Essays on Academic

Essays on Academic

Not every paper is an academic essay, but when you need one, you should know what makes it such. Such a paper is usually every writing assignment one can get at school or college. Their main feature is that they rely heavily on the academic research that has been done regarding a particular topic that is linked to higher education. Another thing is that they all are well-structured, require particular formatting, and have guidelines from the professors that should be followed. Such papers use academic discourse and formal language mostly, as their readers pay a lot of attention to style and grammar. All of those make it a difficult task to do for many students of any level.

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Academic Dishonesty among Public School Teachers

Administering Standardized Test Teachers have always displayed a conduct of academic honesty. Could a behavior of academic dishonesty exist among our public professional educators? The expectations of public school teachers have always been to display acts of ethical behavior. For an act of unethical behavior …

Academic DishonestyTeacher
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The Problem of Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty has become a serious problem in university. Basically, there are three types of academic dishonesty which is cheating, plagiarism and collusion (Moon, 2006). Cheating in the academic can be defined as steal of ideas or copy righted materials (Mares, 2005; Dobrovska and Prokorny, …

Academic DishonestyTeacher
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What is Academic Dishonesty?

In most of the learning institutions around the world, academic dishonesty is quite common among students from different faculties. The development of the internet, as well as widespread use of phones, has facilitated the learners’ access and transmission of information in a dishonest manner. Academic …

Academic Dishonesty
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Essays on Academic
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Report on successful academic piece of writing

Introduction This report is aimed to improve the potential of academic writing and skills for students who are writing report on academic lesson or any other academic subjects. There are many Academic writing styles & Skills. This report offers useful improving tool for writing Academic …

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Comparative Academic Review

Introduction The aspects of psychiatric treatment of patients have been widely discussed in the academic literature on the subject in the last several decades. In two separate studies, Christina Katsakou et el. (2010) and Jelena Jankovic et. al (2011) trace the practical implications of treatment …

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The impact of family and neighbourhood on the academic achievement among African American teenagers

1.0 Introduction Performance in school has for many years been closely attributed to an individual’s life chances. As the need for an individual to undergo advanced level of training to be able to sustain basic living become a necessity, the consequence of difficulty in schooling …

AcademicAchievementAfrican AmericanFamily
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Factors Affecting Academic Achievement in Children

Factors affecting academic achievement in children By Aaron shen Nowadays people are concerneed about education so much due to it has inevitable influence on academic achievement. But what is academic success? More and More studies have been taken to show different ideas about factors affecting …

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Goal Setting for Academic Success

November 2010 Goal Setting for Academic Success Goals are like road maps; they get a person from one point to another. Goals provide the direction one needs to reach a destination. The best way to get results is to plan for the future, but live …

AcademicAcademic SuccessGoal Setting
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Mathematics Initiative Training On The Math Academic Education Essay

AbstractionPercepts of Effectiveness the Mathematics Initiative Training on the Math Academic Performance of Elementary Students. Emmaundia Whitaker, 2011. Applied Dissertation Concept Paper, Nova Southeastern University, Fischler School of Education and Human Services. ERIC Forms: Mathematicss, Mathematics Initiative, Math Academic Performance, Elementary StudentsThis applied thesis was …

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Personality academic career effectiveness

Where I am now? What skills have I achieved? Where do I stand in the universe in footings of employability?In the last academic twelvemonth, during my internship with Modman ‘s Royal Caf & A ; eacute ; , Lucknow ( India ) as a selling …

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Pupils Welfare And Academic Attainment Education Essay

Pastoral attention, or as it is known in an educational scene as Personal, Social, Health and Economic instruction or PSHE, has been under much argument and examination in the last decennary or so. The discourse environing this country of instruction is about how of import …

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The Effects of Bullying on Academic Achievement

THE EFFECT OF BULLYING ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF LEARNERS IN HIGH SCHOOL THE BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Bullying has become a challenge that numerous schools are battling with. Olweus (1995), noted that bullying happens at schools during times when a person is exposed over and …

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Sleep and Academic Performance in College Students

The link between sleep and academic performance: Inadequate sleep is synonymous with the college experience, but how does recurring lack of sleep impact academic performance? It is recommended that adults aged 18-25 acquire a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night. This question is …

Academic PerformanceAdolescenceMotivationSleep
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What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity goes well beyond the limits of any classroom online or off. I believe all students should act with personal respect, integrity, and dignity. That means doing the right thing, even when no one is over your shoulder. You must your own work, write …

Academic IntegrityIntegrity
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Creative Writing with Academic Writing

COMPONENT CREATIVE WRITING ACADEMIC WRITING Organization and Text Development The writer develops his or ideas freely, in creative writing. There may be comparisons present, but there is no need for numerical evidences or processes. The author may use personal anecdotes or stories in writing, and …

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