opinions on them. Therefore, to let your reader see your descriptions as objective facts, avoid using words like "good" or "wonderful."

It would help if you wrote descriptive essays in the first or third person. You should be as specific as possible to make your reader see it clearly and feel like they are there.

Let the following steps guide you in writing this form of essay:

  1. Start your essay with a descriptive paragraph that creates an image of the subject in your reader's mind.

  2. Follow up with another one or two paragraphs, and provide detailed information on more subtle features of the subject.

  3. Use interesting descriptions to hold your readers' attention. Make sure your readers understand the meaning of each part of your descriptions.

  4. You can also use numbers or colors to describe things

  5. Use words with similar sounds in the different parts of your essay to give it rhythm and flow.

Choosing a Topic for an Essay

When writing this essay, you need to know what the main subject of your description is. It can be anything from places and animals to smells, feelings, and people's mindsets.

It would help if you chose an engaging topic or a subject that you know well. To create an image of the described object in your reader's mind, you must understand it as thoroughly as possible.

For instance, if you want to describe a beautiful landscape, make sure you visit the place more than once and take many pictures.

Creating an Outline for Descriptive Essay

To ensure the success of your essay, you need to create an outline before writing it. Since the purpose of this essay is to stimulate readers' senses through the description, keep in mind that they want to see and feel what you are describing.

Your outline should include all the essential points and features of your topic. You may also add any feelings and emotions associated with your case to make your essay more interesting.

Creating a Descriptive Essay Introduction

In this type of essay, you should write an introduction that will capture your reader's attention from the start. It is essential to use some exciting details in the first paragraph of your essay.

Going back to the descriptive essay definition is an art of painting word images. If you are writing an essay about a person or an object, start with the object's name and add some information.

For example, if you write a descriptive essay about the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, your first paragraph could be something like this: "The Eiffel Tower still stands as an iconic part of Paris."

When describing people, your introduction should contain some specific details about them.

Descriptive Essay Structure

How to write a good descriptive essay? A descriptive essay structure should include an introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the body parts of your essay, provide a series of paragraphs that deal with various aspects and features of your topic. Begin each section with some exciting details about it.

If you are describing an object, describe its shape, size, and color.

When describing people, describe their facial features and behaviors.

In the concluding paragraph, bring everything together to create a final image in your reader's mind about the topic you are describing. An excellent descriptive essay format follows these specific steps:

1. Introduction

A descriptive essay introduction is the first paragraph, which should be interesting enough to make your reader want to continue reading.

There are specific rules that need to be followed to create a good introduction. When dealing with the introductory paragraph, you need to make your reader accept that you are writing about something interesting.

The introductory paragraph is not where you should summarize what you want to talk about in general, but tell your reader exactly why they should be interested in reading your essay. Start your intro by pointing out some facts and information about your subject.

2. Main Body

The main body is the essential part, and it should contain a series of main paragraphs that describe different aspects of your subject.

Each paragraph in the main body needs to contain something new about the topic, so make sure you don't repeat anything that has already been saying.

In each of the paragraphs in the main body, use plenty of concrete and visual details.

You can tell if your essay contains good details by checking how well you can imagine what you describe. The more clearly you can visualize your subject, the better is your descriptive writing.

Also, you can add your thoughts and emotions to make it more interesting.

3. Conclusion

When writing a conclusion, it will depend on the topic you are writing about.

If it's a descriptive essay of a place, it should contain information about why you think this place is exciting and worth visiting.

If your essay is about an object, you need to tell whether or not you like it. If a person is being described in the essay, tell what impression that person made. Also, give the reasons.

Element of a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay needs to have an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. In addition, it should be interesting because it contains concrete details that make the reader feel as if they were there, experiencing the described event themselves.

Another thing you need to do for your article to be successful is excellent vocabulary. The right choice of words will give your reader a clear image of what you describe and show that you write correctly. You can get a good example of a descriptive essay in our essay tutorials.

Popular Descriptive Essay Topics

If you want to write, there are plenty of descriptive essay tips for topics available. Most are written about places or events the author has direct experience with. You can also choose a work of literature or another person that you would like to describe in detail. Some popular descriptive essay topics for college students include:

  • Describe your hometown

  • Describe your school

  • Describe a particular place or event from the past that had a significant impact on you;

  • If you have lived in several different areas, describe one of those places in detail.

Describe an object you own that has some sentimental value for you.

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What is descriptive essay and examples?
A descriptive essay, like its name, is an essay in which something is described. Students use sensory information to allow readers to use their five senses (sight, touch, taste and smell) to understand the topic.
How do you write a descriptive essay?
How to write descriptive essays: 1. Pick a topic. Strong descriptive essays always stay focused. 2. Collect information. 3. Outline it. 4. Write an opening paragraph. 5. Write the main paragraphs. 6. The last paragraph should sum up the essay. 7. Try to spice up your vocabulary.
What is descriptive essay all about?
A descriptive essay describes something. It can be an object, person or event. This essay gives enough details to enable readers to visualize the topic.
How many paragraphs are in a descriptive essay?
A descriptive essay is longer and contains five or more paragraphs.
How do you start a descriptive essay introduction?
The introduction of a descriptive essay should be a setting and familiarization for the reader. To describe the item, use the touch list. A clear introduction should grab the attention of the reader. Next, conclude the introduction by stating your thesis.

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