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Essays on Italy

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A National Artist

A national artist refers to a person who has been given high recognition for having made significant contributions towards the development of national arts in regard to music, theatre, literature, film, visual arts and other allied arts.  Italian artists are professional artists who have mastered …

Words 648
Pages 3
A Trip to Italy

Vacation and travel is a phenomenon which strikes a chord with nearly every human being on the planet. While true, there are many without the means to engage in such activity, there is little doubt that the primal urge to escape one’s everyday surroundings strikes …

Words 1133
Pages 5
Macro-Environment Analysis of Italy and 12 C Frameworks

Executive summary The assignment starts with an introduction and Macro-environment analysis of Italy and 12 C frameworks. Macro environment is based on economic factors, social cultural forces, political and technological things that affect the organisation inside. It is important for a company to identify the …

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Pages 17
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The Qualities of a Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

In The Qualities of a Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli discusses the attributes that he believes make for a good leader. Although Machiavelli wrote The Qualities of a Prince centuries ago, some of the qualities he advises a prince to have can be adapted to the leaders …

Criminal LawItalyMachiavelli
Words 88
Pages 1
My Cultural Identity

Defining my own cultural identity by Stefanie A–ttl Culture is one of the most difficult concepts in the human social sciences and there are many different ways of defining it. It is often argued that culture is a learned behaviour pattern shared by a specific …

Cultural IdentityItalyMorality
Words 3757
Pages 14
Extreme Nationalism

Extreme Nationalism. Objective The objective of my essay is to let you know what were the main causes of World War 2, focusing in extreme nationalism and letting you know my opinion about it. Introduction The Second World War was a global conflict that resulted …

Words 796
Pages 3
Business Culture in Italy

Doing business abroad introduces international business people to differences in approaches to business, business etiquette and protocol. Although these may not be crucial to business proceedings they should not be dismissed as unnecessary. Cross cultural awareness can enhance the potential of the international business person’s …

Words 1036
Pages 4
To What Extent Was Cavour the Architect of the Italian Unification?

To what extent is it fair to refer to Cavour as the architect of the Italian Unification? After the failures of the 1848 revolution, Count Camillo Benso Di Cavour stepped in as the Prime Minister of Piedmont as the state was considered to be agitation …

Words 1241
Pages 5
Napoleon’s Foreign and Domestic Achievements

In 1797, Napoleon Bonaparte became first consul after overthrowing the Directory and establishing the Consultate. He had many achievements for France under educational, financial, administrative, legal and religious reforms. However, these achievements are often exaggerated. Napoleon was indeed the ‘heir” of the revolution as he …

Words 1978
Pages 8
Slavery in Renaissance

Europe in the 14th to 16th century was marked by Renaissance. Renaissance which means “rebirth” began in Italy and later on expanded into different countries like Engalnd, France, including Germany. Within those three centuries, Renaissance reached other parts of Europe. In these years, the focus …

Words 456
Pages 2
Airwide Case Study

Airwide International is a rapid growing company of commercial and residential air conditioning systems in Europe. The company is broadly broken up into four divisions, one of which is Italy (Western Europe). Italy will be the country that the current dillema will be held in. …

Case StudyItalySales
Words 697
Pages 3
How Did the Fascists Come to Power in Italy in 1922

Why did the fascists come to power in Italy in 1922? Fascism came to power in Italy in 1922 due to a number of different factors. The roots of fascism can be found in the failure of a whole political class and system to resist …

Words 1717
Pages 7
Italian Unification

To what extent did foreign intervention impact the Italian unification movement? Italy, 1870. The unification movement of Italy has just been completed, the movement that could not have been successful without the efforts of Italy itself. Though foreign intervention was a minimal part of the …

International RelationsItalyPolitics
Words 81
Pages 1
Spanish and Italian Borrowings to the English Language

Romanic languages, group of languages belonging to the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. They are spoken by about 670 million people in many parts of the world. Among the more important Romanic languages are Catalan, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. My …

EnglandEnglish LanguageItalySpain
Words 710
Pages 3
The History and Colonization of Libya and it’sIndependence

Approximately ninety percent of Libya is roofed with desert. That desert is mostly the vast Sahara Desert; the worlds largest hot desert. Although most of the region is very barren, Libya’s northern border is a stunning coastline. Its healthy, luscious fields and beautiful beaches extend …

Words 987
Pages 4
Who Won the Social War (Ancient Rome)

Who won the Social War? The allies war with the Romans involved hundreds of thousands of men and lasted for three years, this war was a turning point for Rome’s political relations with its allies and was significant in the fact that Rome had to …

Ancient RomeItaly
Words 1571
Pages 6
Why Did the League of Nations Fail to Stop Italy Invading Abyssinia

The League of Nations failed to stop Italy invading Abyssinia because of many reasons. These reasons include Italy being a threat to the rest of the world, having an alliance with Italy, Abyssinia meant nothing to the League of Nations and the League couldn’t afford …

Words 452
Pages 2
How Successful Were the Liberal Governments of 1896 to 1915 in Dealing with the Problems They Faced?

In the period 1896 – 1915, the condition of Italy was relatively in a terrible state in many ways with various political, economic and social problems that hindered the country’s progress. Italy’s Liberal Governments during this period were generally very unsuccessful in dealing with these …

Words 1187
Pages 5
Mussolini’s Relationship with Hitler

There were many similarities between Mussolini and Hitler even though the two exhibited some differences. Having risen to power earlier, in the 1920s, Mussolini was the senior between the two and had a great influence on Hitler. Hitler saw in him a teacher who helped …

Adolf HitlerFascismGermanyItalyRelation
Words 3545
Pages 13
Socio Cultural Factors

The Italian market has a very reserved attitude to foreign products especially when it comes to clothing products, particularly due to the fact that their own domestic products are some of the best in the world. This will make it highly difficult for M&S to …

Words 1758
Pages 7
Merchants of the Renaissance

This following three page essay is about merchants. I will be describing of how merchants affected the Renaissance,what merchants did, what merchants sold. And so on. The merchants in the renaissance really helped out because there were a lot of them and they were all …

Words 354
Pages 2
Comparison Between Japan and Italy

Introduction In this project I will be researching about the difference in tourism between Italy and Japan. I will be researching why there is such a big difference and I will add several graphs and climate data. I will be researching the tourist attractions. I …

Words 1160
Pages 5
The Italian Unification: Mazzini, Cavour and Garibaldi

Evaluate the relative importance of Mazzini, Cavour, and Garibaldi for the Italian Unification between 1848 and 1871 In order to achieve the unification the Italians had to go through a long struggle starting from 1830 and ending in 1871. Thanks to the leading of Mazzini, …

Essay ExamplesEuropeItalyNationalism
Words 953
Pages 4
Comparison/Contrast: Baroque and Rocco

Baroque and Rococo were two artistic movements that spanned the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with Baroque coming first. Even though they were different period, both have stood the test of time and the works that were produced are still admired today. Baroque was the artistic …

Words 100
Pages 1
A Dream Vacation in the Beautiful Country of Italy

The structural and historical beauties of Italy are both striking and stand out characteristics that make this country one of the most popular places to visit. From the crystal blue sea to the vast mountains surrounded by pure green, Italy is my dream vacation spot. …

Dream VacationItaly
Words 549
Pages 2
Situation Analysis of Marks and Spencer in the Italian Market

As a marketing consultant for Marks and Spencer PLC (M&S), the task is to conduct a situation analysis for a European country where M&S does not have a store for the selling of its products. The country in question is Italy, where M&S is currently …

ItalyMarks and SpencerRetail
Words 899
Pages 4
Commedia All’ Italiana

Commanded Alternating Films that are made In Italy are well-known worldwide, especially the Italian-style comedy, which has won a lot academic awards and earned enormous applause and praises. However, there are something behind the laughter tries to tell the audience within the Italian-style comedy. Comedic …

Words 1059
Pages 4
Renaissance in Italy Essay Example

The Renaissance in Italy developed after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Italian Renaissance marked the greatest times of the art scene. Art in Italy strengthened during Roman times. Art started evolving by being put in churches and caused a big impact on Christians …

Italian RenaissanceItaly
Words 785
Pages 3
Clorox Green Works

Clorox, the Oakland, California-based manufacturer of chemical products best known for its eponymous brand of liquid bleach as well as many other household cleaning products, announced earlier this year a new line of cleaning products marketed heavily under the banner of environmental friendliness. The line, …

Words 589
Pages 3
Italian Migrants to Australia

History Assignment- Extended Response Describe the experiences of the Italian migrants from their arrival after WW2, through to the multicultural period in the 1970s The experiences of the Italian Migrants have changed from the time of their arrival after WW2 to the present day. The …

Words 998
Pages 4
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Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, has left a powerful mark on Western culture and cuisine. Its capital, Rome, is home to the Vatican as well as landmark art and ancient ruins. Other major cities include Florence, with Renaissance masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s "David" and Brunelleschi's Duomo; Venice, the city of canals; and Milan, Italy’s fashion capital. ― Google

59.55 million (2020)






Sergio Mattarella

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Italy is a boot-shaped peninsula that juts out of southern Europe into the Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and other waters.


In that report, the average life expectancy for all Italians at birth was 82.7 years, the fourth highest in the world and the second-highest in Europe , just behind Spain.

National dish

Italy. Commonly known around the world as spaghetti bolognese, in its authentic form 'Ragu alla Bolognese' is recognised as the national dish of Italy. Its origin can be traced back to Imola, a town near the city of Bologna, where a recipe was first recorded in the 18th century.


  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Naples

Points of interest

  • Colosseum
  • Cinque Terre
  • Pantheon
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Uffizi Gallery

Frequently asked questions

How would you describe Italy?
Italy is a country located in southern Europe. It is a peninsula, which means it is surrounded by water on three sides. The country is known for its rich culture, its delicious food, and its beautiful scenery. Italy is also home to some of the world's most famous historical landmarks, such as the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Why is Italy so special?
For starters, it is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, such as the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Sistine Chapel. Italy is also renowned for its delicious food, its stunning scenery, and its rich history. Moreover, Italians are known for their friendly and hospitable nature, which makes visitors feel right at home.
What is an essay in Italian?
An essay in Italian is a piece of writing that gives the author's own argument — but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of a paper, an article, a pamphlet, and a short story. Essays have traditionally been sub-classified as formal and informal. Formal essays are characterized by serious purpose, dignity, logical organization, length," whereas the informal essay is characterized by "the personal element (self-revelation, individual tastes and experiences, confidential manner), humor, graceful style, rambling structure, unconventionality or novelty of theme," etc."
How is Italy as a country?
Italy is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe, which consists of 20 regions with varying degrees of autonomy. Its capital is Rome and the largest city is Milan. Italy covers an area of 301,340 km2 (116,350 sq mi) and has a largely temperate seasonal climate.Despite being one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities, Italy - like other parts of the Western world - was largely spared from the ravages of the Black Death. Nevertheless, Italy did experience a large-scale outbreak of the plague in 1629-1631, which killed some 100,000 people in Rome alone.Italy has a long and rich history, which has been influential in the development of Western civilisation. Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance, a period of great cultural achievement. It also played a significant role in the development of opera as a musical genre. Italy has a diverse and unique culture, which is a reflection of the country's long history and varied geographical regions. Italy is home to some of the world's most famous art, literature, food and wine.The country is also well known for its fashion, design, furniture and architecture. Italy has a strong economy and is a member of the European Union and the G8.

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