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Why do we, as a society, use and treat animals the way we do in the industry? Animals are both living and breathing, the same as any humans. Animals are often valued for what benefit we can make use of their bodies, plenty of animals are treated unfairly, even killed inhumanely. Animals are used for human benefit, often these benefits outweigh fairness and respect of the animal and all of this is cruelty to animals. Inside an industry that utilizes creatures for human benefit, treatment is regularly unjustified and coldblooded. Three fundamental regions of the issue are the fur industry, dairy industry, and product testing industry. Inside the fur business, innocent animals like minks are frequently killed without empathy. Second, the dairy industry makes a lot of trouble for cows by harsh treatment and trauma. Finally, the product testing industry does an essential amount of damage to innocent animals by frequently submitting them as guineas pigs to experience broad maltreatment. "Animals are savagely used in a way that no human will ever want to suffer through" stated the narrator of the famous documentary, Earthlings. Animals ought to be dealt with decently and with respect. What reason do we have to support the cruelty to animals? Would we support skinning humans or taking a mother’s milk forcefully or testing chemicals in one’s eyes? The answer we be a believable no because humans can recognize the morally disturbed actions done when it's being done to them, but sadly not the disturbed actions being done to animals.

Inside the fur business, there are numerous coats and covers made of fur. Is the procedure of how and where that fur originates from really ethical? Fur or skin that is not marked as “faux” means that a living creature was butchered to make the product. In current fur farms, most creatures are brought up in firmly pressed confines with restrictions of they can move. The animals essentially go through their days confined in a little jail until the point when somebody chooses their day is to be ended. At the point when the animals are harvested, which is a delicate term for butchered, they are regularly electrocuted alive because any other form of death would harm the fur. The same procedure is utilized in collecting alligators or snakeskin used in wallets, boots, or belts. This treatment is deceptive and savage, it is a training to be put strange. To avoid cruelty to animals for fur and skin, the step of using faux products will save animals’ lives. These products look the same and function the same, without death being involved.

Dairy is mentioned as common in daily life. Dairy usually comes from cows, with the exception of goats sometimes. Why do we drink cow’s milk instead of another animal? Wouldn’t drinking dog milk be similar in argument (it’s a warm-blooded mammal just the same)? A cow was not made to give milk to humanity, but rather for their young. Most dairy cows that are utilized in the industry are held in cold, concrete stables snared to milking machines. These machines are exceptionally excruciatingly painful to the cows because these machines are unnaturally pulling the milk from the mother dairy cow’s body. The cows on modern dairy farms have constrained space and are regularly packed in a consolidated area. Cows will not produce milk unless they have a calf, after the calf is born the baby is either taken and sold for veal (a cruel process of limiting muscle movement then killing the calf for meat) or female calves will be used to repeat the same process. This process creates trauma for the mother cow who usually has a strong paternal bond with her baby. The process is often painful for the cow as well because the milking machines are forceful and hurt her body, sometimes blood from the cow’s sore udders will get mixed into the milk. People can prevent pain by supporting local hand-milked dairy farms or alternative milk (almond, soy, coconut, and so forth). Soy milk is winding up progressively more well known in light of the fact that soy contains almost 20% more calcium than dairy milk without the cholesterol in dairy.

Animals' bodies are not by any stretch of the imagination intended for human benefit. It is and sick and twisted reality to acknowledge the fact that society has turned out to be so interwoven with utilizing innocent animals for the advantage that we have overlooked the significance of sympathy. Utilizing animals for their fur, milk, or testing capacities is not ethically right and people should respect in regard to animal’s bodies. Animals were not created to be tortured by people, they were created to live freely and prosper as their own being. Using animals in the industry is the definition of savagery, animals deserve better than to be confined to a life of physical or emotional pain. Cruelty to animals in the fur industry is unacceptable. The dairy industry is twisted by allowing mothers to be separated from their babies and allowing those babies to be killed while the mother goes through trauma and pain from the machines. The testing industry is cruel because it mutilates animal’s bodies for practice, leaving the animals to suffer a painful death and all sorts of malfunctions to their bodies. Why do thousands of animals suffer daily? People can end suffering by becoming aware of the harmful actions being executed in the industry. Fur and skin can easily be replaced with faux hide made from plastic, polyester, or cotton. Milk is easily substituted with multiple products made from non-dairy sources, free of cruelty. Cruelty to animals can end because alternative ways can be used to sell products, many companies that are cruelty-free are beyond successful. Will the cruelty of animals for human benefit ever stop or slow down? The key to preventing any more pain is to become aware of the painful processes that take place daily. Awareness is key in stopping anything horrendous. With more publications on unjustified cruelty to animals, fewer animals will be tortured for the industry. People should be aware of where fur, milk, and products come from. People should consider the pain and endurance of suffering used to create daily items. Society ultimately needs to become aware of the actions that are being performed on animals, in order to change the fate of many more.

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What is animal cruelty? Animal cruelty involves gratuitously inflicting harm, injuring, or killing an animal. The cruelty can be intentional, such as kicking, burning, stabbing, beating, or shooting; or it can involve neglect, such as depriving an animal of water, shelter, food, and necessary medical treatment.

Frequently asked questions

How do you write an animal cruelty essay?
If you are writing an essay on animal cruelty, there are a number of different angles that you can take. You could discuss the various types of animal cruelty, such as neglect, abuse, and deliberate harm. You could focus on a specific case of animal cruelty, such as the recent spate of dog fighting in the United States. Alternatively, you could discuss the legal penalties for animal cruelty, or the lack thereof.Whichever angle you choose to take, make sure to back up your argument with evidence. Statistics on the prevalence of animal cruelty, or specific cases that illustrate the problem, will help to make your essay convincing. Remember to conclude your essay with a call to action, urging the reader to do something to help put an end to animal cruelty.
How do you explain animal cruelty?
Animal cruelty is the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals, usually without justification. It can take many different forms, from purposefully injuring or killing animals to neglecting their welfare. Animal cruelty is often considered a reflection of underlying human cruelty, and it is thought to be a symptom of a wider problem of violence.
What is the main cause of animal cruelty?
There are many factors that can contribute to someone committing acts of cruelty against animals. Some of the reasons that have been suggested include:- Mental illness: Some people who engage in animal cruelty may be suffering from a mental illness that causes them to act out in this way.- Personal experiences: People who have experienced abuse or trauma in their own lives may be more likely to act out violently towards animals.- Lack of empathy: Some people may simply not have the capacity to empathize with the suffering of animals, making them more likely to engage in cruel behaviour.- Social learning: People may learn that it is acceptable to be cruel to animals from observing others around them behaving in this way.- Thrill-seeking: Some people may get a thrill or a sense of power from inflicting pain on animals.- Revenge: People may target animals for cruelty as a way to get back at someone else, or to retaliate for something that the animal has done.- boredom: Some people may engage in animal cruelty simply because they are bored and looking for something to do.
How can we stop animal cruelty essay?
One way is to support organizations that are working to end animal cruelty. Another way is to speak out against animal cruelty. You can also help animals that are being abused by reporting animal abuse to the proper authorities.

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