Essays on Macroeconomics

Essays on Macroeconomics

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Macroeconomics? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Macroeconomics essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Macroeconomics, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Compare and Contrast Karl Marx’s and Walt Rostow’s Theories

This essay attempts to compare and contrast Karl Marx’s and Walt Rostow’s theories of stages of social and economic development. A theory is an interconnected, logical system of concepts that provides a framework for organising and understanding observations. The function of a theory is to …

CapitalismKarl MarxMacroeconomicsMarxism
Words 2061
Pages 8
Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the famous franchises in the world that serves coffee and baked goods like donuts, bagels and other bakery products. Bill Rosenberg is the founder of Dunkin’ Donuts. Today Dunkin’ Donuts has somewhere around 7988 outlets worldwide and out of those …

CustomerEssay ExamplesInflationMacroeconomicsUnemployment
Words 3590
Pages 14
Economic Problems

Major economic problems in the Philippines are very similar to the economic problems in other underdeveloped countries. Some of the major pinpointed problems are the import-export imbalance, causing those who specialize in trade and make their living off of imported and exported goods to lose …

Economic ProblemsMacroeconomicsPhilippines
Words 73
Pages 1
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Macro and Micro Environments: Automotive Industry

Taken from: (Howes 1993) Motor vehicle production has increased exponentially over the past century, and there is an apparent global demand for these products. From the chart (figure 1), demand is growing significantly all over the world, but the United States market is the fickle. …

Automotive IndustryEnvironmentMacroeconomicsMicroeconomicsPetroleum
Words 1374
Pages 5
Spending Habits of Students

What are the possible solutions that students must do to overcome/to control their spending habits? What is the main factor that affects the students spending habits? Introduction: Spending money is a habitual work of people, it can’t be avoid because our world is full of …

Words 217
Pages 1
Difference Between GDP, GNP, and NNP

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in an economy in a year or a given time period within a country’s borders (domestic output). This includes all production, both material and intellectual, everything produced by government …

Essay ExamplesInflationMacroeconomicsMoney
Words 469
Pages 2
The Causes of the Collapse of the Bretton Woods System

When U. S. President Richard Nixon formally ended the backing of U. S. currency by the gold standard system in 1971, the noble attempts of the Bretton Woods delegates finally ended. . This paper will examine the causes of the death of the Bretton Woods …

Bretton Woods SystemInflationMacroeconomicsMoneyTrade
Words 2943
Pages 11
Padma Bridge Critical Essay

Padma Bridge Padma Multipurpose Bridge Carries| Motor vehicles, Railway| Crosses| Padma River| Locale| Louhajong, Munshiganj to Shariatpur and Madaripur, Bangladesh| Maintained by| Bangladesh Bridge Authority| Designer| Maunsell AECOM| Design| Truss bridge| Material| Steel| Total length| 6,150 m (20,180 ft)| Width| 21. 10 m (69. 2 ft)| The Padma Bridge …

Words 3258
Pages 12
Importance of Balance of Trade

Balance of trade data is a very important piece of understanding the global puzzle of international trade, and thus, forex. Much like an income statement, balance of trade data clearly defines whether a trade deficit or trade surplus is in play. Why Balance of Trade …

Words 1309
Pages 5
Benefits and Costs of Economic Growth

Economic growth is defined as the sustained increase in real GDP or GNP per capita over time. Economic growth is desirable for an economy as it increases its real national income and standards of living for its people in general. Although it is desirable, economic …

Economic GrowthMacroeconomicsPovertyTaxWelfare
Words 630
Pages 3
Circular Flow Model

The circular flow model reflects the flow of money, goods and services throughout the economy. This model is composed of households and business firms and it divides the markets into two categories, Product Market and Factor Market. In the Product Market, the households consume and …

Circular FlowMacroeconomicsMoneyTax
Words 80
Pages 1
Methods for Measuring National Income

We have so far been concerned with microeconomic aspects of managerial economics. This chapter onwards, we will deal with macroeconomic aspects of managerial economics. The major aspects of macroeconomics that are generally used in business analysis, especially in analyzing and understanding business environment of the …

Words 4396
Pages 16
Learner Guide for a Level Economics

Learner Guide for Cambridge AS and A Level Economics Learner Guide for Cambridge AS and A Level Economics How to use this guide The guide describes what you need to know about your Economics examination. It will help you to plan your revision programme and …

Words 4582
Pages 17
Monetary and/or Fiscal Policies that have affected the Automotive Industry

The financial and economic policies that are put in place by the government like the monetary policy, has significantly affected the job opportunity rates, growth rates and pricing of the automotive products. The monetary policy directly affects the employment cost for the reason that, as …

Automotive IndustryMacroeconomicsMoneyTax
Words 854
Pages 4
Capitalism according to Karl Marx

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx evaluates the effects of capitalist economy on society and asserts that it has both positive and negative constituents. Marx states that capitalist economy ends feudal system, establishes the universe market, develops a more efficient commercialism, agglomerates population, and increases …

CapitalismCommunismKarl MarxMacroeconomicsMarxism
Words 1700
Pages 7
Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Gdp

Executive summary The gross domestic indicator (GDP) is one of the main indicators used to measure the health of a country’s economy. GDP represents the sum of all goods produces over a specific period of time or in other words it is the size of …

Essay ExamplesInflationMacroeconomicsUnemployment
Words 2214
Pages 9
The Three Basic Economic Questions

The Three Basic Economic Questions 1. What to Produce? what items to produce and how much of each item to produce using its productive inputs in the most efficient manner. 2. How to Produce? One the decision has been made regarding what to produce. each …

Words 57
Pages 1
Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Market Economy

THE ADVANTAGES OF FREE MARKET ( DISADVANTAGES OF COMMAND ECONOMY ) 1. Efficiency. free market economies are very competitive. Most of their industries are assumed to be perfectly competitive and so allocative and productive efficiency will occur. As their main aim is profit motive so …

CapitalismMacroeconomicsMarket EconomyMicroeconomics
Words 679
Pages 3
Factors affecting financial institutions

Abstract For the first time in world history, more people now live in cities than in rural areas. As a consequence, the successful development of efficient and stable mortgage finance systems is now of global importance because economic productivity as well as the quality of …

BankCreditEssay ExamplesInflationMacroeconomics
Words 19596
Pages 72
Tata Motors – Macro Environment

For financial year 2008, the TATA motors reported the consolidated revenues (net of excise) at Rs. 356. 51 bn posted a growth of 10. 2% over Rs. 323. 61 bn in the previous year. The Consolidated Profit after tax (PAT) for the year was Rs. …

InflationMacro EnvironmentMacroeconomicsManufacturingPetroleumTata Motors
Words 667
Pages 3
International Bussiness an Asian Perspective Chapter 9-11

CHAPTER 9 9. 1)  The interest rate on South Korean government securities with one-year maturity is 4% and the expected inflation rate for the coming year is 2%. The US interest rate on government securities with one-year maturity is 7% and the expected rate of inflation is 5%. …

Words 1436
Pages 6
Economy of Singapore

Singapore economy is always in the great position compare with the resource of the county. The luckiest thing of the country is it located in a good place to trade with other countries. Over the years, Singapore’s exports have been developing to gain more value …

Words 482
Pages 2
Five Sector Circular Flow of Income of Australian Economy

Outline the main features of the five-sector circular flow of income model of the Australian economy. Explain how leakages and injections influence the level of economic activity. The five sector circular flow of income model describes the operation of an economy and the linkages between …

AustraliaCircular FlowMacroeconomicsTax
Words 565
Pages 3
Importance Of Study Managerial Economics

As an MBA student you need to study Managerial Economics which is concerned with decisionmaking by managers. As you all are aware that the main Job of managers is decision making only. Before making a decision one has to take into accounts so many things. …

Decision MakingEssay ExamplesMacroeconomicsMicroeconomics
Words 621
Pages 3
The Advantage of Mixed Economy

A mixed economy lies between the opposite poles of a free-market economy and a centrally planned, or socialist, system. A mixed system combines capitalist and socialist elements, and is sometimes referred to as a “third way.” Most nations, including the United States, operate mixed economies …

Words 415
Pages 2
The 3 Types of Economic Systems

The 3 Types of Economic Systems Centrally planned economy Mixed economy Market economy Centrally Planned Economy System in which a nation’s resources are owned by the government. Came from the ideology that the welfare of the group is more important than individual well being, the …

CapitalismEconomic SystemMacroeconomics
Words 139
Pages 1
Macroeconomic Schools of Thought

Macroeconomic Schools of Thought Macroeconomics is concerned with issues, objectives and policies that pertain to the overall economy. It focuses on economic aggregates or grand totals that relate to the entire economy. Basically it is how all the elements of an economy function together. Macroeconomics …

Words 435
Pages 2
Naked economics discussion questions

Assignment: As you read Naked Economics, answer the discussion questions below. You are to number your answers and use complete sentences. Discussion questions: Chapter 1: The Power of Markets What are the two basic assumptions that economists make about individuals and firms? What is the …

Words 493
Pages 2
Boon Rawd Brewery Company analysis

 Raid Brewery is an Asian brewery founded in 1933 by Boomerang Shortbread in Thailand which also makes and sells soft drinks. Their best known product is the pale lager Shanghai. Today, the company remains in the hands of the family and is led by third-generation …

Words 4570
Pages 17
What is the Impact of ICT on Economic Growth?

Background: A nation’s standard of living is the most significant indicator of national economic performance. Economic growth is considered the most powerful engine for generating long term increases in standards of living. In today’s world economy, technology is a key factor that has a strong …

Economic GrowthInnovationMacroeconomics
Words 1461
Pages 6
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Macroeconomics is a branch of economics dealing with performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole. For example, using interest rates, taxes, and government spending to regulate an economy’s growth and stability. This includes regional, national, and global economies.

Creator: John Maynard Keynes

Three goals

In thinking about the overall health of the macroeconomy, it is useful to consider three primary goals: economic growth, full employment (or low unemployment), and stable prices (or low inflation). Economic growth ultimately determines the prevailing standard of living in a country.


Macroeconomics focuses on the performance of economies – changes in economic output, inflation, interest and foreign exchange rates, and the balance of payments. Poverty reduction, social equity, and sustainable growth are only possible with sound monetary and fiscal policies.


The following equation is used to calculate the GDP: GDP = C + I + G + (X – M) or GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government investment + government spending + (exports – imports). It transforms the money-value measure, nominal GDP, into an index for quantity of total output.


There are 5 common terms in macroeconomics that are considered in aggregate: output, gross domestic product ( GDP ), production, income, and expenditures. Economic output is the aggregate output of goods and services by an economy, which is also how GDP and production are defined.

Macroeconomics books

  • Advanced Macroeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Recursive Macroeconomic Theory
  • Macroeconomics, Theories & Policies
  • Handbook of Macroeconomics

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a macroeconomics essay?
The best way to write a macroeconomics essay will vary depending on the particular essay prompt and the resources available to you. However, there are some general tips that can help you write a strong macroeconomics essay.First, make sure to thoroughly understand the essay prompt and what is being asked of you. It can be helpful to break down the prompt into smaller questions that you can answer individually. This will help you stay focused and ensure that your essay is comprehensive.Next, research the topic thoroughly. Be sure to use reliable sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles, and take care to understand the different perspectives on the issue. This will help you develop your own informed opinion on the topic.Once you have a strong understanding of the topic, begin planning your essay. This may involve developing a thesis statement and creating an outline of your main points. This will help you stay on track as you write and ensure that your essay is well-organized.Finally, write your essay, paying close attention to grammar and style. Be sure to support your points with evidence from your research, and conclude your essay in a way that ties back to your thesis statement. By following these tips, you can write a strong macroeconomics essay.
What is macroeconomics explain?
Macroeconomics is the study of the economy as a whole. It looks at the big picture of the economy, and how it affects people and businesses. It includes topics such as inflation, economic growth, unemployment, and interest rates.
Why is macroeconomics important to us?
Macroeconomics is important to us because it provides a framework for understanding the economy as a whole. It helps us to understand how the economy works and how it affects our lives. It also helps us to identify economic problems and to find solutions to them.
What are the main points of macroeconomics?
Macroeconomics is the study of how a national economy works, including such factors as inflation, unemployment, and economic growth. It also looks at how individual sectors of the economy, such as manufacturing or agriculture, contribute to the overall health of the economy.

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