The Social Profile
Your profile is the foundation of your participation in social communities. It is basically your digital self.
Skins (or themes)
avisual elements used to change the aesthetic of a web page
Identity reflectors
an option to have one’s profile reflected back to them from the perspective of others
¨Presence indicators
¤Availability icons available for chat
¤Mood icons
¤Friend lists
¤Status updates
¤All of these indicators enhance the perception of ambient intimacy.
availability icons
:cons that indicate whether a member is online and
mood icons
: icons that function much like emoticons, enabling members to indicate mood
Directed communications
Direct messages
Instant messages- consumption communications
¨The top three reasons people share content “socially”
1.They find it interesting and/or entertaining
2.They think it could be helpful to others
3.To get a laugh.
Social networking sites typically vary in terms of three important dimensions:
1. Audience and degree of specialization
2. The social objects that mediate the relationships among members
3. Degree of decentralization or openness
Paid Media in Social Communities
display ads
social ads
Display ads
may include text graphics, video, and sound much like traditional print ads and commercials but they are presented on a website.
Social ads
online display ads that incorporate user data in the ad or in the targeting of the ad and enable some form of social interaction within the ad unit or landing page.
There are three variations on social ads:
1. social engagement ad
2 social context
3.Organic social
Earned reach
the breadth and quality of contact with users) gained when people share positive brand opinions and branded content with others is invaluable because of the influence attributed to individual, personalized brand endorsements
Influence posts
occur when an opinion leader publishes brand-relevant content such as a blog post in social media.
user generated content campaign
are campaigns that
offer a way for brands to invite consumers to engage and interact while they develop shareable content
social publishing zones
includes those channels that allow people and organizations to publish content including
websites that host regularly updated content (e.g., Live you dream-women)
like blogs except content is limited to short bursts of text twitter
Media sharing sites
websites designed for video-sharing (YouTube, Vimeo,Ustream), photo-sharing (Flickr, Snapfish), audio-sharing (Podcast Alley), anddocument sharing (Scribd & SlideShare)
Media sharing sites enable individuals and organizations to publish content online. Media sharing sites are earned media because their environments are not directly controlled by the person or organization posting the content.
Flagship content
Seminal pieces of work that shape the way people think
Pillar content
typically educational content that readers use over time, save, and share
Authority-building content
original content that positions the sponsoring entity as a authority
Filler content
information that people copy from other sources (e.g.,
Search engine optimization (SEO)
is the process of modifying content, site characteristics, and content connections to achieve improved search engine rankings.
key tool used for search engine marketing (SEM).refers to a form of online marketing that promotes websites by increasing the visibility of
Social media optimization (SMO)
a process that makes it more likely for content on a specific social media platform to be more visible and linkable in online communities.
A search results list will lead off with sponsored (paid) links
The next search results will be organic – sites that do not pay, but are based on the search engine’s model for delivering results
sponsored link
paid link
sites that do not pay, but are based on the search engine’s model for delivering results
social game
multiplayer, competitive, goal-oriented activity with defined rules of engagement and online connectivity among a community of players.
the hardware systems on which the game is played.
to the way the game world is experienced
visual nature of the game such as scifi, fantasy, horror, and retro.
display ad
static ad
static IGAs cannot be changed after they are programmed directly into the game (unless it’s completely online)
dynamic ad
allows the game manufacturer or its advertisement vendor to deliver ads remotely, update ads after the game is launched, and target ads based on time or geography
screen placement
script placement
transactional advertising
(e.g., Netflix offered Farm Cash to FarmVille players)
in game immersive advertising
opportunities include interactive product placements, branded in-game experiences, and game integration between the game and the brand.
The game itself is a form of branded entertainment. It is designed by
¨There are some key characteristics of games—in addition to cost and ease of targeting—that make this domain especially attractive to marketers going forward.
¤Gamers are open to advertising content in games
¤Brands benefit when they associate with a successful game
¤Players identify with the brands their characters use, increasing brand
¤Branding within a game’s story is an unobtrusive way to share a brand’s
core message
alternate reality game ARG
“a cross-media genre of interactive fiction using multiple delivery and communications media, including television, radio, newspapers, Internet, email, SMS, telephone, voicemail, and postal service.”
ARG charachteristics
-based on a fictional story.
-strategy/puzzle games.
-offer clues on multiple platforms.
-The story and characters are fictional, but the game space is not.
-Players collaborate t
-The story unfolds, but typically not in a linear fashion.
-ARGs are organic; the story may not unfold as initially conceived.
-Players rely on the Internet, and especially social communities for communication.
-Players desire to share information
ARG measure of effectiveness
Number of active players
Number of lurkers and rubberneckers
Rate of player registration
Number of player messages generated
Traffic at sites affiliated with the ARG
Number of forum postings
Average play time
Media impressions made through ARG generated publicity
social commerce
is a subset of e-commerce (i.e., the practice of buying and selling products and services via the Internet).
social shopping
situations where consumers interact with others during a shopping event
social shopping benefits
1.It enables the marketer to monetize the social media investment by boosting site and store traffic, converting browsers to buyers, and increasing average order value.
2.It solves the dilemma of social media ROI.
3.Social commerce applications results in more data about customer behavior as it relates to the brand.
4.Social shopping applications enhance the customer experience.
5.Social shopping makes sharing brand impressions easy.
6.Brands can keep up with the competition, and maybe differentiate themselves from others in the e-commerce space.
shopping decisions
problem recognition
information search
evaluation of alternatives- price comparrison
post purchase- share posts, ratings and review
are scores that people, acting in the role of critics, assign to something as an indicator.
are assessments with detailed comments about the object in question.
Accept organic word of mouth.
Acknowledge opinions that were invited, incentivized, or facilitated by the brand,
Enable consumers to rate the value of opinions offered on the site.
Encourage consumers to contribute posts.
Acknowledge the value of the opinions customers offer.
Make it easy for users to share reviews on blogs and social networking platforms.
Online opinions are influential because they live on in perpetuity
Cognitive biases
– the shortcuts our brains take when we process information.
Bounded rationality
– the limits of our cognitive capacity
information overload
– too much data for us to handle
– expending just enough effort to make an acceptable decision
– the “rules of thumb” we use in decision making
Social Proof
is the belief that when a lot of people select one option, then it must be the right option.
behavior occurs when people follow the behavior of others
is a change in beliefs or actions as a reaction to group pressure (real or imagined)
Why do we conform?
¤Cultural pressures
¤Fear of deviance
¤Group unanimity, size and expertise
¤Susceptibility to interpersonal influence
social engagement ad
contains ad creative (image and text) along with an option to encourage the viewer to engage with the brand (e.g. clickable “Like” button)
social context ad
includes ad creative an engagement device, and personalized referral content from people in the viewer’s network.
organic social ads
shared on a person’s activity stream following a brand interaction (such as liking the brand).