Essays on Philippines

Essays on Philippines

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Sithe Sinulog Festival

SiThe Sinulog festival is one of the grandest, most distinguished and most colorful festivals in the Philippines. The major festival is held each year on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City to honor the Santo Nino, or the child Jesus, who used to …

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Food Industry Today

Food is a basic need and food service industry will always remain in demand. These industry includes restaurants, fast foods, cafeterias, catering opportunities, food carts, food trunks and the like. Filipinos love to eat. This love for food and eating is the main reason why …

Food IndustryPhilippinesRestaurant
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Meco, Relations Between the Philippines and Taiwan

It was established in 1975 and is organized as a non-profit and non-stock private corporation under Philippine law. B. About the Administration MECO promotes trade, investments, tourism, and labor, scientific and cultural cooperation with Taiwan. The MECO provides assistance to Filipinos in Taiwan and provides …

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A Foresight of Tekknon PLC in the Philippines

Introduction Nine years ago, Tekknon Corporation—now known as Tekknon PLC—was founded, with the hopes of introducing breakthrough transportation and communication innovations to Americans. It took on London on its fourth year, where its portable communication devices ranked to the top. Today, Tekknon PLC has 28 …

Essay ExamplesExportInnovationInvestmentPhilippines
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Pages 9
Cultural Assignment

Organizational Communication I struggled with this assignment and I found it very difficult to determine cultural body language movements for the African American culture. However, what I found is over the years the African American culture has blended with the white American culture. There are …

Words 667
Pages 3
Where does the company invest?

Where does the company invest? In an age wherein companies going global usually think of Europe or China, it is more interesting and safe to enter emerging yet promising markets where future of business and establishment of a market base is secured. This is one …

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Pages 2
Various Developments of the Philippines Under

Now, I am glad to present a study on how Spain toted colors to the Philippines in various aspects in the forms of politics, economics, and social and cultural, education and religion. Political problem shared first degree of nuisance to the Philippines right after Spain …

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Pages 8
Understanding Macroeconomics Condition of a Country

WHERE WERE YOU ABLE TO FIND THE DATA SETS?             I was able to find the data sets to use for this paper in the internet sites and a book of macroeconomics for the technical terms and further explanation of my answers. The data sets …

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Philipinos Identity History Analysis

Many of us didn’t know who are we and where we came from. From the quote “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known”, it says that we, Filipinos don’t have any original identity, our identity, like the …

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Transnational management

In 1994, Tony Kitchner was employed as a professional manager to operate the International department, since the company had decided to put more recourse on its international business. During his time, there was great expansion and increase in the company’s international side. He used a …

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Socio economic analysis

The Cambrian De Phaedra owned by the Recollects was used as the iris church of Dissimilar upon its division while the residents were constructing a new one. The town of Dissimilar became a bloody battlefield during the Revolution in 1896-1897. After capturing the town on …

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National Territory of the Philippines Essay

The Constitution of the Philippines ( Filipino: Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas ) is the supreme jurisprudence of the Philippines. The Constitution presently in consequence was enacted in 1987. during the disposal of President Corazon Aquino. and is popularly known as the “1987 Constitution” .  Philippine …

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Philippine Jeeps

Among the many public transportation vehicles in the Philippines, only one represents the vibrant cultural heritage of the Filipinos: jeepneys. Jeepneys, also called as public-utility jeepneys (PUJ), are the most popular form of transportation according to research (Westerman, 2018). It exemplifies the resourcefulness and the …

PhilippinesPublic Transport
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TESDA and the Development of the Filipino Workforce

Apprenticeship Program of the Bureau of Local Employment(ABLE) of the DOLE gave birth to TESTED. The fusion of the above offices was one of the key recommendations of the 1991 Report of the Congressional Commission on Education, which undertook a national review of the state …

Diversity in the WorkforcePhilippines
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Pages 2
Rodrigo Duterte’s Early Presidency

Christian B. Mendoza Speech 30 THX-3 2018 – 00308 Prof. Mary Jannette Pinzon A Duterte Reader: Critical Essays on Rodrigo Duterte’s Early Presidency by Nicole Curato (editor) Philippine political landscape is always subject to change, with the emergence of conflicting political ideologies embodied and practiced …

DemocracyEssay ExamplesNewsPhilippinesRevolution
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After the Civil War

After the Civil War, industrialization changed American culture, as railways connected developing urban communities and manufacturing plants pulled in floods of foreign laborers. By the late nineteenth century, numerous reformers looked to enhance the conditions in which numerous Americans worked and lived. Imperialism is the …

Civil WarEmpireImperialismPhilippinesTrade
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Reaction Paper for the National Museum

When I heard about you asking us to visit at least two museums and make a reaction paper out of it, I was so excited, not only because I know that you can travel back in time but of course there’s nothing feels like getting …

Essay ExamplesMuseumPhilippines
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Diabetes Mellitus Philippine Callcentre Staff Health And Social Care Essay

The outsourcing industry is presently a turning tendency in the Philippines supplying employment chances for many immature professionals. The Filipino outsourcing industry has grown 46 % yearly since 2004 ( Rivette, 2010 ) and is presently stand foring 21 % of the $ 7.2 billion …

Diabetes MellitusPhilippinesStaff
Words 4245
Pages 17
Islamic Influences in the Philippines

Barter trade, equivalent exchange, and financial agreement, these words fall to the similar idea of agreeing to a set amount of items to exchange between two or more parties. A very underrated type of business, but very effective in the world of today. People see …

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The Biggest Archipelago In The Earth Environmental Sciences Essay

The Philippines is besides known as the democracy of the Philippines. It is fundamentally a south Asian state. It is an island located in the western Pacific ocean. The capital of Philippine is manila. The Philippines is fundamentally divided in to three parts geographically, viz. …

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Batas Rizal

This Jose Rizal website is, therefore, designed, and created to assist students in the appreciation of the role of Rizal in the development of the Filipino nation. The web contains very comprehensive materials on and by Rizal in both the English and Filipino languages. Furthermore, …

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The Evolution of Philippine Literature

Though relatively young compared to other world literatures, Philippine literature has come a long way in evolving from the early forms of folklore literature to the contemporary literature we know today. The changing times and the cultural influences brought about by both the foreign and …

Words 792
Pages 4
Research in Rizals Life

An event occurs in the 19th century in Europe where it had a tremendous contribution in molding the Philippines catalyst of nationalism no less than Dry. Jose Racial. The period of 19th century, was really a well-designed era of the term nationalism. This is the …

Essay ExamplesNationalismPhilippines
Words 455
Pages 2
Public Opinion Policy Reproductive Health Health And Social Care Essay

Public sentiment is the sum of single temperaments and beliefs with respects to of import issues. Public sentiment holds great importance in democracies because a democracy, by its very definition, connotes a signifier of authorities that is antiphonal to the people. Democracy is most frequently …

AbortionDecision MakingDemocracyPhilippinesPuerto Rico
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Pages 27
Paper on Intramuros

I entered through the gate along And Street and the first thing I noticed was the presence of security guards wearing nice blue uniforms with large hats. I only found out later that they were wearing Guardia Civil attire and it did add a Spanish …

Words 1060
Pages 5
High School Enrollment System

Chapter II Review of Related Literature These are the studies and documentation that were gathered which can support the proposed system and will serve as an overview of the presentation of the system analysis. The remarks that have been gathered show the demand for this …

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Pages 10
Tree Rosales Saga

The Different Customs and Moral Principles of the Filipino Nation Reading books has many benefits both mentally and morally. Firstly, your mind will be active and engaged into old age, and reading can help you forget the problems in your life, and get you captivated …

Words 1894
Pages 8
Japanese Period

Japanese Period Background The Japanese period is known as the era with the most brutalities in Philippine history. Unlike our previous capturers, the Japanese had no shame in hiding the cruelty that they imposed on the Filipino people. With their aim of capturing the Philippines …

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Linen and Laundry Service in Off Premise

Different types of hotel in the Philippines Many people visit the Philippine Islands each year in order to enjoy its picture perfect views and Asian hospitality. Luckily, there are several types of hotels available in the Philippines that make it possible for anyone to afford …

ArchitectureEssay ExamplesHotelPhilippinesTourism
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The Current Environmental Laws In The Philippines Environmental Sciences Essay

Based on my research about the current Philippine Environmental Laws, I found out that it has two parts; foremost is the Presidential Decree no. 1586 or the Environmental Impact System which states that no undertakings shall be implemented without an Environmental Conformity Certificate ( ECC …

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The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. It is situated in the western Pacific Ocean, and consists of about 7,640 islands, that are broadly categorized under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.



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