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Ten Blessed Companions

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10 BLESSED COMPANIONS-ALI(RA) ALI (RA) [J-04] Q Write an account of the following figures during the life of the Prophet (saw): Hamza (ra), Abu Bakr (ra) and Ali (ra). [10-J-11] Q Explain why one of these figures was important in the development of Islamic community.

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Ten Blessed Companions

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. from Hashimi family of Quresh and the first cousin of the Prophet (saw). married the youngest daughter of the Prophet (saw), Fatima (ra). father of Hasan (ra) and Hussain (ra). rought up by the Prophet (saw) and Khadija (ra) since he was very young. first child (10 years) who became Muslim. known for his knowledge and bravery. lay on the bed of the Prophet (saw) without any hesitation when the Prophet (saw) migrated to Madina. In the expedition of Khaiber, he was honored by the Prophet (saw) when he fought with the sword of the Prophet (saw) and conquered difficult fortresses. He was titled, Asad Ullah, the lion of Allah. Another title of Ali (ra) is Abu Turab. In all battles he fought bravely for Islam. n intelligent and a very learned person. Prophet (sw) says: “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its door”. He was appointed governor of Yemen in 631. has the honour of giving bath to the dead body of the Prophet (saw) and lay him in the grave. The Prophet (saw) declared him his brother when the brotherhood took place in Madina. He took oath on the caliphates of the first three caliphs an important advisor to all caliphs

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