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Tablets vs. Textbooks

During the 21st century, humans have developed the scientific technologies more rapidly than ever before. And the way of their lives is also changing according to the change of new technologies. Nowadays, we can easily see the people who are holding tablets with their hands …

Words 1596
Pages 7
Tesco Organisational Change

Introduction This assignment is based on the concept of Organization change and it will discuss around various concept of change within an organization. It is based on the selection of an organization that has undergone through a change and in which people has adopted or …

Words 3567
Pages 15
Key of Responsibility Speech

A lovely evening to all! Tonight I may say, to all of us seniors, let us congratulate ourselves for we all have been doing so great to make this tale of our lives as fulfilling as we want it and as adventurous as we make …

Words 96
Pages 1
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Relationship of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

With the rapid development of dynamic global economy, increasingly countries are seeking breakthroughs of their economy development. Stimulated by these ever-increasing competition pressures, exploitation of new ideas and businesses which are of great potential to thrive economies, accordingly, is gainning widespread attention (Mansfield, 1972; Wong …

Words 1869
Pages 8
Tv an Idiot Box

Television nicknamed by the Americans as ‘idiot box’; is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the twentieth century. Its vast potentialities as a powerful medium of mass communication cannot be underestimated. It is, indeed, the last world in entertain­ment and enlightenment. It can enlighten …

Words 1319
Pages 6
Schooling vs. Education

Education and Schooling: The Mental Fork In The Road Understanding the difference between schooling and educating is important. Many people use the two terms education and schooling interchangeably. Education refers basically to the education system such as: schools, colleges, Tech centers, universities in public and …

Words 1134
Pages 5
Music Education in Schools

Music is an important part of our life. An art, music is its own language; it’s a universal language that anyone can understand. No matter how different music is around the world, it serves a common purpose of bringing people together. Music allows us to …

CreativityEducationMusicMusic EducationSchool
Words 1356
Pages 6
Organizational Structure in the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Industry Abstract Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are the largest and most successful pharmaceutical companies in the world today. Each company has a massive workforce and conducts business in countries all over the globe. Both companies have used a high degree of horizontal differentiation in …

Words 1174
Pages 5
Technology Is Killing Creativity

Technology is not killing creativity. If it was, then Les Paul’s invention of the electric guitar, Bob Moog’s invention of the synthesizer, Kusek et al. ’s invention of MIDI, Pro Tools’ inventor as well as every effects pedal or electronic music enhancing piece of gear …

Words 498
Pages 2
Swanson’s Middle Range Theory of Caring

Do we honestly make an effort to improve the environment, care, medical treatment, and interactions with those patients who are suffering a loss? Do we adequately provide the care that they need? These questions are answered in Swanson’s Middle Range Theory of Caring. We examine …

Words 4286
Pages 18
The Importance of Creativity to the Hospitality Industry in Hong Kong

The purpose of this project is to analyze the job related motivators and job related barriers to creativity as perceived by hotel employees with supervisory level or higher positions in Hong Kong. In addition to a literature review, a total of four pilot tests will …

CreativityHong KongHospitalHospitalityHospitality Industry
Words 1047
Pages 5
Why Video Games Are Good

A kid plops down in front of the television and powers up his video game console. As he reaches for his controller, his mother has one point of view in her mind, more time wasted, another day wasted, video games rot my children’s brain. Or …

CreativityVideo Games
Words 681
Pages 3
Collectivism Enforced by the Government

Synthesis Essay Halley Dunlop In the books, Anthem, Fahrenheit 451, Harrison Burgeon, and the movies The Hunger Games, and Wall-E, the government contains all of the people to make them equal. They strictly control the societies and allow no differences. Within all of these sources, …

Words 1416
Pages 6
Banking Concept of Education

In a variety of philosophic beliefs about education, Paulo Freire’s concept of banking education is, probably, the most interesting, important, and controversial. Freire’s Banking concept of education presents and reconsiders conventional approaches to education in the new light. For Freire, the Banking concept of education …

Words 628
Pages 3
Today’s business environment

Performance appraisals form one of the most important and effective systems of evaluating business human resources in the modern business environment. This has been the case due to its efficacy in improving the employees’ loyalty, general morale, and productivity which are very essential in deriving …

Business EnvironmentCreativity
Words 2987
Pages 12
Alienation in Black Boy

Carlos Hernandez Eng. 111 Prof. Weitz 02/18/2009 Causes of Alienation in Black Boy Black Boy demonstrates how the protagonist, Richard Wright, alienated himself from his community because he did not share the same religious and societal beliefs practiced by his community and felt that the …

BeliefBlack BoyConformityCreativityReligion
Words 1139
Pages 5
Peer Event Management

Peer Events Management Head: Saadaan Peerzada Brief Introduction: A leading event management company of Pakistan, Peer Events Management has promoted the products of numerous top Multi-National Companies through non-media communication across Pakistan. Peer Events Management’s creative approach is complemented by the largest inventory of sound …

AdolescenceARTCreativityEvent ManagementInnovation
Words 2255
Pages 10
Importance of cultural understanding in team work

Diverse workplace is usually beautiful as it has people of different types who are all working for the common good of the organization (LaFasto, & Larson, 2001). Workers of diverse backgrounds can bring together different experiences and talents that can foster or result to new …

CreativityGenderTeam Work
Words 1960
Pages 8
Bureaucracy is No Longer Appropriate Today

Bureaucracy, first proposed by Weber, was once considered as the best form of administration, coordination and control (Stazyk and Goerdel 2011). It was generally adopted by many large social organizations and gradually became their mode of administration (Adler 1999). During the initial period of bureaucracy, …

Words 84
Pages 1
Organizational Theory and Behavorial Problems/Ikea

Organizational Theory and Behavioral Problems/IKEA Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, has built a monumental business from the ground up. Through innovation and creativity, he gained valuable market share in an untapped market. By providing a great product at a great price, through exceptional customer service, …

Words 1843
Pages 8
Negative impact of modern technology on students

Introduction The paradigm shift in the contemporary society in relation to the learning environment witnessed in the wake of a new light of advancement in technology has had all sorts of impact on various entities in the society. The forces of globalization have been viewed …

CreativityModern Technology
Words 1300
Pages 6
Lg Hr Policies

LG ELECTRONICS LTD {draw:frame} A great working environment will allow you to exercise and develop all of your skills, and you’ll be duly rewarded too! LG Electronics creates working environments that enable all its employees to demonstrate their capabilities, focus on their own work, and …

CreativityHuman ResourcesSalary
Words 312
Pages 2
Understanding and Developing Organizational Culture

ABSTRACT This paper discusses concepts of organisational transformation. Specifically, it examines how the structure and cultures of the organisation can either facilitate or reduce its capability to transform. In doing this, the paper highlights six theories of organisational transformation. It also highlights the various types …

CreativityOrganizational Culture
Words 1772
Pages 8
Site visit report

Visiting theatre is always exciting and interesting. It gives a lot of new information and new expressions. In order to be organized well enough any cultural site must be created as well-developed, complex structure with its each branch accomplishing its own functions. (more…)

Words 44
Pages 1
Academic Lecture Summary and Critique

Academic Lecture Summary and Critique In his lecture that he gave on February 2006 in Oxford Sir Ken Robinson states that our school systems should not undermine creativity and it effect in our lives. In fact he believes that it should be as important as …

Words 343
Pages 2
A Case Analysis of Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil is a company that has built its success on its ability to be creative and innovative. It has successfully developed a new market and continued to expand on that market. This makes Cirque Du Soleil an example of a company that has …

Words 1834
Pages 8
The Bench, by Richard Rive

The story written by Richard Rive takes place during the apartheid era and focuses on a man named Karlie, who listens to a speech about apartheid and takes the speakers words into consideration, “we must challenge the right of any people who see fit to …

CreativityEssay Examples
Words 1172
Pages 5
Positive consequences of conflicts at the workplace

Different personal values contribute to conflicts since some isolated staff members who choose to segregate themselves may choose to gossip or have suspicious behaviour that will lead to conflicts. As well, unpredictable policies also play a part in leading to disagreements. For instance, this results …

Conflict in the WorkplaceCreativityMotivation
Words 789
Pages 4
Ryanair’s Management and Creativity

In the book “Management and Creativity” (Bilton, 2007), Wilson and Cummings define strategy as two distinctive approaches; strategy as position and strategy as process. The former, also referred to as strategy as orientation, takes a more top-down approach and is concentrated around a single leader. …

Words 1144
Pages 5
Conflicts in the work place

Conflict in the workplace is defined as the difference in the wants, expectations and needs of the workers as a result of people who have different cultures and behaviors. Conflicts in the workplace may either be assets or liabilities to the organization. In cases when …

Words 2270
Pages 10

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Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible or a physical object. Scholarly interest in creativity is found in a number of disciplines, primarily psychology, business studies, and cognitive science.


Creativity is the ability to think about a task or a problem in a new or different way, or the ability to use the imagination to generate new ideas. Creativity enables you to solve complex problems or find interesting ways to approach tasks. If you are creative, you look at things from a unique perspective.


Creativity means to generate new ideas, while innovation means to accomplish those creative ideas. Creativity doesn't consume money, but on the other hand, innovation does consume money. Innovation can be risky, but creativity is not at all risky as it's just an idea.

Five components

Creativity comprises several different aspects: (a) abilities, (b) knowledge, (c) styles of thinking, (d) personality attributes, (e) motivation, and especially intrinsic motivation, and (f) environment.

Books on creativity

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  • The Artist's Way

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  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Video

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