Soc. Ch. 8 msbaile0326

Social stratification is a concept that refers to
ranking categories of people in a hierarchy
Using the sociology perspective, we see that social stratification
gives some people more privileges and opportunities than others
Comparing societies in history around the world, we see that social stratification may be universal, but ________ varies from one society to another
All of these are correct
A caste system is defined as
social stratification based on ascription, or birth
If you lived in a society with a traditional caste system, you would expect your marriage to be
The historical replacement of the caste system with class systems
replaces one kind of inequality with another
A college professor with advanced degrees, moderate salary, and little power to shape national events
low status consistency
The concept of social structural mobility refers to
change in the social position of many people due to changes in society itself
The idea that social inequality benefits society is associated with what concept
structural-functional approach
According to Karl Marx, social stratification in a capitalist society always involves
class conflict
The idea that social inequality is harmful and divides society is associated with
social-conflict approach
Marx thought of inequality in terms of two main classes. In contrast, Weber envisioned inequality in terms of
a socioeconomic ranking
The wealthiest one percent of U.S families controls about _____of the nation’s privately held wealth
35 percent
If you followed the lead of Max Weber, you would think of social stratification in terms of
A multidimensional hierarchy status
Which of the following factors tends to raise your social standing
getting married and staying married
Relative poverty
is found everywhere
The concept of ‘feminism of poverty’ refers to the fact that, in the United States
women make up an increasing percentage of the poor population
The point of the story about passenger deaths that accompanied the sinking of the ocean liner the Titanic is that
social stratification is important and can sometimes be a matter of life and death
A common micro-level pattern involving social interaction is that
people tend to socialize with others in about the same social position
Being in the upper-upper class is usually the result of ____; being in the lower-upper class is more of a matter of
birth; achievement