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Unit 4: Roza Niemiec

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Roza Niemiec Unit 4 Introduction of Duty of Care in Health , Social Care or Children`s and Young People`s Settings . 1. 1Define the term “duty of care “ It means that as Health and Social worker we have to do everything to avoid danger and harm for our clients or service users , it is our legal duty to avoid any danger for them . Following polices and procedurs and write risk assessment to individual, taking actions to keep the individuals safe and report it any danger . Keep up to date with all training and updates . 1. Describe how the duty of care affects own work role The time when iam starting work iam responsible for take care of residents. I have to make sure if they are safe . I have to follow Health and Safety procedures but also I have to use my own mind and see if everything is ok . I have to be very observant and be open to critic because maybe iam not always right I have to know what someone is thinking as well . Sometimes is very hard when I asked to do so many tasks in the same time but my duty is to make sure of safety .

In my work place we got daily visitors. I try to make sure if they are ok because who ever is inside work place iam responsible for them . I cant share information with anyone, just with manager or senior . Regular training is really helping because maybe i can go into routine and forget thinks . 2. 1 Describe dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individuals. I think there is many dilemmas because people want to make them choices as well , by stopping them to do something for them safety we are not helping them to be independent.

Also rights to freedom , by thinking that person will get harm by doing something we just making that person unhappy and we blocking them to do what they like . For example elderly they still like to dance or cook or have any other hobby’s. Also I want to talk about confidentiality, sometimes we don’t know if we can share some information , maybe this will harm interest of individual . 2. 2 Explain where to get additional support and advice about how to resolve such dilemmas I think first person which I could got for advice would be Senior Care Assistant and Manager or tutor .

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Unit 4: Roza Niemiec

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But if I not get anything from them I would contact professional bodies like The Association of Health Care Professionals , Care Quality Commission , Unison , Skills for Care , Skills for Health and there are many more . We can find them numbers on internet . 3. 1 Describe how to respond to complains In letter I would acknowledge the complaint about what was happen , that I will take them concern seriously and that there will be actions make in investigation and apologise .

The best would be give them time frame and plan of action. I would try to resolve the problem directly with person sending that complain . The best option would be to talk with that person or talk by phone . Explain to that person about them rights and to who sand complain if is problem not resolved . I would try to understand that person pion of view and try to make this person understand my point of view . Also reassure that person that everything said is confidential .

Responding to complain in good way can restore a trust and can prevent from future misunderstanding s. 3. 2 Identify the main points of agreed procedures for handling complains . Keeping all records of complain , investigation in what happen , give respond in agreed time with apologies or explanation , respond in right manner to complainer , tell him or his rights what happen if complain is not resolved , tell about role of local authorises , learned from mistakes and improve place of work

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