Essays on Macroeconomics

Essays on Macroeconomics

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Unemployment, Poverty, and Income Inequality

Economic indicators are pieces of economic data, usually on a macroeconomic level, that help analyze an economy’s well-being. All economic indicators impact not only the economy, but the individuals in the society as well. These indicators may cause decreases in economic growth, negative effects on …

Income InequalityMacroeconomicsPovertyUnemployment
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Unemployment and Labor-Market

Unemployment has always been a problem in society where money, and therefore a source of money, is essential for survival. Those individuals who are not able to find work are left without resources and capital with which they can support themselves or a family. Unemployment …

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The macro environment and business

With the help of PEST analysis we can be able to evaluate the macro environment. The analysis consists of four elements which include political, economic, social-cultural and technological. The political environment favour the performance of business as most countries are reducing both tariff and non-tariff …

InnovationKodakMacro EnvironmentMacroeconomicsTax
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Employability & work

Employability is a term that has been derived from the term employment. Employment basically refers to the capability of a person being admitted or hired in a labour or job market following his qualifications or the job requirements. The process of employability does not stop …

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Economy of Singapore

Singapore economy is always in the great position compare with the resource of the county. The luckiest thing of the country is it located in a good place to trade with other countries. Over the years, Singapore’s exports have been developing to gain more value …

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What “Capitalism” Is and How It Affects People

Capitalism is a system of production in which the wealth generated is shared within a few individuals or one. The system allows for private ownership of the production where the capitalist purchases labor at a squat price and uses the labor to generate enormous wealth. …

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Macroeconomic Goals

According to an article entitled “Macroeconomic Policy: Objectives and Instruments” states that goal of Macroeconomics is finding efficiency and equity that looks at the different levels of aggregation. Some key factors to lookout for in macroeconomics is full employment, value stability, fiscal growth, and stability …

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India Before Economic Recessionary Period

The thesis reveals the real estate scenario in India before economic recessionary period and after that period. The main indicators and causes of various past recessions were thoroughly analyzed and was observed that stock market crash and oil crises were the major indicators of the …

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Pages 9
All About Nature Resource Management

A further example that a country, where a certain natural resource is not available, can use other factors including human resource, intelligent and geographic advantage etc to develop their country, however that country has to depend on other countries, in order to acquire it, owing …

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Free Economics Dissertation Topics

1.0. Introduction The aim of this guide is to assist in selecting an Economics dissertation topic and to provide practical advice on how to go about writing a dissertation. Economics dissertations incorporate numerous topics covering various aspects of the two main branches of the subject: …

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The recovery process – Evaluating the impact of fiscal and monetary tools used to reheat the markets

Introduction Government Responses and Interventions in the Financial Crisis According to the causes and effects discussed in the above parts, the global financial crisis can be divided into two main phases. The first phase was from August 2007 to August 2008, stemmed from losses in …

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Pages 7
Pricing-to-Market and Its implications for PPP

Introduction At present, with the increasing process of globalization, the world is integrated as a huge market. International trade is becoming increasingly important between countries. Therefore, exchange rate are now of great concern, people care about its ups and downs, and its implications, especially, to …

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Government Expenditure Multiplier of National Income

Introduction Government expenditure plays an important role in determining the changes in the level of national income; providing the right needs for potential output and sustaining the welfare of the economy. Government spending can determine the changes in the level of national income to a …

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What is the Impact of ICT on Economic Growth?

Background: A nation’s standard of living is the most significant indicator of national economic performance. Economic growth is considered the most powerful engine for generating long term increases in standards of living. In today’s world economy, technology is a key factor that has a strong …

Economic GrowthInnovationMacroeconomics
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Measures of National Income and Output

Introduction National income (Y) comprises the value of all goods and services produced over a given year(usually a year) within a country which is representing the standard of living. There are three approaches to measure national income, one of which is the expenditure approach can …

Essay ExamplesMacroeconomicsTax
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How Does Stagflation Affect the Phillips Curve?

Introduction During the Great Depression which was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War?, western countries experienced the high unemployment rate. In 1936, Keynes who is a British economist published the famous “The general theory of employment, interest and money”. The …

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Pages 6
Circular flow of Income and Expenditures

Introduction In this assignment I will explain what the circular flow of income is. I will also give examples of what might cause changes in the business cycle. I will also explain what GDP is and give examples of what its limitations are and why …

Circular FlowInflationMacroeconomicsTaxUnemployment
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A basic study of pricing to market

Introduction Exchange rate is always changing, which can cause different relative price of traded goods among countries. However, when firms adopt PTM (pricing to market), price of trading goods does not change with the exchange rate, That may result in deviation from purchasing power parity …

Words 1856
Pages 8
1994 Economic Crisis in Mexico

Abstract This is a critical analysis essay discussing one of historical financial crisis, with a major focus on its effects, causes, and lessons learnt. Selected historical financial crisis is ‘1994 Economic Crisis in Mexico.’ Introduction handles the genesis and description of the crisis with the …

CrisisEconomic CrisisMacroeconomicsMexicoMoneyTrade
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Economical Analysis of Caterpillar Inc

This report will look into the use of micro and macro-economic by business management to determine business performance, future forecasts and investment decisions. Section 1 will consider management of a UK-manufacturing business, determining that the use of microeconomics will lead to the consideration and macro …

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Unemployment and Saudisation in the Saudi Economy

The labor force is a main factor for any economy. therefore, Unemployment is a big problem for the economy. “An unemployed person is the one who is willing and able to work but unable to find a job”. This means those people who don’t work …

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Comparing Economies

To see how well a country has developed, people mainly judge by the total GDP value, there are also many type of indicator, such as the HDI, number of mobile per person etc. In this essay I have mentioned 3 countries- Kenya, Hong Kong and …

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Economic Cost of Unemployment

In the recent economic downturn, many companies collapsed, resulting in many jobless workers. Corporations, in order to survive the downturn reduced their head counts by retrenching. The unemployed couldn’t find jobs as companies are not hiring due to the pessimism of the economy. This hence …

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Balance of Payments. Economic relation

Balance of payments refers to sum of both the balance of visible and invisible items. The balance of Payment is a comprehensive annualrecord of economic relation of a country with the rest of the world during a given period of time. A balance of payments …

Words 1422
Pages 6
Business Environment Lecture 3

Investigate the economic, social and global environment in which organisations operate CONTENTS (Lecture 3): Resource issues and types of economic system: basic economic problem, effective use of Resources; type of economic systems — command, free enterprise, mixed, including transitional economies, public and private sector initiatives; …

Business EnvironmentMacroeconomics
Words 312
Pages 2
Analysing the Role of Government Intervention in Resolving the Financial Crisis

Abstract This paper examines the role of government interventions in resolving the financial crisis. This paper supports the argument that government interventions had helped to lessen the impacts of the crisis and that policy measures are important in ensuring sustainable economic growth (as espoused by …

Words 1856
Pages 8
Effects of Unemployment on Us

The current total unemployment in US is getting higher because of several reasons. Firstly, the reason of the current total unemployment is 10 percent and it is higher than the year before is because many of the citizens stopped looking for job and so they …

Words 389
Pages 2
The Eurozone Crisis: More or Less Integration?

Introduction It is an incorrect, yet widespread belief that the United States financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 was a large contributing factor the European Debt Crisis; however the real impact of this financial crisis was rather to expose the unsustainable fiscal policies of countries …

Words 1475
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Impact of Global Recession

Global economic recession is a well known term among the developed and already developing countries. It is actually a process which gradually forms a clear picture and not observed in a particular period of time where the economic conditions as well as other financial indicators …

Global RecessionInflationMacroeconomicsMoney
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Benefits to international policy

Describe the benefits to international policy coordination as set out in the Hamada diagram. Why is time consistency so important if policy co-ordination is to be successful? Use diagrams to support your arguments. The increase in interdependence of the world economy has significantly changed the lives …

EconomicsMacroeconomicsMonetary Policy
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Macroeconomics is a branch of economics dealing with performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole. For example, using interest rates, taxes, and government spending to regulate an economy’s growth and stability. This includes regional, national, and global economies.

Creator: John Maynard Keynes

Three goals

In thinking about the overall health of the macroeconomy, it is useful to consider three primary goals: economic growth, full employment (or low unemployment), and stable prices (or low inflation). Economic growth ultimately determines the prevailing standard of living in a country.


Macroeconomics focuses on the performance of economies – changes in economic output, inflation, interest and foreign exchange rates, and the balance of payments. Poverty reduction, social equity, and sustainable growth are only possible with sound monetary and fiscal policies.


The following equation is used to calculate the GDP: GDP = C + I + G + (X – M) or GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government investment + government spending + (exports – imports). It transforms the money-value measure, nominal GDP, into an index for quantity of total output.


There are 5 common terms in macroeconomics that are considered in aggregate: output, gross domestic product ( GDP ), production, income, and expenditures. Economic output is the aggregate output of goods and services by an economy, which is also how GDP and production are defined.

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