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Efficient and Economical Forms of Team Processes

Essay Topic:

Purpose: The research aims to study key team processes, through which the team members share their individual knowledge, create shared understanding of the team, situation, task, leading to high team performance. The current research also aims to understand how teams adapt with team processes to high task load situation. Design/Methodology: Video recordings of Nuclear Power Plant operator teams’ activity have been used for collecting and analysing data.

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16 operator teams had to follow the selected same scenario, including 96 team members’ interaction.

The performance scores were made by the instructors’ evaluation. Team process categories were developed based on different theoretical, empirical frameworks of team processes and semi structured analyses of transcribed communication and video recordings. Results: Specific forms of team processes help team members to build a shared conceptualization of the faced problems, thus lead to higher team performance, such as: providing directions, summarizing, projecting to the future, coherent information flow. Economical forms of team processes may help to lessen and manage high task load situation.

Limitations: Team performance evaluations were based on subjective assessments of performance. The study lacks explicit team knowledge measurements. Research/Practical Implications: The revealed team process categories may serve as a valuable input for team members’ social skill focused selection and development methods. Originality/Value: The study aims to capture team processes in a naturalistic and complex work environment. The analyses reveal how good performing teams manage unpredictable high task load situation with team processes from information, knowledge sharing perspective.