Essays on Accountability

Essays on Accountability

Accountability deals with many aspects in life as far as living right, motivation, responsibility, doing right, friends, family, and purpose why individuals do the things they do and succeed. The right thing to do and the hard thing to do usually go hand to hand.

Being accountable means being responsible, reliable, and positive knowing you are in great standards that way individuals will not have to and cannot question your work ethic and or your character because you will be viewed as known as a great asset and person who can be counted on and viewed with nothing but positivity. It's a saying, 'you are what you hang around. Everything an individual goes thru is by choice which they choose the majority of the time even if others are the main source or in control its' the way a person responds which is important as well. Life is all about signs and decisions that we as individuals can decide to avoid or create life situations and actions of ourselves and those we associate with.

Lack of accountability creates and only brings as well as allows negativity, lack of trust, malfunctions, tension among individuals and beyond. This can not occur or happen or be acceptable as far as the workplace because it will fail all missions. If people are accountable and accounted for that's necessary, it allows success and no consequences. Not being accountable or having all accountability have individuals to react usual, to feel insecure about things and others around them. Including, creates frustration, anger, tension, lose of hope. In addition, not being at the right place right time allows people to miss out on important information, details on upcoming events.

Furthermore, these actions allows people to judge ones actions and motives plus overall character and live in past. If an individual repeatedly demonstrates lack of discipline and no accountability for their actions or responsibilities, he or she will blamed for everything, wrong things which eventually their own personal feeling thoughts and beliefs won't be taken serious or inconsideration and always second-guessed as far as perspective. When someone isn't accountable they don't finish tasks, leave things half finished, incomplete and unacceptable. Only way to get and become accountable and responsible for ones actions is to first and foremost view yourself and identify strong and weak points and tendencies to work on.

Next, an individual has to have a clear mind and conscious to let go of the past and old habits and be willing to accept fairs and become wiser and resilient. When you're accountable you don't play the victim but accept both rewards and consequences. If someone doesn't hold themselves accountable then they already have failed themselves, and everyone around them who can be affected by it. When we fall to set boundaries and hold people to their actions we eventually feel used and mistreated. Which can seem and feel way more hurtful than addressing the behavior or choices ahead of time. We must consider and look at accountability like driving. For example, when you follow and abide by the signs of the road and drive correctly you don't get tickets, cause accidents nor have negative outcomes. When you drive on the wind side of the streets, speed, and go against the guidelines it creates and allows different roads of destructor and negative outcomes. Everyone must own up to their actions, and decisions throughout life. Only makes the person and everything around you better. If an individual thinks that someone or something else is responsible for their happiness or success.

Accountability and trust all go hand to hand and compliments one another which creates a system, organization, and standards to allow and provides to same results, expectations, and understanding. Furthermore, each day you are leading by example. Whether it's positive or negative you realize and see results and you're influential affect. Accountability is a relationship between you and a person or organization. The only way it'll work and be successful as a group and all on one page funky following the same directions, guidelines, and expectations.

A sense of responsibility in teaching pushes us constantly to think about and promote the best interests of ourselves first and foremost but including soldiers and superiors appointed over us. In contrast, the demand for accountability often induces more compliance. The proper process should not hinder progress. Too much focus on that will leave room for error and delay progress. One of the biggest issues in our generation is the lack of ownership. In addition, judging a book by its cover or a person by the past will always cause a lack of mission readiness. Open collaboration encourages greater accountability which in turn builds trust. Change can never be good until an individual face it head on. Motivation is required as well as inspiration. A motive is a reason.

There is nothing more valuable in the workplace, a relationship or friendship for someone to hold a person accountable to your own potential. This will cancel out the blame game, playing victim, and excuses of why a person or things aren't successfully equipped. Let's all be accountable to ourselves, which in turn we will grow and learn from our mistakes, accomplish tasks and missions, to promote success. Make yourself accountable which will have those around you and encourage them to hold even a higher standard as well as increases and builds improvement. Anybody that is you can think of when it comes to successful, wealthy, reliable, trustworthy and a great ambassador to their community will always demonstrate traits of self-responsibility and accountability. We often look for those character traits in others. Right or wrong, gotta or bad, decisions versus choices, we all are aware of what is needed and what we suppose to do so age is and cannot be used as an excuse nor one's position they are appointed or put in. So discipline is not needed for permission but one of the main requirements. Good relentlessly calls for us to be accountable, refusing for us to accept handouts let alone expect handouts for one's poor choices and unethical decisions.

Be true to yourself and be accountable to yourself. Blaming others is an act of refusing to accept responsibility and lack of maturity. When this occurs it allows for more consequences and immature actions instead of the individual facing reality. When you settle for anything less then ones potential and what's best for yourself then you have already failed and fall short in life and accountability goes out the window for you not changing and later become a regret. Lack of accountability weekend the team, organization, and entire system as well as procedures set in place allowing errors and excuses for others or those whom need guidance or leadership.

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