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Example of a Synopsis

Essay Topic:

We decided that the best way to impact our community was to change the way people think thus changing their reality. The Powerpuff girls project was situated at the Amani Na Wema Children Home. Our chosen topic was to give the same leadership seminar we received from Mrs Ogalla in a manner in which they could understand. We taught kids between the ages of 10 and 15 years of age. This was so as to equip them with the tools they required to brighten their future.

In our first session we taught them about goal setting, planning and teamwork. In our second session we taught them about Comfort zones, Excuses and doing a vision board In our third session we taught them about Accepting feedback and Doing their best.

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In our last session we asked them to give us back what we taught them in a creative way. We then threw a party as a farewell gift to them. We experienced several challenges one of them being that we were unable to teach them during the holidays.

Furthermore it was difficult to find a convenient time for all of us to meet and discuss our content for each session. Despite all the challenges we managed to pull through as a team and get the work done. Through these challenges we have learnt invaluable lessons by putting into practice our leadership skills. In conclusion the project has opened our eyes to the need to change and develop our society by developing their ‘Software’ that is changing how they think.

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