Essays on Google

Essays on Google

Technology is so relevant in today’s day in age that it’s hard to believe only less than 25 years ago, Google was invented. Larry Page and Sergey Brin originally launched the search engine in 1995 as “Backrub”, but since then the company has taken off and now employs over 80,000 people. Google is used by billions of people worldwide and is an industry leader through and through, topping Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list 6 years in a row and having almost 90% employee satisfaction alongside a 4.4/5 rating on Glassdoor. This tech giant embodies positive organizational behavior to hire and retain high-performing, creative employees. The benefits Google provides their employees strongly reflect the self-determination theory which says employees are motivated through the fulfillment of 3 needs; competence, autonomy, and relatedness.

Google fulfills the need for competence right after being hired, as the hiring process is quite rigorous and is used to essentially weed out the lower performers. Candidates need to endure 5 interviews and be asked out-of-the-box questions to gauge creativity and quickness. Once hired, employees are strategically placed into teams by individual strengths and chemistry. This builds their feeling of competence by letting each employee know they are unique parts who all have something of value to contribute, with a team that compliments them and will build on their ideas. If they run into any problems, there is a ‘Googler to Googler’ (G2G) network which includes thousands of employees eager to help each other learn and improve their skills. The company has also made sure to view failure as a learning tool and an essential part of product development, instead of deterrence. According to the article, Employees are rewarded for their failures and actively encouraged to ‘shoot for the moon, removing all ridicule and fear of punishment associated with failure which hinders success. The goal is to keep employees motivated throughout the whole process by making them feel competent and happy to finish what has been started.

A huge part of the company’s culture is its flexibility in allowing employees to work how and when they want, giving them autonomy. There is ample vacation time starting at 3 weeks which increases the longer you’re with the company and plenty of flexibility in weekly scheduling. Google even encourages but does not require, employees, to spend up to 20% of their working time on their own individual ideas. Managers give employees the freedom to find inspiration and get creative within the workplace by also providing soundproof nap pods, bowling alleys, eccentric office spaces, and other fun activities to keep them engaged. Benefits such as these allow employees to feel independent and in control of their environment.

Google realizes the importance of building a sense of community in the organization and has designed every building with that in mind. One of the most popular perks is 3 free meals a day with numerous micro-kitchens placed throughout the Google campuses, this saves employees from wasting time having to decide where to go and allows them to spend time with their peers building relationships. This company fulfills the need for relatedness in just about every aspect of its culture; from the initial start in teams, the help provided by the G2G network, and all the fun activities given at everyone’s leisure, it’s difficult to not feel connected working for this company. Google has done a remarkable job in keeping employees motivated through the self-determination theory in fulfilling their needs of competence, autonomy, and relatedness.

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A Case Study of Google Recruiting

Google’s recruitment process is famously difficult, with candidates having to face multiple interviews (we’ve heard stories of ‘double figures’) while those with sound work experience have been turned down due to having less than perfect college grades. As the company continues its rapid expansion, it …

Case StudyGoogle
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Case Study: An Analysis of Google Inc

Introduction A case study approach is used in analyzing the sustainability of effective staff training and development in the workplace. Google Inc was chosen as the case study subject because the company had been twice voted as ‘Best Company to Work for in America’ in …

Case StudyGoogle
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Case Study of Google China

Case Study of Google China             When Google decided to create a Google site to cater to the Chinese market, it not only opened its doors to a new set of individuals it also opened its does to legal, cultural and ethical challenges in business. …

Case StudyGoogle
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SWOT Analysis of Google

Alphabet is a collection of businesses – the largest of which, of course, is Google. It also includes businesses that are generally pretty far afield of our main Internet products such as Access, Calico, CapitalG, GV, Nest, Verily, Waymo, and X. Google’s core products such as …

GoogleSwot Analysis
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Effects of Google Translate on Vocabulary

Effects of Google Translate on Vocabulary Acquisition and Reading Comprehension BY traveler0527 Effects of Google Translate on Vocabulary Acquisition and Reading Comprehension Abstract With the rapid development of technology, more modern ways are applied to English learning. Though technology towards language learning has been extensively …

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Google – Internationalization Strategy

Google is a company that provides both search and advertising services to computer users all around the globe. The main aim or rather the mission of the company is to organize the maximum amount of the information in the world and make the gathered information …

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Google’s Strategy in 2011

Executive Summary In January of 1996 an Internet search engine company initially named BackRub soon grew into what is now Google Incorporated. Partners Larry Page and Sergey Brin, along with a few investors lived on a shoestring budget. By year-end 1998 Google Inc. was handling …

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How Does the Changing Environment for Business Affect Google’s Ability to Communicate in This Situation

Google is no longer the prodigious child fondly looked at by the business community. It is a huge corporation that has to weigh its actions in the altered light of market realities. Google is caught between its long professed altruistic philosophy and the business compulsions …

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Google, Web 2.0 and the Long Tail Effect

The Long tail effect is a phenomenon that is attained when a company sells a small number of popular items in large quantities and a large number of a few unpopular items in small quantities (Anderson, 2004). The internet (search) makes this possible by providing …

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Description and analysis of Google Company

Introduction Google Company is one of the most famous online companies, besides Yahoo and many others like Microsoft. The company has a mission to provide relevant information services to its various customers all over the world. The Google Company has been able to achieve continuous …

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Google’s Organizational Culture

Reading the case study “Google’s HR Dilemma” by Mridu Verma, we have gained some knowledge about Google’s success story. Within 11 years the company has grown to a global enterprise employing around 20,000 people. Nowadays Google is not associated just with search service. it is …

GoogleMotivationOrganizational Culture
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What are the key factors behind Google’s early success?

Google, which began as a research project by Larry Page in 1996 is currently the world’s largest search engine. The company provides free service and depending on the Meta tag entered by the user, it returns relevant results in decreasing relevancy in a fraction of …

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Google vs. Yahoo

Many people around the world use search engines everyday to find information quickly. However, not many people realize that each search engine is different from each other. Every search engine is unique because they will all produce different links when a word or phrase is …

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Google Financial Analysis

Google Financial Analsis Have Google’s business model and strategy proven to be successful? Should investors be impressed with the company’s financial performance? How does the company’s financial performance compare to that of Microsoft and Yahoo? Please conduct a financial analysis to support your position—you may …

Financial AnalysisGoogle
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Google Analytics

Google analytics is a software program provided by Google which helps firms track traffic to a website. The program provides detailed reports that show how the traffic was generated, and which ads are preforming the best. It tracks them from different ads points such as …

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On balance, do you think Google has a serious public relations problem?

On balance, do you think Google has a serious public relations problem? I believe Google does not have a serious public relations problem because of two reasons; first, Google has reconciled with many companies or organizations even if they have litigations, second, Google fires excellent …

AdvertisingEntrepreneurshipGoogleInternetPublic Relations
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Analysis of Organisational Culture at Google

1.Introduction Analyzing an organization is no more than studying first its genesis its mottos and beliefs and the future it holds for the society that it resides in. For most companies, an organization is neither a science nor an art; it’s an oxymoron. It is …

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The Definitive List of Google Search Easter Eggs

Today, anyone with an Internet connection has damn-near real-time access to nearly all the information in the world. That’s a truly astonishing thing, especially for those of us who had to Dewey Decimal our way to certain information. Still, it’s easy to take the modern-day …

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Keeping Google Googley: Success Factors and Culture

Key factors that were crucial to Google’s early success can be attributed to the following: Partnered with right companies such as AOL & Yahoo spring boarded the company in success with more than 100m search enquiries per day paving the way for subsequent successes. Had …

Words 506
Pages 2
Paradoxical Thinking of Google

Paradoxical Thinking of Google Abstract Paradoxical thinking is looking at a problem from opposite perspectives. We live in a complex world which is full of paradoxes. Paradoxical thinking has contributed to many companies success. It is important for us to know about paradoxical thinking. This …

Words 1655
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Google Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Google provides numerous free services and products such as Google search, Youth, Google Maps, and has transformed how people use and share information. Google’s business spans from advertising, data analytics, operating systems to technologically advanced devices such as Google Glass, Drivers cars, Solar- powered drones, …

Words 1797
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Google’s Success: Why Its Culture Is the Cause

Google’s culture is what defines its leadership style, power structure, motivation theories, and its employees’ commitment to the company. Google states on its own website “though Google has grown a lot since it opened in 1998, we still maintain a small company feel. At lunchtime, …

Words 1493
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Should Google branch out into new arenas?

Google should provide its users an able substitute of desktop software developed by Microsoft. Its Google Apps could be extended to the use of Office software like spreadsheets and word processors. The refined version of these services can pose a serious fight to software giant …

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Google BOLD Internship 2019-2020

Google BOLD Internship offer people with the structure opportunities for leadership as well as development. However, the program is always designed to make exposure available as far as the technology industry is concerned for those students who are underrepresented historically in this same field. The …

Words 509
Pages 2
Google’s Corporate Culture

Since early 1990s, the notion of corporate culture has been used by professionals and researchers as the critical element determining the quality and effectiveness of the company’s performance (Cremer, 1993; Garmendia, 2004). Google is not an exception; the company has experienced skyrocketing development, and corporate …

Words 388
Pages 2
Google’s Market Analysis

Abstract This paper takes Google’s business strategy as a starting point to examine how it is competing in the one-cloud, many-screen market. The paper set out the performance of Google in relation to its main competitors from 2006 until 2013. It conducts an economic analysis …

Words 2662
Pages 10
Google’s Proprietary Search Engine Technology

Google, a highly popular search engine known for its speed and accuracy, traces its beginnings to 1998, when Stanford University Computer Science graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin undertook a research project. Little did they realize they will eventually devise a unique approach to …

Words 839
Pages 4
We Googled You

We Googled You The case in the “We Googled You” article is rather tricky. On one hand, the disconcerting online revelation with Mimi protesting against China serves as solid evidence not to hire her. If members of the management team based in China discover the …

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Focusing on Providing the Best User Experience

Google’s main focus is to push the limits of existing technology to provide a fast, accurate and easy-to-use service that anyone seeking information can access. Google has been focusing on providing the best user experience possible. Its key ingredients are relevance, comprehensiveness, freshness and speed …

Words 84
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Google Swot Analysis

GOOGLE Google has market leadership for search related advertising with 65 percent of all online searches in 2008. Google has a strong brand name. The company has developed a reputation for providing the best search results as an online search engine. Google is very easy …

GoogleSwot Analysis
Words 481
Pages 2
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Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that focuses on artificial intelligence, search engine, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics.

September 4, 1998, Menlo Park, CA


Mountain View, CA


Sundar Pichai (Oct 2, 2015–) Trending


YouTube, Kaggle, Fitbit, Google AdMob, Dialogflow, Google UK, Google Nest, Google China


Larry Page, Sergey Brin


181.7 billion USD (2020)

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