Global Warming Essay Examples

Global Warming Essay Examples

Today, global warming is one of the most discussed topics in the world. Moreover, the discussion came out of university audiences and became part of world politics.

On the eve of the World Meteorological Organization published a report on the state of climate in 2015-2019, which clearly demonstrates: countries are not fulfilling their obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change is happening much faster than scientists expected.

Temperature records break almost every year, ice melts faster (and somewhere glaciers disappear altogether), the level of the World Ocean and the acidity of water increase.

Some of the latest studies say that if we want to keep the Earth’s climate within the limits known in human history, we must leave almost all available fossil fuels in the bowels. If we do not act now, we can push the climate beyond instability when the situation gets out of our control.

What is global warming?

A gradual increase in the total temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere is usually associated with the greenhouse effect caused by an increase in the level of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons and other pollutants.

James Hansen, NASA’s leading climatologist and one of the first to warn of the greenhouse effect, set out to determine the limits of dangerous human intervention in the climate.

In 2008, his team came to the unexpected conclusion that the current level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere was already in the danger zone.

How to write an essay on global warming

It will take a lot of time to prepare and write an essay, so you should choose a topic on which work will be interesting to you. When writing an essay, it is also important to understand who it is intended for. If you are in the classroom, your classmates and teacher will read the essay. Or maybe you are writing for a much wider audience. In any case, to build argumentation more effectively, you should consider your audience.Global warming is an extensive topic that can be viewed from different angles.

For example, you can choose one of the following topics:

  • 10 things we can change to reduce greenhouse effect
  • How can we reduce emissions
  • How do humans affect the atmosphere
  • What is the biggest threat to the planet
  • How we can use less fossil fuels

Make a research

So, you have all this information, what to do with it now? Do your research! Ideally, set aside a couple of days to study the sources, search for evidence.

Global warming is a fact-based scientific topic, therefore:

  • Watch only for reliable sources; Do not use online articles without scientific evidence. You do not need many sources, it is better to take less, but better.
  • Use printed sources, if you have any.
  • Use also sources contrary to your opinion. Further, using your arguments, you will present your essay in a better light.

Write an exciting introduction

After choosing a topic, you need to start writing a paragraph that sets the tone for the entire essay and grabs the reader’s attention.

Place a short interesting phrase first. Then go from general to particular facts and formulate the main idea. Use numbers and statistics to confirm the problem you are considering.

The creative and original title will interest the reader and he will want to read your essay. A good headline gives the reader a concept of the article itself. Scientific articles often use headings consisting of two parts separated by a colon. Moreover, the first part is a spectacular statement that can attract the attention of the reader, and the second part clarifies and reveals this statement in more detail.


Each paragraph should consist of

  1. the main sentence (a general idea about the chosen topic)
  2. analysis of the problem, how it affected the environment, how to appear on humanity, you can give many examples, this will only benefit your essay
  3. an argument from the text which confirms the thesis statement. You analyze sources, examples, when you give your arguments.
  4. Select links that support your point of view.

Reliably justify your position, backed by references to serious scientific work. Refer to serious works written by experts in this field (for example, if your argumentative essay is devoted to the dangers of global warming, cite the work of a well-known environmental specialist) and published in refereed scientific journals. The works published in such publications are subject to preliminary verification (reviews).

Remember that on the Internet everyone can write anything without adhering to any requirements regarding the accuracy of the information presented, therefore, in scientific work it is not recommended to refer to blogs and non-specialized websites.

Write the final paragraph

Writing a conclusion is your chance to create an impression in the reader’s memory and to make your audience think about the problem of global warming beyond reading your article.

Remember that it is important to complete your letter by summing up the main idea for your readers. This brings your letter to completion and creates a well-written piece of work.

Top Questions about Global Warming

What is global warming causes?

  • Burning fossil fuels

When we burn fossil fuels, mostly coal, oil and gas, to generate electricity or power our cars, we emit CO2 pollution into the atmosphere.

  • Deforestation & Tree-Clearing

Plants and trees play an important role in climate regulation, since they in turn absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen into it.

  • Agriculture & Farming

Animals, especially livestock, such as sheep and cattle, produce methane, which also has greenhouse gas.

How can we fight global warming?

  • Talk about the problem
  • Use renewable energy
  • Conduct a home energy audit
  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances
  • Reduce the amount of water
  • Do not buy large quantities of food that you throw away later
  • Buy the best light bulbs
  • Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle

What is the biggest contributor to global warming?

Electricity and heat production: The burning of coal, natural gas and oil to generate electricity and heat is the largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions.

What happens when humans burn fossil fuels?

When burning fossil fuels, they emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which, in turn, trap heat in our atmosphere, which makes them the main sources of global warming and climate change.

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