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Hul: -Strategies

Due to the continuous efforts of the top shampoo brands in India penetration of shampoos in urban areas is almost 100%. As far as penetration of shampoo in the rural areas is concerned it has risen by almost 18% in the current scenario. the shampoo market in India is valued at Rs 4.

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5 bn with the penetration level at 13% only. The market is expected to increase due to lower duties and aggressive marketing by players Shampoo is also available in a sachet, which is affordable and makes upto 40% of the total shampoo sale.

The Indian shampoo market is characterised by a twin-benefit platform: cosmetic and anti-dandruff. It is basically an upper middle class product, as more than 50% of the consumers use ordinary toilet soap for washing hair. While the awareness level is high, the penetration level is very low even in the metros which is only 30%. Urban markets account for 80% of the total shampoo market, The penetration level is rapidly increasing due to decline in excise duty, which was 120% in 1993 to 30% currently.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd led hair care sales in 2010, with a 19% value share, followed by Dabur India Ltd India, Marico Ltd and Procter & Gamble Home Products Ltd India. These four companies accounted for almost 49% of value, by virtue of their strong brands in shampoos and conditioners. Consumer goods giant Hindustan Unilever today said it is looking at cornering over 13% of the shampoo market next fiscal with its leading hair care brand Dove in the next fiscal. “We have already launched these products globally. Today we have launched it in this market.

With this we expect to gain 13-15% market share in FY13,” HUL General Manager, Hair Care Business, Piyush Jain, told PTI here. He further said, “the company entered the hair care segment in 2007 and since then we have achieved a market share of 10%. ” The shampoo market is estimated to be around Rs 3,500 crore. To achieve the target, the company today launched its Dove nourishing oil care range of products — oil care shampoo, daily treatment conditioner, oil care weekly vita-oils repair mask and oil care vita-oil serum — in the premium category which contains a blend of vita oils ncluding coconut, almond and sunflower oils. Dove, which initially started as soap brand, has diversified into the hair care and antiperspirant segments recently. we have achieved a market share of 10 percent. ” The shampoo market is estimated to be around Rs 3,500 crore. (IBN Live oct 2011) But if HUL, the leader in shampoos with a market share of around 44% through its Sunsilk, Clinic Plus, Clinic All Clear and Dove brands, was to respond to P&G’s move with share of 24%. apr2011