Essays on Accounting

Essays on Accounting

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Mcdonald cost reduction strategy

In 2008 McDonald’s management made a decision that was publicly criticized by all of the Dollar Menu enthusiasts. The fast food company decided to remove that second extra slice of cheese from the infamous fan-favorite Double cheeseburger. They have also experimented in various markets what …

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Pages 2
Difference between horizontal and vertical analysis

What are the differences between vertical and horizontal analysis? Which method would external users most likely use? Discuss the uses of the two analysis methods and how you would use each to analyze a company’s performance? Vertical analysis reports each amount on a financial statement …

AccountingInvestmentVertical and Horizontal analysis
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Pages 5
Inventory and Nestle

About Nestle Nestle is a multinational packaged foods company founded and headquartered in Vevey Switzerland. it is the world`s foremost Nutrition. Health & Wellness Company committed serving consumers all over the world. Their focus on responsible nutrition and promoting heaLth and wellness is a core …

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Pages 8
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Case Study on Adidas Supply Chain

Adidas AG  is a German-based sports apparel manufacturer and part of the Adidas Group, which consists of Reebok sportswear company, TaylorMade-adidas golf company, and Rockport. Besides sports footwear, the company also produces other products such as bags, shirts, watches, eyewear and other sports and clothing …

AccountingAdidasCase Study
Words 7287
Pages 30
Accounting Attachment Report

1. 0 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 The objectives of the Industrial attachment The purpose of industrial attachment is to bridge the gap between the theory and the practise of coursework learnt in the University of Botswana. It is meant to give students a clearer perspective of …

Words 5289
Pages 22
Accounting Principles and Practices Performed by Small Businesses in the Philippines

College of Business Administration Abstract: This research aims to gain the knowledge and awareness on the accounting practices done by small businesses. It aims to inform and learn about small businesses’ and their compliance to the standard practices of accounting in the Philippines, whether or …

AccountingPartnershipSmall Business
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Pages 16
Differences Between CPA Board Passers and Non-Passers

Being a student opens a lot of opportunities in life. Living in the Philippines, we have every right to choose what we want to do with our life. Choosing our friends, socializing with people, going to college, choosing a program, etc. – we can have …

Words 87
Pages 1
Summary of ‘Villa for Sale’

A for sale is a drama written by Sacha Guitry. In this drama Juliette puts up her villa for sale. some customers come to see the villa but they do not buy it. after almost a month, Juliette gets a call saying a lady will come …

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What is bank account nickname?

It is that name which you can give your card at the setup settings. This function is for those people who have several bank accounts, and it is easier for them to remember nicknames (such as Mike’s card, Card for Shopping, etc.) than long numbers.

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Accounting Career Paper

There are many jobs that require accounting. Yet, accounting has never been thought of as interesting. Accounting is instead thought of as being tedious and even boring. However, what people may not know is that FBI agents must develop a readiness for accounting to be …

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Pages 3
Managerial Accounting Critical Analysis

“The accounting system generates the information that satisfies two reporting needs that coexist within an organization: financial accounting and managerial accounting” (Schneider, 2012, ch 1. 1, para 1). Managerial accounting is the process of preparing reports and accounts required by management to make business decisions …

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Financial Statements for Internal Reporting vs. External Reporting Purposes

Financial Statements for Internal Reporting Purposes vs. Financial Statements for External Reporting Purposes It is common in most companies to maintain two set of financial statements; one being used/presented for internal reporting purposes and another for reporting externally. Internal reports are used primarily to aid …

AccountingFinancial StatementsTax
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Pages 3
Trial balance

What is a Trial Balance? State its objectives and characteristics. Give some reasons for disagreement of the Trial Balance. A ‘Trial Balance’ is a list of all the General ledger accounts (both revenue and capital) contained in the ledger of a business. This list will …

AccountingBankingEssay ExamplesMoney
Words 462
Pages 2
Wal-Mart’s Unethical Behavior

Current scandals on American corporations such as the unchecked expansion and corrupt practices of Enron, Xerox and WorldCom are gifts of capitalist system (Jones 2002). The picture of contemporary capitalism that emerges from the Economist is of a deregulated world economy dominated by multinational companies …

AccountingUnethical BehaviorWalmart
Words 521
Pages 3
Scholarly Writing Skills

Writing in a scholarly manner is one of the most difficult tasks for a student. It involves the correct knowledge, comprehension, and expertise to be able to produce a good output. One important skill in scholarly writing is being able to compose statements and paragraphs …

AccountingEssay Examples
Words 509
Pages 3
Financial Analysis of Carrefour

Chapter 5 Carrefour S. A. Teaching Note Version: March 2007 Introduction The Carrefour case is a financial analysis case. Carrefour S. A. is one of the world’s largest retailers. During the first half of the 2000s, the company’s share prices steadily declined, despite the fact …

AccountingFinancial AnalysisInvestment
Words 5145
Pages 21
Basic Accounting Equation

The basic accounting equation upon which the final accounts are prepared encompasses the following: Assets minus Liabilities = Ownership Interest The Balance Sheet is the key financial report that portrays the accounting equation, which will be utilized to compute the accounting equation for the companies …

Words 352
Pages 2
Cargill vs. Intra Strata Assurance Corporation

1. Whether petitioner is doing or transacting business in the Philippines in contemplation of the law and established jurisprudence; 2. Whether respondent is estopped from invoking the defense that petitioner has no legal capacity to sue in the Philippines; Facts: Petitioner Cargill, Inc. (petitioner) is …

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Pages 1
Horizontal and Vertical Analysis

Accounting is the way all companies keep track of their out-going and in-coming finances. Applying accounting principles in any business is incredibly important because it allows for the least amount of mistakes and gives a comprehensive view of all transactions. There are many tools used …

AccountingEssay ExamplesPepsico
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Pages 7
Palfinger’s AG – Property, Plant, and Equipment

Palfinger’s AG – Property, Plant, and Equipment a. ) Palfinger’s property would include the property that they have to store the forklifts and other large inventory that they have on. The equipment would include all equipment that is necessary to make the inventory that they …

AccountingCase Study
Words 599
Pages 3
Enron Scandal with Code of Ethics

Arthur Andersen Limited Liability Partnership was one of the “Big Five” accounting firm who providing auditing, tax and consulting services to large corporations. This is an accounting firm that held by reputation and trust by public and investor but it facing bankruptcy in the end. …

AccountingCode of EthicsEnron Scandal
Words 709
Pages 3
Disney Financial Analysis

Our SWOT analysis for the Walt Disney Company is based on McGraw-Hill Companies outline model which defined several factors as key points when looking to size up a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The Walt Disney Company SWOT Analysis examines the company’s key business …

AccountingAnimationFinancial AnalysisTax
Words 1016
Pages 5

SoP”A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.” When I read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius little did I know the impact it would have on me while choosing my career path. At a very young age, I began to be fascinated …

Words 890
Pages 4
Inventory Cost Flow Assumptions

4. 3| As a management accounting compare and contrast the above methods and recommend suitable method to achieve the organizational objective| P2. 3,M3. 3,D1. 1| Assignment| One of the most important knowledge about accounting is 3 basic inventory techniques or cost flow assumptions: FIFO (stands …

Words 545
Pages 3
Accounting Cycle Steps

The Accounting Cycle is a combination of processes that occurs at various periods throughout a designated time period. The time period can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, based on the needs of the organization or company for which the accounting cycle is being …

Words 758
Pages 4
LVMH: Corporate Structure and Business Plan

Governance Structure The Board of Directors is the strategy body of LVMH Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SA. The competence, integrity and responsibility of its members, clear and fair decisions reached collectively, and effective and secure controls are the ethical principles that govern the Board. …

AccountingBusiness PlanGovernance
Words 4972
Pages 20
History and Evolution of Accounting

Introduction Unlike most other modern professions, accounting has a history that is usually discussed in terms of one seminal event – the invention and dissemination of the double entry bookkeeping processes. But a view of accounting history that begins with Luca Pacioli’s contributions overlooks a …

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Pages 13
The Usefulness Of Financial Statements

For accounting information to be useful for financial judgments decisions, it must have some characteristics. They include Relevancy; this is the capacity of the information generated to make a difference in decision-making. Timeliness; information should be relevant and should be produced during relevant time containing …

AccountingFinancial StatementsSociology
Words 983
Pages 4
Financial analysis of Vodafone Group plc

Vodafone Group plc is one of the best international tele-communications organisations where its caput one-fourth located in London, UK. Vodafone is the Earth major nomadic tele-communications corporation calculated by income in add-on to the planetary big size measured by endorsers, by agencies of about 300 …

AccountingFinancial AnalysisTescoVodafone
Words 1538
Pages 7
Communications Between Predecessor and Successor Auditors

Communications Between Predecessor and Successor Auditors 155 AU Section 315 Communications Between Predecessor and Successor Auditors (Supersedes SAS No. 7. ) Source: SAS No. 84; SAS No. 93. Effective with respect to acceptance of an engagement after March 31, 1998, unless otherwise indicated. Introduction .01 …

Words 3631
Pages 15

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Accounting, also known as accountancy, is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial and non financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations.

Career path

You typically begin in an entry-level accounting position as a staff accountant. After several years, you're likely to advance to a role as a senior accountant before moving up to a managerial position. Ultimately, you may rise to a coveted position as partner.


An accounting year is a period of time, usually 12, during which businesses calculate their accounts and organize their financial activities. The accounting year, also known as the accounting period, occurs usually on any date other than January 1st to December 31st.


The accounting basis determines how financial transactions are recorded within the financial statements. There are multiple accounting bases used to prepare financial statements. A few of the most common are as follows: 1) Cash Basis of Accounting; 2) Accrual Basis of Accounting; and.

Different ways

The two main accounting methods are cash accountingcash accountingWhat Is Cash Accounting? Cash accounting is an accounting method where payment receipts are recorded during the period in which they are received, and expenses are recorded in the period in which they are actually paid. In other words, revenues and expenses are recorded when cash is received and paid, respectively. Cash Accounting Definition & Example - Investopedia and accrual accounting. Cash accounting records revenues and expenses when they are received and paid. Accrual accounting records revenues and expenses when they occur. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) requires accrual accounting.

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