Ch. 8 Sec 3

What steps did minorities take to combat social problems and discrimination?
Belief that assimilating immigrants into American society would make them more loyal citizens
What was one of the prejudices against immigrants behind the temperance movement?
Alcohol, since in European countries it was customary for families to serve wine or beer with meals
Edgar Gardner Murphy
Episcopal minister and a leading Alabama progressive, advised the African Americans “will accept in the white man’s country the place assigned him by the white man,…not by stress of rivarly, but by genial cooporation with the white man’s and interests.”
Plessy v. Ferguson
Washington thought black side to achieve economic independence for civil rights where are the boys believe that black Americans should Setting a certain person, group, or groups apart from the rest of society or other groups.
Booker T Washington
This man believed that African Americans had to achieve economic independence before civil rights.
W.E.B. Du Bois
This man believed that black Americans had to demand their social and civil rights or else become permanent victims of racism.
How did the views of Washington and Dubois about the nature of civil rights differ?
Washington believed that blacks had to work their way up in society where as Dubois believe that they should demand for their rights.
What attitudes did most progressives hold about minorities and immigrant groups?
William Monroe Trotter
Why did African American thinkers meet in Canada?
Because no hotel on the New York side of the border would give them rooms
The Niagara movement
a group of African American thinkers founded in 1905 that pushed for immediate racial reforms, partially in education and voting practices
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP)
Interracial organization founded in 1909 to abolish segregation and discrimination and to achieve political and civil rights for African Americans
What type of people was the NAACP consisted of?
White and black progressives who had worked in other areas of social reform
Who were 4 people who contributed to the NAACP?
Jane Adams, Ray Stannard Baker, Florence Kelley and Ida B. Wells.
What did Ida B Wells use to benefit the NAACP?
She owned a Tennessee newspaper and used her publication to make clear the horror of lynching
What did the NAACP focus on in the early 1900 s?
The battle for equal access to decent housing and professional careers like teaching
Urban League
Network of churches and clubs that set up employment agencies and relief efforts to help African Americans get settled and find work in the cities
What is the difference between the Urban League and the NAACP?
The Urban League focused on poor workers whereas the NAACP helped middle class blacks struggle for political and social justice
Why did African Americans and others decide it was time to organize against discrimination?
Anti-Defamation League
Organization formed in 1913 to defend Jews against physical and verbal attacks and false statements
Partido Liberal Mexicano (PLM)
An organization that offered Mexican Americans many of the same services that the Urban League gave to African Americans. The Mexican Americans living in Arizona founded this
Organized groups of Mexican Americans that make loans and provide legal assistance to other members of the community
Octaviano Larrazolo
A progressive governor in New Mexico who worked for many reforms. He was a governor that served for one term in 1918. He push for laws aimed at helping children and improving public health.
Dawes Act
A law passed in 1887 that divided reservations into plots for individuals to farm.
Carlos Montezuma
A Native American doctor from Arizona that helped establish the Society of American Indians in 1911
Takao Owen
An Asian that faught a law created in California in 1913 that said only American citizens could own land.
What strategies did minority groups use to defend their rights?